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  1. Bailey4

    granny squares for those that need them jan 2018

    Water a nasty thing to wake up to!!!! Hope you have some dry warm days so you can open up and air stuff out. I'm so sorry water is such a pain to clean up.
  2. Bailey4

    Thank You FGM

    Thank you to a MO FGM for your Halloween card. Loved the dog!!! Also, I've been using jokes with my daily homeschooling skype lessons with the nephews and I used the sticker one with them and they loved it so thank you.
  3. Bailey4

    Doll Crochet Blogs

    American Girl Ghost
  4. Bailey4

    October 2018 Blogs

    American Girl Ghost
  5. Bailey4

    Holiday Blogs

    Halloween Pumpkin Puppy
  6. Bailey4

    October 2018 Blogs

    Halloween Pumpkin Puppy
  7. Bailey4

    To Encourage Everyone in Making Gifts for 2018

    I've got to kill this sinus infection. I've got a baby blanket and toys I need to finish and some Thanksgiving decorations I'd love to make before starting on the Christmas toys. The last thing I want is to infect them all with my germs!!! Good luck everyone as the final push is on.
  8. Bailey4

    Halloween Buddies

    They are adorable!!!
  9. Bailey4

    Boxing Day 2018 (any charity projects)

    Darski I can't believe you are apologizing. You sent a package of dolls and a 2 boxes of dolls clothes and another doll. You went above and beyond the call. Please I am so thrilled by your donation for this year. Please take care of yourself. Your eyes are so important. There will still be kids next year in need of doll clothes and glad that you had a supply put away. I am always so grateful that you are willing to donate your time and talent to the cause.
  10. Bailey4

    A Returning Crochetville Member

    We lost the older boy, but we have 2 girl Shelties now. I'd love to see pictures some time.
  11. Bailey4

    A Returning Crochetville Member

    Welcome back. I believe we were swap partners at least once. We have tried to keep the wishlist going, we can always use more people participating.
  12. Bailey4

    These toys are off to PCH this week

    What a wonderful group of toys to be bringing!!!!
  13. Bailey4

    Boxing Day 2018 (any charity projects)

    Well that explains it. I guessed fun fur would be the 18" so I guessed wrong I'll fix it.
  14. Bailey4

    Boxing Day 2018 (any charity projects)

    Thanks again Darski. Your second box arrived yesterday and I spent the morning unpacking it today. What delightful outfits, accessories and a beautiful African American baby doll. She is such a cutie.
  15. Bailey4

    Boxing Day 2018 (any charity projects)

    Darski thank you so much. The doll clothes are amazing!!! The box was so full it almost burst when I opened it!!! There really aren't words to describe how thrilled I am to be passing on these amazing outfits. The details are always so amazing on your outfits. It is always fun just opening the box and going through them. I don't normally indulge in taking pictures of the individual outfits on the dolls, but it has been a trying day and I decided to indulge myself and took some of pictures of the baby doll outfits on my model of the brand of doll that will be going with the donations. I eventually ran out of time and just had to start taking pictures of the rest. This was the outfit that got me started on taking the pictures. I always check the donations to make sure they fit the dolls we will be sending. It hasn't been a problem, but my theory is if the clothes don't fit I have time to find a doll that will fit the if I check. I don't normally take pictures of the donated outfits on the dolls, but today needed a little fun. Doll accessories. They are nicely sealed so I didn't want to open them. I want to get DH to get picture of this with his camera on the doll it is beautiful. I've seen Barbie doll dresses with hoop skirts but never one for the 18" doll. This is amazing.