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  1. I don't have much to report as far as progress. I've made a few solid white granny squares but I haven't put any more blocks together.
  2. I got 3 solid squares done last night. Wendy - I suffer from allergies all the time. I have found the surefire way to tell if it's allergy or cold - if you take an allergy/sinus tablet and you're not completely stuffy-free and feeling great, then it's a cold. With a cold, you'll still have that clogged head feeling even though you take medication for it.
  3. I don't have much to report since I haven't made any progress since my last report. I did find another skein of the I Love You yarn in white in my stash so I can postpone my trip to the nearest Hobby Lobby for a little while. I'm in business for a few blocks more.
  4. Last night I started crocheting the corner squares for the 3 blocks I have waiting to be sewn together. I got a little panicky that I was running out of white and would need to go buy some more yarn. I'm also in the stashbusting cal and I really don't want to mess up my score. Well, I found another skein so I'm good for a little while more. I don't know if this tip has been mentioned previously, if it has, I apologize. I use the long knitting stitch holders (the aluminum safety pin type) to hold the small squares until I'm ready to sew them all together. That way I don't lose any in t
  5. I only have 2 blocks finished so far. I have 2 others done but not sewn together yet. I'm not particularly happy with the scalloping effect on the outside of the blocks but I'm hoping that will go away when I sew the blue squares in between. The white is the I Love This Yarn. The stars are whatever yarn I happen to have.
  6. I just started the "It Takes a Village" (aka Friendship Star) afghan. As a quilter, that's one of my favorite designs. I'm working on this at my weekly Sit and Stitch since it doesn't involve a whole lot of thinking and I can join in on conversations. I have 2 blocks completed and enough squares for 2 more blocks to be assembled. I'll take a picture of my progress so far. I'll only be able to post from work since I'm on dial-up at home and the really long threads get timed out.
  7. I sent an email to skipstitch AT alltel DOT net and the message bounced back. Does anyone have a better email address?
  8. That's awful. Your family will be in my prayers.
  9. I could go with a light tan. Thanks for the suggestion.
  10. All three are Coats & Clark TLC Essentials -- Robin Egg (blue), Surf n Turf (variegated), and Dark Brown.
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