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    I am married (since 1977) a mother of two children one girl, one boy.
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    Home of the Baltimore Ravens
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    crochet(yarn and sometimes thread) gardening, general crafting
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    Stay at Home Mom
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    anything that strikes me at the moment
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    I have been crocheting since 1976
  1. Thanks to all who read the post She finally found some Country Rose.
  2. Does anyone have any Red Heart Country Rose that they would be willing to part with. A friend of mine is in the middle of an afghan and she has run out of that color. If you have any let me know and I will give her the information about how much for the yarn and postage.
  3. They are the cutest ever!
  4. What a shame.....Maybe you could whip stitch some metal rings at the points.
  5. I absolutely love it! What shade of blue did you use? How big are each of your squares ? I see that it is 7 squares wide but how many tall? Just pickin' your brain for a future project
  6. So pretty! My favorite is the bottom row middle scarf, beautiful!
  7. Mine would most definately be the reverse single crochet edging!!!
  8. I love it! That would be the perfect bag for my daughter. She loves crocheted things made out of the left overs! Nice job.
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