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    I'm 29, SAHM to four kids, wife to Mike
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    New England
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    crocheting, cooking, reading, gardening
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    blankets, doily patterns, scarves
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    September 2004
  1. Debbie (whitedtu) did you get your stole? It was mailed a few weeks ago.
  2. I received a nice package from Norma while I was out of town! I'm still trying to get caught up with everything and will post a picture as soon as I have a minute.
  3. Debbie, that would be me, I just keep forgetting to mail it. I'll drop it off at the post office tomorrow after I take the kids to school! Sorry about that!
  4. What beautiful pictures!! That shawl is lovely, too, looks like it drapes nicely!
  5. Looks cozy and comfy, I like the colors!
  6. Oh, what a nightmare. Definitely worth more financial compensation than you're getting.
  7. What a beautiful shawl! And the scenery pictures are gorgeous and relaxing, too!
  8. Another thing you could do would be to do a strand each of the crochet cotton (or two of that even) and ktichen cotton - it gives you just a hair more texture than the yarn but not as much as the crochet cotton. I really want to make myself a bath poof out of crochet cotton - sometimes the mesh ones are too rough and the older I get the more sensitive my skin gets - but so far I haven't. Why is it we never seem to get to projects for ourselves? LOL
  9. Neat! I can't wait to see the finished project!
  10. He did a great job - love the colors!
  11. That is absolutely gorgeous! What a beautiful shawl!
  12. That's wonderful! What a pretty kitty, too!
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