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  1. Bailey4

    Granny squares and chatty friends 2019

    Not at all selfish you love where you live and you have made a life down there for yourself. I don't see anything wrong with retiring where you want as long as you understand the sacrifices involved. It's not a big deal for some to relocate for others it's hard to understand you can't have everything. I honestly believe Florida has been the right choice for my in-laws. My MIL had cold related health issues when she was up here and they are both more socially active since moving down there. It's gotten my FIL off the couch. All great things. My MIL was used to having family dinners at least twice a month. We'd have holidays and family outings. We spent a good deal of time together which is not hard to do when the kids live less than an hour away some as close as 15 minutes. That all changed when they moved to Florida. It was a sacrifice and for them I believe it was the right one. However, those of us who stayed here don't have the ability to fill the family gap she's missing and sometimes the guilt trips get old. Something will change if you move away. The move isn't selfish it's the expectations people have afterwards that can become selfish. I've never seen that from you. That was my original point. If frequent contact with family is a high priority than being close is the best way to facilitate that.
  2. Bailey4

    Granny squares and chatty friends 2019

    This tends to be a thread I read more than I post in but your post was one I just had to respond to because what you said is just so important. If being close to family and seeing them frequently is important it is vital you plan it that way because you clearly realize it is so much easier for your family to make you a regular part of their lives when you are close. My Mom finally moved closer to one of her more responsible sons and when she is ready for the next stage it will be some place close to him. It took me a long time to talk her around to the idea that it was hard for her family always to come to her when she lived so far away from all of us. She and my Dad had retired down south to be near a son that moved almost as soon as they got down there and once my Dad passed it was tough on her. My in-laws retired to FL and I fully understand why. It's been a great choice for them. The challenge has been that they can't understand why we aren't going down there on a regular basis. DH has combined sick/vacation time and the days the company closes for holidays come out of his vacation time too. The company closes for every federal holiday so even when you might not take a day off, his company closes and there goes another vacation day. It's a great job and he loves it so I'm not complaining,, it's just a reality that vacation isn't one of the better benefits. So depending how the year goes we don't always have significant vacation time to go some place for a week. The last time we went down there we only managed 4 days and they were rather disappointed but that's all we had. Thankfully, she has a sister in the area and they spend a ton of time together. It's important to both of them to have that family support. That being said for our local family we don't need vacation time to spend time with them. We are pretty active with those in the local area of all ages because we can see them on the weekends and evenings. When someone needs something it's easy to get a little flexibility from work when you don't have to be gone several days to help. Lots of prayers that you and DH find a wonderful place that meets your needs and is close to family. I also congratulate you on realizing how much this decision does impact the family dynamic. It really does make a huge difference when you can visit family and not need a vacation plan to achieve it.
  3. Bailey4

    Boxing Day 2019 (any charity items)

    This crocheting while Skyping with the nephews is working out. Finished the scrubby for the kitchen mat today while listening to reading today. Last night I finished the Mary Maxim 18" doll kit. I'm close on another 16" baby doll outfit. Hoping to get the pictures done this weekend. Tonight I want to work my next 18" project which is sweater and bottom sets. I'm not sure whether they'll be pants or skirts but with the cold weather I feel the call to make some doll sweaters.
  4. Bailey4

    Boxing Day 2019 (any charity items)

    I've been working on projects for the baby and 18 inch doll as well as working on the kitchen play mat. No pictures yet, but I did finish a couple of the baby doll sets in between listening to one of my nephews read his homeschool assigned reading and while I'm switching between reading to the boys. I decided to maximize my time by using that time for items that have simple patterns. Today I finished the sink for the kitchen mat. Yesterday I worked on a baby doll dress. I've just got flowers to finish and sew on and I'll have an 18" outfit done. I'm hoping to get some pictures done this weekend.
  5. Bailey4

    Boxing Day 2019 (any charity items)

    Love the colors. This will brighten someone's day.
  6. Bailey4

    Boxing Day 2019 (any charity items)

    Very beauitful
  7. Bailey4

    Boxing Day 2019 (any charity items)

    What a wonderful project.
  8. Bailey4

    Doll Crochet Blogs

    American Girl Nightgown
  9. Bailey4

    January 2019 Blog Posts

    American Girl Nightgown
  10. Bailey4

    Boxing Day 2019 (any charity items)

    American Girl Nightgown I'm most of the way through the Mary Maxim doll kit and I've got the mat done for the kitchen set. It was a great project to work on during our New Year's Eve game night as it was all sc. I've got one of the oven burners complete. 3 more to make along with the other kitchen items, but I'm making progress.
  11. I'm in again this year. I love seeing what others are making. I'm still making holiday boxes to send out to a family member with books and small crochet items for the various holidays. I also have more little one's birthdays to make toys for this year.
  12. Bailey4

    To Encourage Everyone in Making Gifts for 2018

    Are we going to start a new thread? I look forward to this every year.
  13. Bailey4

    Boxing Day 2019 (any charity items)

    Love the hat. The link was there but happy to post it here as well. Free pattern from Ravelry. You can find it here.
  14. Bailey4

    Doll Crochet Blogs

    American Girl Little Flamenco Dress
  15. Bailey4

    December 2018 Blogs

    American Girl Flamenco Dress