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  1. Along with the Loveys each twin got their own unique blanket. I was surprised that outside of my Mom and myself there was no home made stuff of any kind. The last one I was at their were fleece sewn receiving blankets, etc. Twin Blankets
  2. Thank you to a very sweet CT FGM who sent me a beautiful Christmas card and the cutest little snowflake.
  3. My cousin is about to become a grandmother to twins any day now. Since her other two grandkids are both teens you can understand the excitement of two new babies. The shower was last month and my Mom and I were the only ones in a very large crowd who made stuff which surprised me. I got this pattern a while back as a wishlist grant and I've been waiting for the right time to make one. This time I needed two. I was so glad I'd made something as everyone seem to have bought the very same store bought lovey. She was thrilled with the dragons. Dragon Loveys
  4. Happy Birthday Judianne!! I experimented with Bath Poufs. After I made them I read a wide range of opinions on using cotton for them, but it was a fun new project and I can't stand the plastic ones. I find them too rough on my skin. I haven't made one for myself yet, but I'll get feed back from the nieces to see what they think and go from there.
  5. Thanksgiving Baby Bib I'm kicking myself because in the rush to get this package out I didn't get pictures of the rest of the Thanksgiving stuff or the Christmas bib I sent early.
  6. List you are supposed to have a list?? Just kidding. Honestly I just go with projects as they come up. I have a graduation afghan I'm working on based on a Christmas Afghan my niece saw I'd made for my great niece last year. She said she wanted one to take to her dorm room. I started it but stopped last year to finish other projects and it has to be done by late May to be sure I'll have it wrapped when her high school graduation rolls around. I've enjoyed the baby holiday packages for DHs cousin so I'm thinking of trying to keep up those which would make the next one Valentine's Day. I'm going to have to find a Lovey pattern for that. I have one for Easter and saw one I liked I can purchase for St. Patrick's Day. As for the rest it will be what it will be. I never thought I need 3 baby blankets this year those were quite the surprise.
  7. I've made gifts this year but been terrible about documenting them. So I decided as a year end project to try to get not just pictures but as much information about what I did so if I decide to pursue these projects again I can remember what I did. A cousin on DH's side had a baby girl this year and I started with Halloween in making little holiday packages. Halloween Crochet Baby Gifts
  8. There is no designated charity. You crochet what you like and donate where you feel called to donate. If you see a project someone is donating to that you want to participate in or find out how to get involved feel free to ask. You may get involved with that project or find one closer to your own home that does the same thing. Reading about what other people were making got me involved with prayer shawls a few years ago and I ended up donating to a local church for a few years until they changed the way they took donations and I returned my focus back to doll clothes. Last winter after reading a post about winter hat and scarf donations I donated some to a local charity. I'd never really tried that route before. This is a great place to find support and inspiration.I still find the toy drive to be my calling, but this thread gets me to step out of my comfort zone every so often and try something new.
  9. I use mostly acrylic or cotton blends for the stuff I make. Price is a factor for the charity goods I make. However, washable is a factor for anything I make for myself and most of my family members. I don't know any of them that love to hand wash. I've tried to walk the we all use what works for us, but have ended up leaving groups because the tolerance doesn't seem to go both ways. I have no envy of the people who use expensive yarns. If it makes them happy have at it. We all should be blessed to afford our indulgences. I just am tired of defending my box store yarn choices. They work for me and I don't see any need to change. That being said I'm not attempting to convert any of them to acrylic. If only we could all just celebrate the creative spirit and leave the yarn choices to the individual's choice.
  10. Another non-doll item that would really help is doll diaper bags. There is nothing special about these bags they are just crocheted bags with a pocket in front for the wipes. I made them a little larger this year thinking perhaps they could store all the doll stuff in the bag and reduce the square footage living space for the doll as I know for some of these families space is an issue. However, the bags just need to be large enough to hold a doll changing pad, a pocket for the wipes, baby bottle, diaper (s), baby food,baby bib all doll size. The pattern I use has no closure it is really looks like a small project bag. Pattern isn't an issue just the pocket and that it will fit the items without being too big for a child to carry. As much as I was thrilled with how popular these items are, it is one of my personal challenges in that I have no issue with the accessories, but I'm not good with bags and usually end up taking a break from crocheting after I finish them. If we end up with extras they have been willing to purchase dolls to match what we bring for stuff so it wouldn't be a problem. I'm willing to work on the accessories to fill them.
  11. It's a toy drive so anything toy related. One year during the Crochetville Olympics I did a toy food challenge and then donated that. The principal of the school had the secretaries vastly amused as he played with putting the hamburger together for several minutes my husband told me as I didn't drop the toys off that year. Small blankets that can be used for dolls or stuffed animals would be great too. I had ambitions of making more doll clothes and getting an extra doll that I never did so I had an extra doll blanket, they are going to add it to another donation that doesn't have one.
  12. My chiro just gave me an elastic band (plain old nothing special) to stretch out my hand as I've been having thumb pain. It is important not to develop overuse injuries.
  13. I met the woman who will be continuing the program next year and got her business card. She is very excited and wants to continue receiving our donations so anything is welcome and you will find appreciated.
  14. Darski you have given so much and we were talking about your amazing gifts during drop off. I will continue to pray for your recovery. I would like a new thread. As soon as I can get a pic I've finished my first baby doll donation for next year. This year was a bad year for documenting stuff I'm hoping to do better this coming year as it helps me stay motivated and organized.
  15. We dropped off the donations this morning and the students and the woman that runs the program were thrilled. I got to meet the teacher taking over from the woman who is retiring after 30 years of teaching. It just feels good to see people excited about the stuff we make. Someone mentioned the doll carriers if anyone is interested the pattern is free and available here. I used regular worsted weight not cotton on mine and I found they came out fine. Oddly the diaper bags fascinated the kids and adults more than the carriers. They were very attracted to the accessories in the doll diaper bags.