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  1. Good afternoon! I crocheted 2 keychain Octopus's and now working on a hat. Then will finish up 2 different diaper bags for daughter. I'm sewing those.
  2. Good morning! im so exhausted. I think I will try to nap today.
  3. Oh Lea princess is beautiful and love her boots!! Whats a prayer bracelet? Do you have pictures?
  4. pineknott I agree about going slow on the walking. Build yourself up!
  5. Good evening! Oh my I love the thunder and rain.The louder the better! I sleep so well through it. I want a tin roof!!
  6. I agree Mary Jo I want the heat back too. I am so ready to be warm again... I understand the pain too. My legs have been aching sense the cold...
  7. Love love baby yoda!! I believe it's ever where cause of the movie coming out !
  8. What needs to be done is to get proof. He needs to be followed and recorded then take it to the high up person in the post office. Go over there heads if you need to. You don't need to be that person. You need to find someone that can do it for you.
  9. Love the snow globe ornaments. Will have to make them this coming year for Christmas . I have a lot of the Christmas buttons. Plus I was able to get a few on sale.
  10. Good evening all! Just been keeping things done up. 2019 wasn't good to me. I went through a lot heart aches through the year. I just haven't been able to wrap my head around any of it and nothing makes sense to me a this time. 2 of my four legged best friends passed away and I haven't been the same sense. Days I just don't want to live or go on. It's been a very long struggle through the year. And here I am can't wait for 2019 to be over. 2020 has to a better year for me. Lea I was born in Wyoming and my family moved to Pennysvania when I was 16. I lived there for years until I married my hubby who was in the Navy. I like South better. Snow is just not for me anymore. Here we will probably watch the ball drop New Years Eve. That's it for us!
  11. Lea beautiful pictures!! I am ready as I will ever be. All the house is cleaned. I vacuumed and shampooed the den. Dishes are done and Turkey is stuff and waiting to be cooked. Cookies all made, jello and custard done. Presents all wrapped and under the tree. Pop in the refrigerator getting cold. I made no pies this time around . We just don't eat them and the children don't at them or lucky to get a slice and I throw the rest away. So decided no pies this time. Merry Christmas!!! Hope everyone is warm and enjoy your Christmas Day.
  12. I have been working up a storm here for me and sister, then daughter. WTD + 32. YTD +134 This will be my final count till January unless I manage to crochet before then. I didn't make it today for scores but that's okay put it on the end count .. Thank you
  13. Good evening! I made a pot of Lima Beans and Hm for supper. They were really good. I just have a few more things to wrap and make and I am ready.
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