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The triplets

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I love these Lollipop Lane dolls, by Dumplin Designs.  They use the yarn hair doll heads and hands.

Here are three of them.  Raspberry Fluff, Strawberry Jam and Bubble Gum.  They were a lot of fun to make and I am sure some little girl will love having them to play with.


Triplets 0.jpg

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So cute , do you crochet around a vinyl head?   Not sure I have seen this pattern before, but I know an upcoming 3 year old Princess Amelia would love it!

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Ebay and Esty are the only place you can find the patterns.  They are discontinued by Fiber Craft who made and sold the heads.  Same with the heads check e-bay and esty.  Be careful, some are smaller than the ones I have used.  I bought a bunch of them a long time ago when someone was selling everything in their store cheap.

No Lea, you make the body and then you put the head into the body.  Make the arms and add the hands.

They say sew them, but I glue them on.

Thank you all for the compliments.  I have a lot of patterns where you can not get some of the parts or dolls, as they are discontinued.  Can really frustrate you sometimes.



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