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  1. Debbie (whitedtu) did you get your stole? It was mailed a few weeks ago.
  2. I received a nice package from Norma while I was out of town! I'm still trying to get caught up with everything and will post a picture as soon as I have a minute.
  3. Debbie, that would be me, I just keep forgetting to mail it. I'll drop it off at the post office tomorrow after I take the kids to school! Sorry about that!
  4. What beautiful pictures!! That shawl is lovely, too, looks like it drapes nicely!
  5. Looks cozy and comfy, I like the colors!
  6. Oh, what a nightmare. Definitely worth more financial compensation than you're getting.
  7. What a beautiful shawl! And the scenery pictures are gorgeous and relaxing, too!
  8. Another thing you could do would be to do a strand each of the crochet cotton (or two of that even) and ktichen cotton - it gives you just a hair more texture than the yarn but not as much as the crochet cotton. I really want to make myself a bath poof out of crochet cotton - sometimes the mesh ones are too rough and the older I get the more sensitive my skin gets - but so far I haven't. Why is it we never seem to get to projects for ourselves? LOL
  9. Neat! I can't wait to see the finished project!
  10. He did a great job - love the colors!
  11. That is absolutely gorgeous! What a beautiful shawl!
  12. That's wonderful! What a pretty kitty, too!
  13. I got a couple of fabulous scarves from Kathy (nittany168)! They were waiting for me in my mailbox when we got back from our trip Tuesday night! I have a couple of pictures (finally have my camera back! woohoooooo!) but haven't loaded them onto dh's computer yet - one is a light green and the other is light green with a cool ladder type yarn (she sent me the labels but I'm blanking on what they are - ugh, I know I'm awful). They're both pretty! Will post pictures later! Thanks, Kathy!
  14. 19?? Wow that's fabulous! Gotta go with the edging ... it gives it that extra something. both very nice though!
  15. Pretty!! I'm itching to do some more dyeing now!
  16. I LOVE that pattern!! I have got to try making one!
  17. The lip balm keychain is a great idea - I love the yarn ones but my chapstick never seems to stay in it. Maybe thread will work better! And I LOVE the bookmark, too! Makes me want to take up thread again.
  18. Kathy .... I love those ... wish I wasn't so afraid of the bullion stitch! I love the choker (for me, lol) and the collar would be a perfect gift for my aunt - she loves that kind of thing!
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