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    I am married (since 1977) a mother of two children one girl, one boy.
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    Home of the Baltimore Ravens
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    crochet(yarn and sometimes thread) gardening, general crafting
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    Stay at Home Mom
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    anything that strikes me at the moment
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    I have been crocheting since 1976
  1. They are the cutest ever!
  2. What a shame.....Maybe you could whip stitch some metal rings at the points.
  3. I absolutely love it! What shade of blue did you use? How big are each of your squares ? I see that it is 7 squares wide but how many tall? Just pickin' your brain for a future project
  4. So pretty! My favorite is the bottom row middle scarf, beautiful!
  5. Mine would most definately be the reverse single crochet edging!!!
  6. I love it! That would be the perfect bag for my daughter. She loves crocheted things made out of the left overs! Nice job.
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