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  1. And you are too too talented! Anxiously awaiting word of your progress on the patterns. I would so love to make me a cranberry pie with a dollop of whipped cream on the top!!!
  2. Another problem you may find with using a heavier yarn and a smaller hook is that the resulting fabric will be denser and not drape as nicely. Definitely do a test swatch first to see if what you come up with is even acceptable to you before you invest in the time and energy to make the sweater.
  3. Thank you so much for this pattern. I have an almost 2 y.o. DGS who is so into tractors right now... He will absolutely LOVE these!
  4. Thanks for checking for the pattern, Linda, and also, Debbi, thank you for posting the ToC; it was very helpful to see the variety of items this year. I do appreciate your help. I haven't decided yet if I will get this year's, but at least there are a few items that sound interesting to me...
  5. As usual, another absolutely exquisite, incredible piece. Do you need a tester for it?
  6. Those of you who already have this calendar -- would you mind checking to see if CroshayQueen's Sexy SpiderWeave Shrug is in it? It was supposed to be in 2007's calendar and a lot of us bought that calendar specifically for that pattern and were pretty bummed that it was omitted. I don't think I'll bite this year unless that pattern shows up...
  7. I would make one shell in each of the next 3 (or 4 or how ever many you are doing for your size) ch-2 spaces, then a shell in the space between the shells, then a shell in the next however many ch-2 spaces again, etc. Clear as mud?
  8. Very nice job -- I love the flower, too. Thank you for reminding me about this pattern. I must make this up for a friend of mine who just discovered a recurrance of cancer and is starting chemo again this week. Last time (2 years ago) I made her a soft fluffy shawl to wrap herself up in. This time the heart pillow will be going her way to let her know that she is always in our hearts...
  9. Couldn't have said it better myself. Absolutely Gorgeous doily and Absolutely Gorgeous rendition! Exquisite work.
  10. If 1/3 of your purchase was unusable, you should be reimbursed 1/3 of the sale price. Plain and simple. If the company refuses to do so, I would certainly file a complaint with ebay and let them know that this company refuses to make good on a bad purchase. They may not have known prior to your emails that there was a problem (give them the benefit of the doubt), but when they found out, they should have offered to make good, even if it was to send you more yarn. (Unless the lot was sold as "as is" with no guarantees as to what you were getting?) In any case, future potential buyers need to know what kind of company they might be dealing with.
  11. LOL!!! :rofl And here I thought you were calling me... Well, maybe you were because I have that same "toomanyWIPs-itis" going on at any given time. (Sometimes I remind myself of my 16 m.o. grandson happily playing w/ a toy until he sees a new one that's much more interesting and so it's on to the next. But he does eventually go back to the 1st one, as do I with my own projects.)
  12. Another vote for mittens. Neither of my kids or my grand used bottles or binkies, even though I tried w/my kids, and my DD did w/hers. Most of my friends kids wouldn't take a paci, either -- it really depends on the baby. And a bottle warmer is only good if the mom plans on formula feeding. JMHO. Cute set! I'm sure your coworker will love it.
  13. Is there anyone we can write to to protest or ask to reconsider? If even a fraction of the members here did that, it might at least open their eyes to the fact that there are a lot of us who appreciate those 'zines. I do have to hunt high and low to find them -- not many places around me carry them (even WM and the bookstores don't have any crochet mags anymore, much to my chagrin! ). Maybe if they were more available, they'd actually SELL more and realize there's a market for them. :reyes
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