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  1. My Life Scrubs I plan on making the medical coat another day but this part is done for now.
  2. The pattern is cute it is just an old reprint. If I'm paying for a magazine I'd like new patterns. I think I have several copies of this pattern due to the fact it has been reprinted so many times. Ravelry lists 3 publications that it has appeared in dating back to 1988 and I think there may be more. This would be more appropriate for them to sell on their pattern site where you know they are recycling old patterns you may not be able to find in their original books/magazines than offer in the current magazine.
  3. The fish are adorable but the eyes really make them.
  4. It's amazing what the right hook handle can do for you. If you told me last year I'd be working with size 10 thread regularly I'd never have believed you but now I've finished my first outfit in size 20 and started a skirt for the 18" doll!! I'm stunned. Ken Shirt and Slacks
  5. I was disappointed with the chimp pattern. He's appeared in several books now. There are plenty of new designers out there looking for a break.
  6. My Life Madison Maxi Dress
  7. My Life Madison Maxi Dress
  8. Slipped in another 18" outfit My Life Madison Maxi Dress
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