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  1. The beauty of cooking for Thanksgiving is we don't generally have to cook much for another week with all the other left overs. 36 degrees with a potential of a high of 38 today. I don't mind because its bright and clear not dark and wet which it can be in November. We did get a dusting of snow but only enough to make it seasonal. Got second session of pickleball in this morning. Signed up for full Jan session. They won't be offering week to week in the New Year. That's fine. It was hard in Nov and Dec to schedule. Next week is our last session even though there are 2 more for
  2. Dinner turned out well and we had a nice visit for dessert. It worked out much easier. Boxed all the doll donations today so we can drop off on Friday and man we made an amazing amount of stuff this year. When I have the boxes in a place together I'll take a pic for everyone to see. I'm still waiting to see how DH is going to fit them all in the car. He's an amazing packer so we will have to see how he makes it work. This morning I started the day switching out the outdoor garden flags and the metal holiday garden stakes I've been collecting this year. I was thrilled to find a t
  3. Happy Thanksgiving!! Mona hope you have a great day with your son and family. Made all our sides yesterday so just need to reheat those and cook the turkey breast and we will have dinner. Going to SIL's for dessert tonight. Hope all of you have a wonderful day.
  4. Happy Thanksgiving!! Mary Jo your table is beautiful.
  5. The guy teaching the class plays in tournaments like that. I'm just looking for some activities that will get us active and having some fun doing it. There are a couple of the local high schools that offer adult ed programs twice a year and I'm going to look at the Jan programs for some fun activities that are within are physical abilities but will be fun too. I don't see us playing in pickleball tournaments but I could see us playing for fun and exercise in the future. It's just a fun way to get some exercise. I'm hoping we can find some other opportunities that will also be fun and get u
  6. The last one is the scanned version of the Simply Crochet supplement.
  7. That's the first link I posted from Simply Crochet issue 95. You can buy a digital issue of the magazine through Ravelry or you can I believe buy the digital copies from the magazine company. I find it easier to get them from Ravelry because they stay in my library and I can find them later if I misplace the copy I downloaded. As I said the magazine is issue 95. The supplement you want comes with the magazine. To the best of my knowledge the patterns are not available directly from the designer at this point. At some point the rights may revert back to the designer and be availab
  8. I've been using the hard plastic pencil cases that you often see on sale during the back to school sales. They can sit open when I have them on a table and they stay shut and protected if I slide them into a travel bag. They can store hooks, scissors, safety pins, etc.
  9. I have no idea which pattern you saw on Ravelry. You might want to include a link if you have something specific in mind. There are 2 issues of Simply Crochet that you can buy the digital issues through Ravelry that have Peter Rabbit Patterns. The patterns are included as part of their supplements. It is a UK magazine so the directions are UK crochet terms Simply Crochet issue 95 Peter Rabbit Jemina Puddle Duck Mrs. Tiggy-Winkle Benjamin Bunny Simply Crochet issue 110 Tom Kitten Samuel Whiskers Mr. Jeremy Fisher Squirrel Nutkin
  10. Green Little Cutesies Footed Pj's Round 2 on this pattern. I really wish I'd made this present decision earlier.
  11. It looks like you are alternating rows 2 and 3 for about 51 rows but basically until it fits.
  12. Wanted to learn tennis when I was younger but never got around to it. Now I don't have the wrists or shoulders for the game. This is a cross between tennis, badminton, and table tennis. Its a fun way to get some winter exercise. I believe there are some outdoor courts in the area for summer too.
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