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  1. What a great idea. I love hand made bookmarks. I'm on the look out for some at fairs this year as with all the extra read alouds I'm doing I'm reduced to scrap paper at the moment. Those are beautiful.
  2. Working on gifts to take to one year old in NY. Pig and Her Pancake
  3. Pig and Her Blanket
  4. Holiday Itty Bitties
  5. Holiday Itty Bitties Pig and Her Pancake
  6. Those are beautiful. I've read about the polymer clay but have never tried them. I like the larger round handles, which is why I use the Bates Bamboo hooks. I prefer round to the flat or some of the ergonomic handles that are on the market. I like having something to hold on to. Then again I've got a modified knife hold, not a pencil grip so that may make the difference.
  7. Good luck with all those doctor appointments, hoping for nothing but great news.
  8. I live for fresh summer tomatoes. I'm waiting for my permanent crown so I can't indulge in corn on the cob, but I've been known to make a meal of a baked potato, corn on the cob and a nice big juicy tomato on a Sunday night after DH has visited the local farm stand. I'm not as crazy about the winter tomatoes we get from the store, but oh I can eat one like an apple, they are so tasty.
  9. Hi House, It has been brutally hot. We got slightly cooler day Saturday, but the heat sprang right back up. We had the spring issue with our garage twice. Thankfully it didn't attack it just stopped allowing us to open and close door. After second time I talked DH into new door with garage opener. Sometimes it is the small changes that are so positive. The old door was heavy and with the springs not working I found it hard to open and even more dangerous to close as you had to hold most of the weight bringing it down, so most garage related needs fell to DH. Now I can press a button and I can get out and do what I need to do. It makes life so much more pleasant. We celebrated my bday yesterday with a trip to the local beach and dinner at Ken's Steakhouse. If you've ever bought Ken's steakhouse dressings this is where they originated. It was a delightful day. The beach was crowded, no surprise since it was incredibly hot and it is free to local residents. It's a great summer outing for families as they even have outdoor grills you can bring coals to cook out on there. There were lots of people cooking. Finished the Mouse and Cookie and the Pig and Blanket and both books arrived so those are finished for DH's cousin's grandaughter's first bday. I'm working on an old Annie's pattern for a farm bag with animals. The bag and pig are done. I'm about 3/4 done with the horse. I think finishing it before we head off there for her bday should be doable. Stay cool everyone.
  10. I'm known for my book gifts for kids. The Museum and zoo memberships are amazing. They are a great way for families to get out but the cost can be prohibitive. What a wonderful choice. I'm working on the Pig and her pancake and then on to the Mouse and her Cookie to go with both books for a cousin's grandaughter's first bday. Pig finished working on her sweater and then the pancake. Books on order should be here in a few days.
  11. Hi House, It's been busy lately, but I am determined to keep in touch even if it is infrequently. I started a summer read aloud with my great nephews via Skype as we prepare for next year's change in home schooling. They are moving to a lit based program with 3 levels of read alouds so I offered to help out with the reading so my niece can focus on the activities that require supervision, instruction that is more challenging from a distance, etc. Our cameras are OK for seeing each other, but not so great for details, which works out fine when yu are reading aloud. However when you are trying to demonstrate and teach stuff a little more challenging. For books that have more pictures I've taken to giving them the copy we own and borrowing another copy from the library so they can follow along. The kids are adapting to the change much better than I'd expected. Cindy, I wish you the best at the outdoor wedding. Do you have any of those face wipes you can tuck in a purse? I brought some to my brother's wedding last year and found others were suddenly interested as it was rather hot and humid in August. I can understand outdoor pictures, we did them at a local Gazebo for our wedding and they were beautiful, however it was a limited number of people and our older family relatives had their family shots done at the air conditioned hall to avoid heat stroke. The last few years I've been to primarily outdoor summer weddings and I'm not a huge fan. Perhaps I've lost my youthful conditioning for the heat before my family had A/C but I just don't have much tolerance for heat anymore. I love a nice A/C venue in the summer for an event. Otherwise I melt. I can always add layers when the A/C is too cold, there is just no way to cool off when it gets humid and hot. Made some dishcloths, potholders, and scubbies for BIL as he and his wife are divorcing and he's setting up a new apartment. DH asked if I'd make something for his new place. Decided on birthday gift for DH's cousin's grandaughter's first bday. I'm going with the Give a Mouse a Cookie and Give a Pig a Pancake books and toys. Now I just have to get crocheting. Thankfully, we've decided to make a day trip for the party so I don't have to mail the package which gives me just a little more crochet time. I had a couple of bigger projects in mind, but perhaps Christmas. Mona, so sorry about the dog bite. It bothers me when people don't control their dogs. It's very rare that the first suspicion someone has that the dog has an issue is when it bites a stranger. Far too many people just don't think they need to do anything when the dog has issues and it ends up with the people getting hurt and the dog potentially being put down. It requires owners to be responsible. Sadly, it is a hard thing to enforce.
  12. Thank You!!! I added the link on my blog for anyone wanting to make the outfit.
  13. 18" Dovetailed Working on a summer dress but I'm going to have to pull some of it out as I realize the trim is popping to the back and not the front. One step forward....
  14. Slowly starting to get some doll clothes put away for the Christmas donation 18" Doll Bathing Suit