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    learned in 198?, picked it up again in 2003
  1. Very nice!! I'm sure any Yankee's fan would love it. (That's what I first thought of when I saw it... you know, the navy pinstriped uniforms...) It'll be a wonderful gift for your little nephew.
  2. Very pretty! What yarn did you use? I love the subtle shadings to the pinks. The shell around the edge is really cute.
  3. Very pretty! Beautiful pattern and the wave goes very well with your color choices.
  4. Very cute!! I'm sure they'll be nice and snuggly.
  5. :hearts I love this place. I haven't been around much the last year or two, but I'm constantly amazed by the creativity, warmth and kindness of the members here. Happy birthday and here's to many, many more!!
  6. Very beautiful. I love pinwheel doilies.
  7. Very pretty! I really like the edge details of the last few rounds.
  8. Addey

    Geek Amigurumi

    Cute little 1-Up. I, too, have 8-bit nostalgia... I could actually play those games
  9. Addey

    Woolly Mammoth

    He turned out GREAT! I like him even in purple. (Actually, I think I like the purple better....) I envy anyone who can think in 3-D crochet AND work with the furry yarn. I can't do either!
  10. Very pretty. That's a wonderful size and beautiful colors. Some momma and baby will love snuggling it.
  11. Very pretty! Glad you got some good crochet time in with the weather we just had. Looks like more is on the way though
  12. All of them are just beautiful. I'm sure the nice bright colors and soft yarns brighten the patients' days. That and that there is love in every stitch makes them even more warm and snuggly.
  13. Addey

    Patchwork Afghan

    Very pretty! I want one for me... other than the fact that I hate joining squares I'm sure it'll make some child feel safe and loved.
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