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  1. thank you all for the great comments! i havent been to the board in quite awhile (moved twice!). i'll try to get some pictures of the afghan i'm working on for a xmas present this year. and thank you all again! (fyi - there is a link to the pattern in on of the reply posts in this thread)
  2. you're welcome! i had fun making them and trying to find something to go with jeans and a t-shirt and could also be dressy. i'm glad you liked them! kris
  3. finally got the pics on to the computer! only, i just realized you can't see the gorgeous earrings amy made! she made me three sets of earrings and a pin. i also received a set of crystallite hooks (very pretty), a measuring tape (very handy, as i've lost the one i used to have!), 4 skeins of caron jewel box in 'fire agate' (very, very soft and pretty) and a scrumptions scarf! i would really like to know what yarn its made of. oh! and also a 'tangle' toy, which isnt in the photo as it went straight to the office to live on my desk! i have never even seen one of those, but now i play with it all day at work when i have to stop and think something over! thank you so much amy!!
  4. i got my reveal package yesterday. my secret pal was amy (aliassak)! i will post some pictures tomorrow. just been so hectic with my sister-in-law just giving birth to a healthy baby boy today(i'm a very proud auntie!) and she also broke her ankle just a month ago, so phew! things have been crazy! and to let tiffany know, i let my pal know that i was sending out her reveal package and it has gone in the mail! just day late though! but its out! kj
  5. just wanted to leave a note for *shelbyro* that her scarves will be in the mail on friday! kris
  6. yay, i got my package! and i got 5 gorgeous scarves thank you thank you thank you tween!!! i've already worn two of them and everybody has complimented me on them. i love them all. and the scarf holder, absolute genius! i will have to make some more of those for myself to hold all of the scarves i already own! kris
  7. thats very cute! did you make the pattern up yourself? kj
  8. that is so lovely! i would never have thought of doing that. Thanks for the fantastic idea! kj
  9. wow! everybody is coming up with some great ideas, especially tween with that scarf holder! i would never have thought of something like that. its awesome. as for me, i started my scarf, but then it being the end of tax season at the accounting office, i havent had much time for crochet! but i think it will be almost perfect for my swap partner michelle (shelbyro) kris
  10. i got another package from my sp this weekend! i got the cutest metal sheep (which i've already named mishka), a box of golden darjeeling honey tea (very yummy!) and a burts bees sampler kit (some of which my dog has tried to enjoy!) i love burts bees products! i am totally addicted to the lip balm for years now! my dog enjoys them too if i forget to put things up out of his reach thank you sp! kris
  11. its lovely! what is that pattern? you can never have to many afghans! kris
  12. anyone else from montana? seems like most people here are from the coasts or the south. i'm not the only one, am i? kris
  13. thats so cute! and i love the stripes. i know a couple of little girls who would love these! kris
  14. that is gorgeous! i would hate to have to tuck in all those ends though i have never seen this pattern before, are you doing single crochet or afghan stitch? kris
  15. it looks so warm! i really like the color of that yarn too. was it very hard or time consuming to make this pattern? kris
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