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  1. Beautiful work. Smart to mail it as soon as you can. I sent a package to NY and for years it has always gone in one direction. Since the summer they've been finding all kinds of new routes to take. Today they are going out through Nashua, NH. Interesting to go North before heading to NY but what I know.
  2. Valentine Bears This was the last item that went in yesterday's box. Now I'm working on items for the baby doll diaper bags and my Valentine decorations. I'm determined to have some new ones for this year.
  3. Valentine's package mailed yesterday scheduled for Monday delivery leaving me hope it could be there before the holiday.
  4. Its weird you mentioned Christmas cards. My little sister doesn't usually send Christmas cards so I wasn't expecting one. Was very surprised to get one yesterday that had been mailed Dec 17th. MIL just got Thanksgiving card from my niece this week.
  5. Holli the Heart Valentine's box getting mailed this afternoon which is a good thing because this one almost didn't make it into the box. I am going to have to make myself one at some point. Going to make the 8" Valentine doll possibly dolls I promised myself and maybe a hot pad for the season then on to the St. Patrick's Day box and more doll clothes.
  6. I often have to switch hooks to make gauge so it is best to swatch as Granny Square suggested. While the designer needed a D you won't know until you work the gauge swatch what size hook you need.
  7. Maple Syrup This is the last food item going out in the Valentine Box. I have finishing details to do on the 3 Valentine themed items and I'm hoping to box it today so it can be mailed tomorrow. Still not sure that is enough mailing time but I can only crochet so fast.
  8. My dolls arrived late but safe so I am pleased.
  9. You fixed the chains in the corners but each side has to have the same number of trebles. You should have 12. You can have different number of chains in the corner and still end up with a square but you have to have the same number of trebles or it won't be a square. If you think about the difference between a square and a rectangle is all four sides are the same if you only have on stitch on one side it isn't the same.
  10. How are you making your corners.
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