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  1. I'm not into sewing little motifs together (which is another reason why I don't do a granny afghan). I figured out a way to connect on. Now if I can just figure out how to work in the ends while I go along like we do in crocheting.
  2. Anyone else working on this blanket? What's great is you can make it with other weights of yarn. I'm making it with sock yarn. Here's my blanket so far (actually the photo is a little bit behind): Robyn's Nest in Canada sells starter kits if anyone doesn't have left over sock yarn.
  3. The pattern was in the February 1997 issue of Crochet with Heart. I'm sorry but due to copyright laws, I am unable to give anyone a copy of the pattern. I believe this website has some copies of the magazine. I don't know if they have that particular issue or not.
  4. from North Florida! I'm one of crochet teachers at Hanks Yarn & Fiber in Gainesville. Hanks is a crochet friendly LYS. If there's anything in particular you want to learn, just let me know.
  5. Angelfire - I sent you a PM about my squares going in the mail this morning. I can't find the post where it tells us the username & password to log into the blog to post a message. And I also forgot to take photos of my squares.
  6. The hook was mailed yesterday and it should reach you on Wednesday.
  7. The yarn was given to me so I think it's old. I've done Google searches and can't find any mention of it. Not even on the Coats & Clark website.
  8. LaurieE

    First Dyed Roving

    I took a beginning dye class a few weeks at my LYS. Here's my first attempt at dyeing roving. We started out with an 8 oz bag of 100% merino superwash, split that in half, dyed one half and left the other untreated. I've spun up the dyed half but haven't plied it yet. I could turn it into a 2-ply sock yarn but I just hate the thought of it being hidden in my shoes. I'm seriously thinking about dyeing the other half. The worst part about this is I have no idea what I'm going to make with it. Any suggestions would be helpful.
  9. LaurieE

    First yarn dye

    That's really pretty. You did a great job.
  10. I finally finished the shawl. It seemed to take forever. It's completely done in garter stitch. I used Red Heart Wool (I guess their version of Lion Brand's WoolEase) in blue and white. Part way through, I had to switch to 60" circular needles. The original pattern had fringe along the bottom but I'm not a fringe type of person so I left them off.
  11. The hook arrived from KnicKnac on Saturday. I'll start on my blocks tonight.
  12. Ravelry is mostly a database for yarn enthusiasts (knitters, crocheters, spinners, dyers) to keep track of their yarn, tools, pattern information, projects, and the progress on those projects. As a side line, there are also communities centered around a particular theme (i.e. TV show, etc) where you can "socialize". I belong to several groups. Two in particular are on vintage patterns. Ravelry is not competition for Crochetville by any means because you don't have to join any groups at Ravelry. You can use it just for the database portion. I would love to have that type of database on my home computer.
  13. I'm LaurieE on Ravelry as well. I have a few projects up and some I still need to take photos of. I gave up trying to take pictures of my stash.
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