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  1. Good evening! Things are crazy everywhere . But we are fine here.
  2. All is well here to. Just staying home and doing what I normally do. i pray everyone is doing well.
  3. Okay I'm going to put my 2 cents in to. People are crazy. I stock up cause that's just what I do. If I have 10 bottles of detergent , 15 packs of paper towels, 20 packs of toilet paper that's my business and smart on my part. Once every year in Feb/March I stock up on literally everything I use. It goes with having 5 children and a few grandchildren. When my hubby worked I stocked and when he got laid off we didn't have to worry how to take care of the children or how we were going to get things cause I already stocked up. Unfortunately I haven't been able to get stocked back up. But I did mine when it wasn't so freaking crazy out. Plus if I had a neighbor or grown children or family members in need I was there to help. Right now I couldn't do that. So when this crazy is over I'll stock back up slowly. Cause it's just what I do! Plus I never have to go to the store for those things through out the year. It's no different stocking up on yarn. What's worse is when everyone needs it now that people are greedy and mean about it. I still have a couple packs so we're good hopefully till it comes back. I DO NOT watch the news or TV. My family will tell me what's going on or I come here and read it. It's terrible and haven't watched the news for nearly a couple decades and not going to start now.If I need to know someone will tell me. Everyone should have family time now. Hopefully it ends soon so jobs aren't lost. I know there will be lots and I pray it ends soon. Right now I stay home and just continue to love and enjoy my fur babies. we will get through this. I pray everyone stays safe and has good night.
  4. bgs I hope your sister is doing better. I don't think this Coronavirus (COVID-19 ) is going to kill us. But bullying and people just plain being mean is. My grandson (10 yrs old) is being bullied at school. He told the school today he wanted to kill himself. His mom is on top of it. But children sure can be cruel. Verbal and mental abusive is!! Why do people have to be so darn cruel. I will stay a hermit and enjoy my fur babies . Sorry I haven't been on just so much on my plate.
  5. Good evening! Lea I sure hope you are feeling better . My son-in-law and grandson both got the flu. So far none of us got it. Yesterday was Hubbys birthday and we had a nice day for him. Took I'm to lunch and I made him stuffed peppers for supper, along with some friendship bread he wanted. I also made a pumpkin roll!! Plus he got his favorite ice cream . Over all a beautiful day.
  6. owlvamp

    Hot Pads

    I would love to make a lot of these. Oh my maybe we could sit together text back and forth to make them together. Just love them.
  7. Mary Jo I'm with you on the heat. I'm so ready for it!!! I hope you are better today.
  8. I am making an Easter Bunny basket and Egg basket. Egg basket is out of glue and running the yarn through the glue over the balloon. My first time doing it. So will see how it works out. Bunny basket I'm using blanket yarn and so far it looks good.
  9. Mary Jo I sure hope and pray you heal fast. Sending hugs. It truly is always something.
  10. We got about 4 inches here. It's pretty but I can do without it. It's already melting and should be gone by tomorrow. Hippy. Sorry for those that love it. I can ship it to you if you want. LOL
  11. Salt was already on the roads and still being put down . I don't have go anywheres. Will stay inside an stay warm.
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