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  1. I haven't been in a few days but there was no sign like that up in mine a week ago - I'll check when I go this weekend.
  2. Oh wow ... that's amazing. I can't imagine making something like that!
  3. You may be weird (don't hit me!) but that particular stipulation isn't weird. I think maybe weight of yarn could be useful as well (one typically assumes worsted weight, but for a ghan for a child or someone in a hotter climate, maybe sport or baby yarns might be used). The assembler also needs to specify finished size and colors (if applicable).
  4. Wow, Drew, that is absolutely stunning! I like it better than the other pics I've seen, actually! I'm going ot have to follow this one!
  5. Those are wonderful! I love Eeyore!!
  6. I'm not in MA but I'm in RI so not too far! ROTFL
  7. Well it's Thursday but I'll jump in ... 1. poncho for dd (Valentine's Day present) 2. baby poncho & hat (baby gift) 3. commissioned poncho 4. round ripple afghan for my godson That's it for the moment.
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