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  1. That's a really good idea! And yes, some of these antique patterns are challenging. I am spoiled by specific instructions AND charts.... the older patterns assume that your knowledge is at a certain level and the wording is also kinda special in some places. AFAIK, I'm working this doily from a translated pattern and have already come across 2 other rounds with mistakes. Oh joy! lol. This one that I'm working on is purple. It's worked in AL's Classic size 10 and they call the color "wood violet." Originally I wanted to do an ecru one too. There's just something really timely about that color. Unfortunately, JoAnn's was all sold out of ecru AND white, so I picked the purple color. At first I felt like I was settling on a color, but I've really grown to love it because it reminds me of the flowering trees at my wedding. You should definitely start a BMC one day! As challenging and aggravating as they are, they are SO worth it.
  2. Hi all! Used to be pretty active on this forum, then life kinda got in the way and I forgot about it. Anyway, I was hoping someone could help me with rnd 39 of the Between Meal Centerpiece. Rnd 38 is okay. All of my "triangles" have 11 dcs with each ch-2 sp having 2 dcs. So the part I'm stuck on is figuring out what the "center dc" of the "dc group" is. Rnd 39: Sl st in next 6 dc, ch 1, sc in same place, *ch 8, sc in center dc of dc group, ch 8, sc bet dc groups, rep from * around, end with ch 8, join with sl st in first sc. I think what's throwing me off is where the pattern has you begin the rnd. You begin the round in the 6th dc, but it looks to me like you should begin one stitch before. I think the "sc bet dc groups" goes between the 2 dcs in the ch-2 spaces, but I'm not sure. Any help is much appreciated. I am so ready to be done with this round! lol.
  3. lol I hate fun fur and if I bought it, it would be JUST to give it to my cats to play with
  4. I can ask the yarn artist....but I wouldn't count on it. She pretty much has her own agenda lol.. but maybe if you present her with food, she might consider my cat can be won over with any sort of edible goody
  5. I sure fooled you all, didn't I? Yes, we have four cats and two kids. Three out of four of the cats could care less about yarn and the children have learned that cutting my thread off of the ball actually does not help mommy in any way. Even though we all know better than to leave our crochet things laying around, sometimes we slip. The kitten in question is a very friendly, cuddly gal with short body hair, but a HUGE fluffy tail...and she's really quite irresistible. I just can't be mad at her lol. We had another cat that used to chew the thread off.. so I guess this is a lesser evil.
  6. I recently discovered the quick and easy way to create beautiful variegated thread! Step 1. Buy good quality thread in the solid color of your choice. Step 2. Leave ball on the coffee table before you go to bed. It doesn't matter if it is still wrapped; by morning the wrapper will have magically disappeared!* Step 3. Wake up the next morning and begin search for the beginning of your yarn ball. It will be wrapped around most everything in the living room, including the sweet, innocent little kitten sleeping on the couch. *The trick in creating this one of a kind yarn is in the all-natural wonder fluid, cat spit. Yes, cat spit. Turns soft pink thread into stiff white thread. Cat will also tear open wrapper and shred it into itty bitty pieces and scatter them all over the floor. Just for you!!
  7. I live in Southern California and while you might not see many ladies wearing shawls outside, they're really popular in freezing buildings! I know a teacher, who I consider to be very fashionable, had one of every color you could think of, I'm sure. I like to wear them too, during the evenings or early mornings. Never once heard anyone tell Lyn nor me that we looked silly and should ditch the shawls.
  8. Okay, it's good to see that this turns out well for regular folks. I'm always leery about using a huge (in my perspective anyway.) hook with anything other than bulky. It's an irrational misconception, I know :/ But I always think to myself, "Omigosh, how is this ever going to hold up!?":P
  9. Thanks Carovan. I don't have any problem with that, though.. but thank you for the reply.
  10. Has anyone crocheted the little v-stitch blanket on Lionbrand? ( http://www.lionbrand.com/patterns/70119A.html?noImages= ) I was wondering how it turned out with other folks. I hate v-stitches; mine always look funny to me, even though there's nothing really wrong with them. It's a quick pattern and doesn't use that much yarn (if you use a j or k hook! ), and I needed exactly that because I was invited to a baby shower that's one weekend away. anyway, your comments are much appreciated. thanks
  11. Hey everyone, I'm looking for some appliques or other things that I can use to patch the holes in my jeans They're nice jeans, but they're thin... and I'm not ready to let them go yet. So I wanted to spruce them up a bit with some thread designs, but I'm not sure what to try... But that's what I have all of you for, right? :flowerso I'm open to all your suggestions and ideas. Thanks!
  12. What is this organization of which you speak? I once had a whole dresser full of yarn. Seven drawers of it..and some stashed in hat boxes. (In case you're wondering, I hung my clothes up in the closet ) And yet there was still more in a basket next to my bed, and oh of course the cones of cotton just sitting around all over.... In fact the only tidiness to my stash were the balls of crochet thread; I stacked them in a nice pyramid-type deal on my desk
  13. Lucky!!! All of the thrift stores around here have icky yarn. I did once find some really nice yarn in the .99 store, but all they had was white, and it looked more like white with a hint of purplethat'snotsupposedtobethere
  14. I couldn't fathom going into a store that carries yarn and not looking at it..even a little peek. Oh especially when you go to a really nice store that has about four or five aisles of it...
  15. Yeah, many German patterns are just diagrams, but some are in written form as well. It's neat They have interesting names for their stitches, too. For instance, they call their ch stitches "air stitches" :D
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