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  1. Thanks for crocheting my pattern! Your hat looks great!
  2. I don't know because they're not mine, I found this site surfing the net... I wish I could take one too!!!
  3. Crochet and kittens, can you think of a more perfect combination? Do you think you can handle it? Then click here
  4. Thanks for all your nice compliments!
  5. Hey girls, I made these two dishcloths of a stones tongue! Enjoy!
  6. They are so adorable and funny! Great work!
  7. Looks so funny! Thanks for the pattern!
  8. Hi Kimmie Yes, it is 60 rows! The brim is crocheted from side to side al the way around the head. Then crochet one edge of the brim to the hat. I hope you understand my explanation. Good luck!
  9. Free pattern for all of you! Enjoy!
  10. The link to the pattern is on my blog and it works fine on my PC Just in case, here's the link to the cupcake pattern: Cupcake pincushions
  11. More pictures and the pattern link on my blog!
  12. Thank you for your compliments! It's a very easy pattern made in one peace (except for the strap) and also I did it in one evening!
  13. I crocheted the Date Night purse from the free pattern of Hooked On Crochet with handpainted wool from Storm in the Attic and I love how it turned out!
  14. Hi Selune I tried it and I love it! It is very smart! Thank you for sharing Dortya
  15. Thanks! I'd love to see a pic! Cindy, I fill all my stuffed animals with fiberfill. You can buy it at the craft stores. Greetz Dortya
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