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  1. I made this baby sized. I used an I hook and two strands fingering/baby weight yarn. Here's where I posted all the original info: http://www.crochetville.org/forum/showpost.php?p=1130496&postcount=1203 The biggest thing is to decide how big you want it and divide by an odd number to see how big you want to make your squares. I love this blanket for my son. It's nice and warm and snuggly. I've got to get a picture of him with it... one of these days.... These work up nice and quick. I still haven't gotten back to my mom's... I think I'm just going to have to bring it in to work
  2. Great afghan!! I've got to pick Mom's up again. I've barely touched my hooks for the last several weeks... now that I'm back to work .
  3. I'm really glad to see this picking up again! As far as king size goes... obviously you'd want a minimum of 72X84.... (I'm guessing the 84 is across right?) It depends on if you want 5 or 7 strips across... If you use 12" squares and 7 across, you'll get exactly 84. If you want 90" you'll need 13" for 7 strips, or 18" for 5. I'd suggest 7, but if you only do 5 up, you won't get the full 72... you could do it 7X7, but that'd be pretty long... hmm... I thought I had a half decent answer, but I guess I don't.... I'd almost be tempted to use rectangles instead of squares because of the ratio
  4. Yay! Glad to see this is still alive and kicking. The one I'm making for my mom is on hold until the weather cools a bit. I just didn't get it done before Seamus was born. I've been working on small things while he's napping...
  5. I was about 8 when my Gram taught me, I then put it aside until I was about 26 and reminded myself how to do it from a book of stitches. I recently inherited all of her crochet hooks just before she passed in November.
  6. Very pretty! Definately the outfit! I could see an entire gaggle of girls coming up with that same outfit, in different colors, a nice turquoise or yellow... they would look like so manny pretty spring flowers.
  7. Yay! New yarn! I have gotten a bit further on Mom's, 2 strips down, just under 3 to go. Maybe I'll get strip #3 done tonight or tomorrow.
  8. You're right. Mostly it's that with everything going on at work, I've just been too tired to pick up a hook at night. I truly hope to get a good chunk of it done this weekend. Like I said, I'm enjoying the colors and want to get it done, I've just been so beat the last few weeks.
  9. Very cool on the finished ghan! I'm almost through the second strip for mom's. Today was her birthday and my self-imposed goal. Obviously I blew it. As pretty as this one is, I just haven't been into it. Been too busy getting used to the (re)new job and trying to get baby stuff around the house done. I really do need to get it done before the baby's born, I know I'll have no time after.
  10. OoooOOOo! Another one addicted!! (Of course, I haven't picked up the hook on mom's in about 2 weeks now.... but I've either been out of town or just too tired...)
  11. Great news!! Take a breather, relax a bit and then let's see that flannelghan come along! I've got one strip of Mom's done, but I was distracted this week by something a little more portable for my last trip for a while... Hopefully I'll get it done soon.
  12. Can you believe I'm about to start my 4th!?! Mom saw the one I made for FIL and snuggled the one I'd made for me and said that's the pattern she wants for the afghan I've been promising her for about 1.5 years now. It's going to be large lapghan sized, using caron pounders in hunter green and a blue/gray I can't remember the name of. Thanks, yet again, for the very, very addicting pattern RoseRed!
  13. I'm glad you like it. I made it for my FIL, who, unfortunately, passed away a few days before I could give it to him. My MIL has it though, so that's good. I can't wait to see what you come up with!
  14. They won't look "pink" per-se, just lighter. If you look at the burgandy and cream one I did back this fall, you'll see that the mixed sqares are both red and cream, you see both colors, just not as "bright".
  15. Yes, I should probably do up a cute hat and some booties to complete the set. I'm due May 30th, but if I'm right, my "real" due date is around June 10th. (Long story.... but let's just say the Dr.s and I don't agree and are about 2 weeks off from eachother...) I'm glad to hear school is wrapping up and I'm hoping you pass that test with flying colors! I hope your son starts feeling better too! And thanks Darski. I'm glad you were finally able to see them. If I'm viewing threads here at work, I sometimes can't see the pictures, but can from home. (I think it's a firewall thing...)
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