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  1. We got about 4 inches here. It's pretty but I can do without it. It's already melting and should be gone by tomorrow. Hippy. Sorry for those that love it. I can ship it to you if you want. LOL
  2. Salt was already on the roads and still being put down . I don't have go anywheres. Will stay inside an stay warm.
  3. Good afternoon ! Yes, we are in the same for Friday to getting some snow maybe start tomorrow. I have no where to go so if it does then I'll be home inside and warm. It won't stick it's been pretty nice out. Beautiful picture of Lea!! She's adorable.
  4. I know I'm late but Happy Valentines Day! I was under the weather yesterday and spent a good portion in bed. Much better today..
  5. Hi Katy life here is everything but normal.LOL But I'm here plugging along.
  6. I actually made a apple and a cherry pie Friday and Saturday. The girls had it with vanilla ice cream. I also made cinnamon swirl bread and regular bread.
  7. I have been up for hours. Cleaned the yard, trash is out and already picked up. Breakfast made and dishes are already done. I crocheted a pair of leg warmers for daughter for they are having a valentine party at the gym and doing Zumba to the 80's.. She couldn't find a pair in the store so I crocheted her a pair. Very cute and funny how it's coming back.. It was really nice out this morning here to. I love the warmth and am so over the cold.
  8. I didn't try to get on this morning so not sure. Hubby is watching the Super Bowl. Neither one is his team , but he enjoys football.
  9. The babies are funny! It's been cold here and I can't wait for the sun sun sun!!!
  10. I am not sure what I will do the rest of the day. Haven't felt the greatest.
  11. Good afternoon all. I have just been so busy then so exhausted. I'm here barely. Ill try to check back in later.
  12. Good afternoon! I crocheted 2 keychain Octopus's and now working on a hat. Then will finish up 2 different diaper bags for daughter. I'm sewing those.
  13. Good morning! im so exhausted. I think I will try to nap today.
  14. Oh Lea princess is beautiful and love her boots!! Whats a prayer bracelet? Do you have pictures?
  15. pineknott I agree about going slow on the walking. Build yourself up!
  16. Good evening! Oh my I love the thunder and rain.The louder the better! I sleep so well through it. I want a tin roof!!
  17. I agree Mary Jo I want the heat back too. I am so ready to be warm again... I understand the pain too. My legs have been aching sense the cold...
  18. Love love baby yoda!! I believe it's ever where cause of the movie coming out !
  19. What needs to be done is to get proof. He needs to be followed and recorded then take it to the high up person in the post office. Go over there heads if you need to. You don't need to be that person. You need to find someone that can do it for you.
  20. Love the snow globe ornaments. Will have to make them this coming year for Christmas . I have a lot of the Christmas buttons. Plus I was able to get a few on sale.
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