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    I'm an American living in London with my British husband and British cat. I work for a university.
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    London, UK
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    Photography, Irish music, reading, quilting. Learning to crochet.
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    Programme Administrator
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    I like to make toys and block blankets.
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  1. ava

    The woolee winder

    The flyer comes with a bobbin but they are seperate items. I bought a second bobbin and now wish I had bought a third because I will need to use my old flyer to ply the yarn. But I think that's just me being lazy!
  2. ava

    The woolee winder

    Cyndi, you could fill out their online form saying what type you'd like them to carry...I think if they get enough interest, or have the type of wheel available for their tests, they make it. I did that for my Sonata in May and now I have a Woolee Winder for my Sonata
  3. My yarn smells like vinegar. Does it fade or should I wash it? If I wash it will the dye (kool-aid) fade?
  4. A baby bird pattern is available as well: The patterns are available on my Etsy shop now. You can either buy the larger Pocket Bird pattern on its own or a set of the two patterns (called Mama and Baby Birds).
  5. Those came out really great, thanks guys! I will be responding to your PM comments today.
  6. I will, Beth, thanks for the interest! Testers - I've emailed everyone except Grannyjudith (I don't have your email address) so if you didn't receive the pattern please let me know.
  7. Got my testers! 1) Grannyjudith 2) miller3602 3) via PM 4) Midds 5) via PM Thanks everyone! I'll be in contact with each of you.
  8. Great! That's three so far (including a PM) and I can take a couple more if they want to do it. It's been suggested that I convert it to PDF for those who have trouble with doc files. I will do that in the morning and send it to people via their email addresses. Grannyjudith would you please PM me your email address? Thanks for the enthusiasm, it's very encouraging!
  9. OK, this is my first home-made pattern, so please forgive the inevitable mistakes! I need 3-5 testers for my pocket-sized bird pattern. He's about the size of a hacky-sack. My slightly scary photos are here: http://i113.photobucket.com/albums/n204/avanutria/crafts/bird1.jpg http://i113.photobucket.com/albums/n204/avanutria/crafts/bird2.jpg http://i113.photobucket.com/albums/n204/avanutria/crafts/bird3.jpg I didn't have any felt or button-eyes at the time so I embroidered the face, and discovered that that wouldn't work too well! I welcome feedback and suggestions on this pattern. I do have hopes of selling this pattern on my Etsy shop so please be aware that your comments will be used to improve a product that will be for sale. Both experienced and inexperienced testers are welcome. The pattern will be sent to you by email in a word document - please let me know if you prefer it not to be in a word doc and I'll put it straight into the email.
  10. The Mango stuff was quite tightly spun but I let it untwist a bit as I was working and it seemed to get a lot easier to handle.
  11. I've got a skein of Mango Moon and made two hair bands with it last night, I think they came out well. I used a 5mm hook. I asked my husband and he said "they're furry" - I don't know if he thought that was good or bad! I plan to try to put them on my Etsy shop today, and we'll see what happens. I'm getting some more (non mango) from ebay and hopefully they won't be bad quality..
  12. Has anyone used recycled sari silk for crocheting? Does it work well? What size hook do you tend to use, considering it's an uneven thickness?
  13. Yup! I'm a long time member of Chiff and Fipple, the ultimate online pennywhistle community.
  14. A toothbrush holder! What a great idea, lol. Unfortunately we in the UK have no Michael's, Jo-Ann's, Target, Wal-mart, etc...we have Hobbycraft but 90% of it seems to be for cardmaking and fake flowers. I do a LOT of craft supply shopping when I go to the US!
  15. Thanks for the input everyone. I haven't seen any hard pencil cases here, they tend to be floppy, zippered, and shaped like animals or other objects. I made a hard case once for a pennywhistle that I had, with pvc pipe lined with fleece and covered with denim. Maybe I'll try the same thing again for crochet.
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