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  1. My stash is bursting at the seams, and that's even with most everything bough on clearance or at least discounted! I'm trying to not buy it otherwise, but it's hard! At least I got the expensive stuff out of my system with a gift certificate I got for the holidays, but I'm sure I could do some more damage if given the chance. I'm trying to be good and not buy anything until I use up at least one quarter of my stash (not much, but it's a start!). We'll see how that goes...
  2. I adore it. And they would look fabulous hanging from the ceiling. I hope you have a blue room to truly bring out the effect!
  3. Beautiful! I thought it was only so-so in the magazine, but now that I see yours, I really like it!
  4. I have not been impressed with any of the Family Circle books, so I'm not too surprised. The toys one had about two crochet projects out of all of them, and those weren't even very good. Any anyone who crochets knows how easy it is to make 3D objects in crochet!
  5. Ha! Fabulous! I love them!
  6. kusine

    neck cozy~*

    Awfully cute! Love the colors!
  7. Thanks for my second parcel, Juli! Everything smelled wonderful because of the tea and I love the scarf. Thank you!
  8. That's very nice and very thoughtful! (Of course, dogs can be difficult and may decide that he likes sleeping on his ratty old rug in preference to the nice one you made. But I'm sure the gift will be loved anyway!)
  9. kusine

    Dog sweater

    In Paton's Melody, which I've decided I just love. Details on my blog.
  10. kusine

    Divine Scarf

    I love it! Paton's Divine is such a wonderful yarn that I can't imagine someone not loving the scarf as a gift. Even if they don't want to wear it, it's lovely to pet!
  11. Thank you, Juli! I got my package today! (I'd post a photo, but my camera cable has gone AWOL. You'd think that one of the cables around here would be the right one, but I can't find it!) I got a beautiful blue fulled mini Marvie tote (I believe that's the name!), some pretty verigatef thread, two wonderful pattern booklets, a pretty frame, and some fun fur that will be perfect for some fun flowers! Thank you so much! And I have more to look forward to?! How fun!!!
  12. I have to admit, I'll be pleased to get two packages that I can open! My mom sent all our stuff from Amazon - unwrapped - so I'm not allowed to open the boxes - and I so want to open them! So it will be wonderful to get stuff that I can open. Hope your week gets better! Thank you!
  13. I bet I love it! I can't wait! Thank you!
  14. I got this book from the library and loved it! It's about equally half crochet and half knitting. And there's only one hat in it that I wished were crochet. Some of the hats were truly not my style, but there were three or four that I really, really liked, and several more that would be useful patterns for gifts. If you like to make hats, I think it's a good investment. If you're not so into hats, try it from the library first.
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