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  1. I tried too and couldn't find it.
  2. Mary Jo those are all beautiful but those eggs are works of art.
  3. Mary Jo your projects are amazing. How was the Topsy turvey doll to make? I've had that pattern for a while and never tried it. She intrigues me though. The rest are all adorable.
  4. I needed a break from Easter. I need another item to go with this and it won't even get on the list until after Easter, but it is done for now. Raccoon Potholder
  5. Good for you. It's a much better idea when I send DH into Walmart with a list of yarn I want because I am easily distracted by all the pretties.
  6. Very pretty. Thankfully I can manage the kitchen cotton its the scrubby yarn that really destroys my hands. I love those round scrubbies, but for the kitchen its the only thing I don't use cotton for, I use the acrylic worsted and they will clean anything.
  7. Thank you to a MO FGM for a funny St. Patrick's Day card and a very thoughtful note.
  8. I finished the first project for the Easter box. I've got a couple of others in various stages. It's going to be a quick turn around with Easter and St. Patrick's Day so close together. Claudia Cottontail
  9. Both are beautiful and so glad your gift is back.
  10. That's adorable
  11. Darski I appreciate you sharing the bunny. This is perfect for a project if I can get it done in time!
  12. We were fortunate we had an abusive couple with two nightmare children and a neglected dog that were here when we moved here. Thankfully my prayers were answered when there finally divorced and moved. They are the reason we replaced the chain link fence that came with the house for a 6ft privacy fence (highest allowed by ordinance) at a less than ideal financial time. Their kids were throwing rocks and other junk at our dog. Thankfully they were too small to get stuff over the 6ft wall. Don't see much of the newer neighbors. Wife is night shift nurse. They've had 2 little adorable kids since they moved here and one dog all our dogs our obsessed with like he's a movie star. He comes out and our dogs act like frenzied teens at the sighting of a star. It would be cool to have neighbors that were more friendly, but having had the monsters I'm not going to complain.
  13. Good morning all, The snow has finally stopped and the sun is shining leaving us with another 15" inches of snow give or take. Hard to measure with all the wind blowing it about, but that was DH's best guess and it seems close to the town/city totals around us. Pretty much shut down the state yesterday as roads ended up being closed do to accidents, trees, and power lines being down. We were blessed in that our power stayed on and family only went down for a short period. DH kept busy clearing the dogs race track out back. He shovels/snowblows a square around the backyard for them to do their business and to get some exercise. It is also a good jumping off point for them if they decide they want to get into the snowbanks. Sometimes they do, sometimes not. Now the banks are pretty high so I suspect it will take some melting before they want to jump up. Hoping to get to the pool tonight as my knees really need it. Our last appointment with our trainer is Saturday. I wish her well in her new life goals, but we will miss her greatly. She's done a great job keeping us on track. There aren't many trained in her style of land/pool exercise so we will likely forge on by ourselves. Just got the St. Patrick's Day package out and I am faced with the reality that Easter is fast approaching. I have several half finished projects, but nothing actually ready to box yet. What was I thinking? My nephew is an April Fool's boy, so DH and I have to set a day for his birthday outing. I believe it is going to be bowling. There is a place near where DH grew up that has bowling and a bunch of games both video and prize games. We took him there before and he had a great time. This time he gets to bring his brother so we'll see what happens with the two of them. I think he still has some tokens on the card game they provide so that will make him happy. Now we just need to find a suitable date. Mona, sadly in this area, even the "less" expensive towns aren't all that cheap, I am amazed at what housing costs in this area for so little land. I do agree though my dream is for distance. Even when you have nice neighbors and I've had good and bad a little space makes the relationship much better. Have a great day.
  14. Clearly someone enjoyed some milk.
  15. As promised the hat. St. Patrick's Day Baby Hat