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    Crochet, dance, photography, music, pottery, mosaics, rowing and anything crafty!
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    Handbags, scarves, hats.
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  1. Hi Dreamfish, Welcome. I lived in Australia for three years and found that the knitting scene pretty much dominated. But the upside was all the fantastic wools I could get! Do you have a Spotlight store there? They're usually pretty crochet friendly in terms of hooks and patterns. ~Bec
  2. Thanks ladies, I've added all of you. I'm loving all of this crafty camraderie! I hope you like my creations! ~Bec
  3. Hi all, I've started a new myspace page solely dedicated to my crafts...along with a new name for myself, Craftastic! Eventually I'll get links to my Sassy Hands and Ribbon Hat patterns up there but I've also got my ceramics and photography to share. So come on over and visit me or add me as a friend if you have a myspace account. Craftastic http://www.myspace.com/rebecarosalia
  4. Hi there everyone! I'm still alive and have the pattern for whoever might still want it. Just send me an email at craftastic@gmail.com Apologies for the disappearance. School, life and an international move have left me VERY busy! I am also working on getting the links to my patterns back up. Be well, ~Bec
  5. I'm a little late in the game *bad Bec*! Is this swap still going ahead? ~Bec
  6. Hi Isabella, I just udes two strands together with my biggest hook and did the entire scarf in half-double crochet (hdc). It started out: Ch 10 HDC in 2nd ch from hook, crochet across (8hdc) then made it as long as I wanted until I was happy with it! Good luck! ~Bec
  7. Those are Sassy!! Great job an I can't wait to see your other version. I think I may try a punky version now -- you've inspired me and I'm glad you liked me pattern, too! ~B
  8. Heya! I made this scarf with Lion Brand landscapes and microspun held together with my largest hook. Love it! Cheers, Bec Blog Post: http://bellascreations.blogspot.com/2006/05/sunshine-day.html
  9. Depending on how tightly it's wound, I usually leave it to avoid the tangles. If it's loosely wound and twisted into a skein, just loosen it up a bit. As long as it's properly submerged, it will absorb the colour.
  10. Thanks everyone! I'm getting pics of some fantastic variations of these! So many ideas! I love it! Cheers, Bec
  11. The pattern for Little Miss Sassy Hands is now available on my blog. I'd appreciate any comments/suggestions/pics from those who attempt it!! Cheers, ~B http://bellascreations.blogspot.com/2006/06/free-patterns.html
  12. Hi all! Just a quick one to let you know that I've finalised my Little Miss Sassy Hands pattern. It's available on my blog, along with the Ribbon Hat pattern I also designed. Enjoy! ~Bec http://bellascreations.blogspot.com/2006/06/free-patterns.html
  13. WOWSERS! That's such a fun bag!!! I love the pattern and the colours...very Brady Bunch! Cheers, Bec
  14. Greetings! Thanks for all the pattern requests. I've got all of my testers and will post the pattern once I receive feedback from my lovely testers. Thanks. Cheers, Bec:hook
  15. Anyone up for a S&B on June 16, 17, 18 or 19? Let's organise one! Possibly city/Surry Hills area. Whatever suits. ~Bec
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