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  1. Dani and Stephanie - i'm jealous!!! I want my book signed too! That monkey is so cute!
  2. Regina - love the psycho!!! Can I live at your house for just one day....I just need 24 hours of your inspiration and i'd be set! Why is it that after looking at these guys - i'm suddenly hungry - humh......
  3. I picked this yarn because its a little chunky and really easy to work...I think any bulky weight or chunky yarn would work. I would be cute out of Patons Melody, two strands of WE or something like that....I thought about doing one in SNC just for a lightweight feel.....but never did. I detest homespun....tried to crochet with it once, and didn't have the patience, although I love the look and feel of it.
  4. hey - I love that...especially in seaspray - very trendy!! Great job!
  5. I did it in Bernat softee chunky in berry red - I loved the pattern - easy to follow and easy to work. here's a pic...
  6. Thanks Elizabeth - I've been waiting anxiously for the book to come out and see what my stuff would look like and I thought they did a great job - that lil baby is so cute. I liked the book overall, I hadn't flipped through any of the other SNB Knit books before - so I didn't know what to expect. I got mine at the Woolie Ewe if anyone is in the Plano, TX area - they had sold 6 so far...paid full price for the paperback - $17 with tax, I think. Not bad, considering all the patterns you get.
  7. there's a note on craftster from Debbie Stoller stating that select Barnes and Noble's would have it on the 13th. I called the two big ones in our area (Dallas) and they said they didn't have it but show it coming in on the 18th.
  8. AJ - its beautiful!!!! I esp love the color!!
  9. I bought that book a few weeks ago when I had a coupon...I really like it. I've started the knit vintage vines and really like how its going....i'll post pics on my blog tonight.
  10. ooooohhhhhh - those look so warm and fashionable to boot!!!!!! Nice job!
  11. It reminds me of a care bear....very cute!!!
  12. Oh that's the pitts....that's why I fear cats! When my BIL moved in with my sister before they were married her cat peed on all his stuff - needless to say - the cat still ruled the roost until he warmed up to my BIL. Sorry to hear about this!!!
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