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Doggie coat


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The 70s live again. :)


My first more complex project in a long while was a coat for one of my dogs, Kaylee.




I'm mostly happy with how it turned out, but I think I would change the edging next time. However, I'm just happy to have finally gotten it done before it's too warm for her to wear it!

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Thanks so much for the kind comments.


I plan to make another one or two of these for auction on eBay for the shar pei rescue group I belong to, Shar Pei Savers, so I may write up the pattern. I'll post it if I do!


And thank you for the kind comments on Kaylee, my rescue brat. She's a little snot, but we only love her more because of it!

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would that size fit a bitbull?


It would probably be a little too small for a pitbull, since Kaylee's small for a pei. However, I know there's some significant size variation in pitbulls, too. But the pattern's very easy to alter - just add or subract squares!


are you able to share the pattern?


I will be happy to do so, but I'd have to write it up first! :) I'll put it on my list to do that in the not too distant future!


Thanks again for all the compliments!

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