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  1. I'm lucky to have a very smart 8 year old son! LOL He always compliments whatever I'm making & his friends all love my stuff. I just sent in several bags of hats and toys for the Celebration Shop at his school. They have a night when families can come in and pick out gifts for free who might not otherwise be able to afford to buy anything. He told me the kids on his bus have been having a blast looking through the bags on the way to school. That just made my day!
  2. Working on 3 more sets, I've had several people wanting them.
  3. No pattern, just made them up as I went.
  4. Turkey centerpiece with turkey salt & pepper shakers
  5. [attach]47081[/attach] [attach]47082[/attach]
  6. Needed something cute for a baby boy so I came up with these.
  7. I have a bunch of the old bed doll patterns & the actual dolls to make them. I really need to get motivated.
  8. Just glad everyone seems to like it! I am thinking about doing other breeds as well. I'm getting "hounded" to do a few more!
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