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  1. Thank you. The pattern is free and the link is in the first post of this topic.
  2. That's a cute idea. I would just sew up the mouth after pulling it together into that fish kiss style.
  3. My daughter is seven. yes, kids are funny. When my oldest daughter was 4 she got a georgous doll will long blonde hair from her grandmother. She took one look at it and shook her head and never played with it. There was just something about the hair she didn't like. I think the Japanese kids would like the fish a lot.
  4. It is ok that she doesn't like it. There is just something about the fish she doesn't like. I also made her a red scarf, so she's happy. You are right that is will be a conversation starter.
  5. They didn't say anything. I could tell by the way they looked at it and said, "oh, those are gator colors." Then they put it back in the bag. They kept it because it was the right thing to do. LOL That's ok. I know not to make anything else for them. Thanks for all your nice comments.
  6. My SIL & BIL and their young one live in a college town. I made this little outfit in the colors of the college. Both of the parent graduated from there and they are Gator fans, so thought they would like this. They didn't care for it. I still like it and probably will not make them another handmade item. All that work and they don't like it, is not worth it. The hat is from Brrr Baby and the jacket is from Baby It's Cold Outside, and the Flower is from Lisa Gentry. Yarn: I Love This Yarn in Blue and Orange.
  7. Thanks everyone for your comments. My daugthers loved them. They stuffed them full of "stuff" and took them to their grandmother's house. LOL I don't know how to contact the designer. Sorry. Edited to add: I just found out yesterday that my youngest daughter doesn't like her fish. The look of the fish really bothers her. I asked for the fish back, so I can use it. I have no idea what I am going to use it for. Maybe a crochet project?
  8. Thank you. Elle, I have no idea what my girls will be using these for, but I am pretty sure one will be dumping everything from snippets of paper to rocks in there. LOL
  9. Thanks for all the nice comments.
  10. Angie, you'll have to fight my girls for one. I don't think you will win. Thanks everyone for your nice comments. It is great to have these done, wrapped, and under the tree.
  11. I finally finished the three fish bags for my daughters. They turned out really cute and I love this pattern. Really easy to make. Pattern: Fish Bag from Margorie Crochets Yarn: Red Heart Super Saver, in colors shown.
  12. Thanks for the nice comments, everyone!
  13. Maybe they use one of those lite up hooks? I love the rat.
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