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  1. Jewels

    Stashbuster Safety Helmet Backpack

    Awesome idea for your pattern Tara!!
  2. Jewels

    felted project

    I like your creation - great table center or hook container!
  3. Jewels

    Yet another girls purse, fish

    Your fishie purse is totally darling!!
  4. Jewels

    Lacey the not so Lacey Headband

    Gorgeous headband pattern. Fresh and unique.
  5. Jewels

    Tea Mug Cozy

    Great little pattern ! Looks good. warm coffee and it would catch any drips too.
  6. Jewels

    Sweet Pea Shawl from SnB

    It's beautiful! I want to try that same pattern as well.
  7. Jewels

    Caterpiller Pattern

    Oh that is so cute, especially in the bright colors!
  8. Jewels

    Does anyone else take crochet with you everywhere?

    I ALWAYS travel with hook and yarn or WIP. I'll never be stuck in an elevator with nothing to do, LOL
  9. Jewels

    YoHoHoBo Bag

    Very cool bag Becks!!
  10. Jewels

    Coasters I made for Wedding Present

    Oh those are such beautiful coasters,..such shimmery looking cotton thread you used.
  11. Jewels

    Koigu Socks

    l-o-v-e these socks D!! I still gotta make some, had one made then lost it
  12. Jewels

    Fino Alpaca Lace Scarf

    The scarf is beautiful Natalie!! Lucky you having that book, I have vol. 7 but haven't had much luck finding vol. 6. Amazon in US has it but not Canada, go figure.
  13. Jewels

    My styledbykristin Shawl

    "Alpaca Angel Crochet Shawl" Pattern: free pattern shared graciously by Kristin. She has some great stuff on her site, have a looksee. Hook: 6.5mm Yarn: Joann Sensations Rainbow Boucle – 1 ball from the back and from the front (modelled by my friend, photos supervised by Curly I was very happy with it. Pattern was very easy to follow, worked great with the rainbow boucle. I haven't put ribbons or fringe of any sort on yet, as usual I can't make up my mind on that, LOL
  14. Jewels

    Interweave SPRING!!

    wooooo,....I just got the newsletter too and came here to post the great news! Hooray for Interweave.
  15. Jewels

    drawstring bookbag pattern accepted

    Congratulations on your knittingcrocheted bag pattern! LOL