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    46yo mom of 3, no grandbabies yet :(
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    upper michigan
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    raising pigs, reading, crocheting
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    probably afghans
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    10 years, but still consider myself a rookie!
  1. I love it! I love it! I love it!
  2. Very nice! Someone will be very lucky!
  3. upmom

    Ribbon Hat

    That is awesome! Love the ribbon!
  4. very nice! Nice and airy for the summer!
  5. upmom


    Great, great, great! I love both of them!
  6. wow 600 beads! you did a wonderful job on both of them!
  7. very cute! all of your work is great!
  8. That bag is awesome! Way to go!
  9. that is beautiful! Your daughter looks like such a sweatheart!
  10. I would love to be involved with a dish cloth swap...how do I sign up?
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