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  1. While I'm sad I lost my printed copy of this book I am glad the library had it and I was able to get a PDF copy. I'm loving the ocean/sea creatures I've been able to make! Manatee
  2. Another ocean creature for my summer birthday project. This ocean is filling up fast. Dolphin
  3. Chelsea Dress In my previous olden days of making Barbie clothes Kelly and her friend Tomi were the smallest of the Barbie clan measuring in it 4 1/2 inches. I made a handful of outfits for Kelly. There is so little to actually crochet for that it was hard. Chelsea is now the smallest and larger but still only 6" . This still leaves little room for shaping and sizing of clothing. I'm amazed at the creativity people have with small items but it is not my best avenue. However, I will do what I can to see that the family is dressed before they head off for their donation destinati
  4. Row 4 should have 24 stitches Row 5 32 That's why I wanted to know how many stitches were in row 3 to see if you were continuing or building. Standard patterns build an extra stitch between increase as you go along until you reach the desired stitch count. In this case they used the same pattern for rows 4 and 5. So in this pattern you double the stitches in row 2. You add a stitch between increases in row 3. You have the same stitch pattern for 4-5 which is unusual but likely creates a shape the designer desires. I got out my hooks and yarn to follow your direc
  5. 32 should be total number of stitches you end up with after following the pattern. How many stitches did you have after row 3?
  6. Stingray This project is moving forward. I'm waiting on some paracord to close the island/ocean bag and that will be complete. I've started the ocean tower, which is supposed to be a bag corral reef type toy. Still making the little critters to live there.
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