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  1. Great RR's everyone!! I haven't really worked on my RR since my last post in this thread. It's been a bit too hot to work on it I'll probably will get back to it when the weather cools down.
  2. I haven't made the spideyghan, but others here have....what part are you having trouble with?
  3. Hi Carol! I was at walmart yesterday and picked up a skien of Shocking Pink. It looks a lot like raspberry I think it should go well with the other colors and it's different than the other pink I already used. http://store.knitting-warehouse.com/317191.html
  4. Thanks for the color suggestions for my RR! I wrote my post too fast the other night because I was afraid the internet would shut down in me before I was finished typing So I did leave out some info...I have been making my RR with leftover RHSS yarns I had on hand but did have to buy more black. I like the watermelon suggestion but don't think they have it in RHSS I don't want to use other brands mixed in because then the afghan won't lay right. The only purples I have are either too dark or too light. nss - I really like the way your RR came out, I really like the extra points on it!
  5. Great round ripples everyone!! I have been working on one for the past couple of weeks. I've just been working on it between other projects. I'm going for bright! Though it does look better in person than it shows in the pic. I think I will do about 2 more bright color sections, I have orange but can't find another bright color that I am not already using Any ideas?
  6. They are super cute Kristen! I'll have to make a few.
  7. How about a cauldron bag? It's really cute! http://www.llewellynjournal.com/article/786 Or a crochetd cauldron http://www.crochetnmore.com/candycauldron.htm
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