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  1. When we first moved here we planted tons of perennials some started from relative's, now passed, garden offerings and I'm so glad we made that choice because even in years when I haven't been up to doing tons of gardening the flowers always come. This year I've only had crocus so far. It just hasn't warmed up enough yet for the early spring flowers. The crocus have been known to come through the snow. One year I planted tulips in all kinds of colors because I love the bright cheer in the spring. Some made it but the squirrels have a thing for tulip bulbs so some have disappeared over the years, too.
  2. Online is a great idea but I'd tell her to do it soon. People are shopping like crazy for plant stuff online. That's a shame the gardeners can't use their plots. Perhaps they will credit them for next year. Our local independent garden store is still open. DH was able to get some soil for the asparagus garden. I believe because they sell veggie plants they fall under essential? Or is it because they sell ice cream and its considered food? I'm not sure where they fall but I was grateful as we were able to mix the compost we've been building up and the soil to prep the asparagus garden when we uncovered it last weekend. I do love fresh asparagus and its a short season around here. It might depend on what she wants too. I have lots of perennial flowers that if someone wanted in my neighborhood I could split and leave out front for them to pick up leaving appropriate social distancing. It allows neighbors to thin gardens and not waste plants. I've given them to people over the years. I have my eye on a new planter for veggies but I'm thinking once I can get it shipped it will likely be a prep year this year and ready to plant next year with the way things are going. I'm not going to order until I know when it will ship which means waiting until this social distancing thing is done. DH and I are looking into a Keyhole Garden that is a little lower than waist height so no getting on my knees which aren't happy with kneeling these days.
  3. Hardware is logical in this area as we have lots of old houses and let's be honest the more time you spend in your home the more things break down. I also don't have an issue with people buying gardening stuff. Come on we all need something to do and as long as people are social distancing fresh air is good for you. We've had too much rain lately to get much but I'm not against people getting stuff if it keeps people busy. There are far worse things people can be doing. My niece and her kids started seedlings before the indoor orders came and they've been enjoying watching them grow while being shut in. I suspect it wouldn't be bad for other families to get out and grow as it gets warmer again if you can do it with social distancing to get supplies. For some families the extra food supplies might be helpful this summer.
  4. Sin taxes are a huge income in this state. I suspect they will stretch as long as they can to keep them open. They've had complaints from local health officials because the pot stores haven't been practicing social distancing. I suspect most of those are a result of neighbors who have been complaining to the health dept since the shops opened in their neighborhoods and have been praying for a means to get them shut down.
  5. Joann's here has made a big point about encouraging people to make masks for local hospitals and part of me wondered if that was in part a push to be allowed to stay open as people need access to material if they are going to make the masks.
  6. So again if you have problem habits you are rewarded. If you stay calm with safe habits too bad. Say what you will but if we are talking essential services you can argue that crafting and other things that keep people comfortable at home aren't necessary even if they keep people occupied and calm. However, please don't tell me if I have bad habits I am rewarded because the gov't is afraid of what I might do if I don't have access to my bad habits because I can't control myself. That's stretching the essential services thing a bit far. Oddly people survived for years without legal pot. Suddenly it's an essential service? Really?
  7. As I said our problem is we are just too calm with our yarn. Nobody is worried about us starting a black market or acting up when denied our calming influence.
  8. I'm honored Darski and I will definitely work on this. I have to see what I have for yarn on hand as I'm clearly not getting yarn any time soon.
  9. I will say this I can see supporting Hardware over yarn however I still can't wrap my head around what is deemed "essential" vs non-essential. For instance liquor and pot (not medical but all pot shops as pot is legal in this state) are open because they are deemed necessary. The local paper had an article to explain the reasoning because people were a little "upset" that some stores they wanted to visit were closed but the local weed store was open. It was explained in the paper that liquor and pot were deemed "essential" because the state didn't want to create a black market for the products. So clearly essential isn't as clear as what you need to keep your home maintained or your family fed. Sometimes it is what the state doesn't want people finding alternative methods of getting. So our problem is we don't have a black market yarn problem when we are asked to stay home.
  10. Samaritan's Purse is in Central Park in NY. I think it's a blessing they have the facilities to work in a crisis like this when others aren't equipped to move in and set up this quickly. The hospital ship is also a blessing. We often send aid around the world in times of crisis. There is a time when we need help and we are blessed we have resources to come to our aid. MA just sent masks from the Patriots air lift from China to NY in a Patriot's truck. Even in time's like these yes I can find a little levity in imagining a Patriot's truck driving through the heart of NY Jets and Giants country bringing aid to Gov. Coumo. The state will receive a million masks but they will arrive in a New England Patriots truck. Hey we New Englanders are entitled to a little laugh at a time like this. You know Kraft could have found a basic box truck to send them to NY. The rain is wearing on us here. It is better on days when we can get out back with the girls and feel the sun on our faces and walk around the yard. We are thinking about a garden redo when this is all over and that is helping a bit to focus our minds on something other than this which we can do nothing to control. I'm trying to focus on the stories of hope. People can be ugly but they can be truly amazing too and I do think ultimately that is what will beat this virus. It will be people who find solutions who may not have been working on the problem until they were moved from other projects to this one. Even now there are amazing stories of logistical solutions that were unthinkable when this problem started of companies working together to manufacture products that are well outside what they normally make. Who knows what this may mean for opportunities for manufacturing and production in the future. Have hope. It is dark now but there will be light.
  11. Don't be discouraged. The UK and US terminology thing can confuse anyone. I know about it and still end up writing the US terms over the UK terms because while I start out remembering oh yes that should be a .... I revert back to reading the pattern as if the terms were US. II suggest visiting Planet June's tutorials here. I've been making ami's for a long time and I still go back because she always has something to show me that I haven't been doing or that I want a different outcome. From there I would check Ravelry for free ami patterns and find a small free one to try out once you have some yarn to practice on that is a bit lighter than the yarn you have for this project.
  12. I found a holiday pattern book for the 8" Lots to Love dolls and since I can't make stuff small enough for the 5" dolls I've decided to make some of the 8" Holiday dolls for my own holiday decorations. We start with Easter. Lots to Love 8" Bunny
  13. This is the first morning I've been up at a normal time. I've been escaping into my Kindle in the morning to read either Overdrive Library books or books I've purchased and haven't had the chance to read. This morning I got up and got my exercise out of the way early though. Practice for Thurs as I have a tele appt for the nutritionist at 10. This is actually a practical way to handle this appt as we don't need any testing, etc. We can easily handle this with an tele confrence appt.
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