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  1. OMG thank you so much. I am so thrilled!!!!
  2. Thank you to a NE FGM for 2 more doll blankets for my Christmas toy donation!!! These are beautiful!
  3. What a cutie and you've taught them to value hand made stuff.
  4. That is beautiful!!!
  5. Good afternoon all, Mona I am sorry to hear about your cat. It's so hard when we lose one of our fur babies. Just have to celebrate the good people in the world. DH and I had to go to a Memorial service this morning for BIL's Mother and it was scheduled for the same time we'd need to pick up the dogs from the groomers. DH called to cancel appointment and beg for a reschedule. This groomer does a great job, but you have to book 2 months ahead to keep a Saturday slot. Instead of canceling and rescheduling she offered to board the girls until she closed at 4pm at no additional cost so we could attend the service without having to reschedule. I was really touched. We often hear about the tough things that happen in the world, but I think it is important to celebrate when people go out of their way to help you and make your day easier.
  6. Good morning all, The wind was fierce last night howling down the side of the house where there is almost a corridor between fence, house and trees. Not a restful night. I got to the pool and it helped. The swim teams must be on a break because it was so quiet and it was nice. Off to sort at the library for the book sale tonight. From the children's perspective, this is one of the best donations we've had in years. I also potentially have a new volunteer for set up so that would be awesome. Hope you all have a great day.
  7. Darski those are adorable diapers. I found a simple diaper pattern years ago from a blogger who has since abandoned her blog and instead of buttons I use snaps for the diapers. The sugar bowl is finished and posted here. I had hoped to move on to the tea cups yesterday, but got busy with some other stuff instead.
  8. What a cheerful look.
  9. Good afternoon all, Easter was a delightful holiday celebrated with DH"s sister and family at our house. Tonight we are hoping to get into the pool. We shall see what happens. Cindy we had the snow Tuesday and it was thankfully gone by the afternoon. We are due for more snow again, but I'm hoping the Spring snow can't stick to well. I can see the perennials trying to poke up through the ground and am looking forward to seeing my tulips and irises. Have a wonderful day all.
  10. I've gotten on a play food/kitchen kick for the donation this year. I will get back to the clothes, but this has been fun. I found a tea set I thought I'd like to try. Tea Pot
  11. It would make a cute child's blanket.
  12. I've only done small C2C projects so the bobbins weren't an issue. However, I have done graphgans and used more bobbins than I ever dreamed imaginable. I've never heard bobbins decreased the need to sew in ends. Realistically the minute you cut the yarn you are going to have to weave it in at some point. There are debates about how to crochet in your ends, but I've never been comfortable that they don't unravel. I've always sewn them. The reason I use bobbins is to keep the yarn from getting tangled. I use the plastic bobbins, so you can put a significant amount of yarn on them and I don't tend to have problems with them getting tangled. Texas Purl has some great basic advice for you on managing your bobbins. My suggestion is to look at your chart and count the squares. As she says if you are going more than 3titches you aren't going to want to carry the yarn. That would be the time to prep a bobbin in the needed colors. I try to prep mine ahead for at least a few rows. Eventually as you end off a section you can reuse some, but you often need a significant amount if you are working on a pattern with multiple color changes. The stitches look better the fewer times you have to cut and add. So cutting and reusing a bobbin across the row can sometimes make the stitches in the row show the yarn changes.
  13. I have until the end of May to finish. I mostly just need to sew in the ends. She will see it at her graduation party. I want it to be a surprise. I have to check the length, but I think it is now long enough. Then I just need to sew in the ends. I did actually finish the Tea Pot for the tea set while they were here yesterday. I have to get pics done, but I started on the sugar, after they left.
  14. What an adorable set. The little Mary Jane's are so cute.
  15. Good afternoon ladies. I'm so close to the end of this graduation afghan and I can't wait. I finally looked at the yarn requirements for the owl graduation ami and it wants DK yarn which is not good because I'd planned to use up worsted weight yarn on it. However, looking at the size listed for it, I've decided to go with sport yarn. I have all but 2 colors I needed so I ordered those today. Easter Sunday she will be here so if I have time to crochet I'm going to work on a tea set to donate as part of the Christmas toy drive. I have to remember to ask her about the tassel colors because now that I think about it I may not have all the colors I need. However I might make that from thread depending on how it all works out if I have the colors It will all work out some how.