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  1. You can see it on her blog http://www.craftaddictschronicles.blogspot.com/ And they are cute!
  2. Okay, looking at all of these beautiful snowflakes has inspired me! I just printed off a few patterns on the list. I'm joining you all!! Since I'm WAY behind, I'll make at least one of the three I just printed. I'll be sure to be back here and check what's up for the next week.
  3. I tried to edit my last post, but it's not working out. Anyway, I made two of them. It's a great pattern and so easy and fast to make. Thanks again for sharing the pattern with us. The pictures are clickable.
  4. That's awesome! Thanks for sharing the pattern. I'm making one tonight!
  5. I LOVE it!! Great job!
  6. luvtocraft

    Entrelac Bag

    That's awesome! I've never heard of entralac crochet before. Something new to try!
  7. You can donate them to Newborns In Need. http://newbornsinneed.org/ Edited to add: They have patterns also: http://newbornsinneed.org/html/baby_patterns.html Also, I don't know if you've seen this site yet: http://bevscountrycottage.com/ , but she has a ton of patterns for charity work.
  8. Holy cow!! Boy was I surprised when I saw this post and then realized *I* posted it! I posted it back in 2004. Thanks again everyone from 2004 AND 2006. I really enjoyed making this poncho.
  9. Oh my! That is AWESOME!
  10. ::raises left hand:: I do, I do!! Oh and check it out, this guy has his hook in his left hand! Cool!! As far as teaching a rightie, I've learned to crochet with my right hand for this purpose. I crochet painfully slow with my right hand, but for showing someone how to crochet, it works.
  11. http://serendipity.gpvm.com/helmet.html
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