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  1. Haven’t been here in a while. Been working on a farm. I needed a different change of pace for a while. I needed to find peace with ME… I know 2 weeks isn’t enough but definitely a start and I want my own little farm now. It’s the key to my sanity and for my kiddos to run more.
  2. Lea congratulations. Now you will get to do a signing day!! LOL I’m so happy for you.
  3. Glad grandson is doing better Mary Jo. Hope he heals fast . Thank you and hope you find the magazine.
  4. I'm so sorry I haven't been posting. I have totally lost count but still plugging along.
  5. Does anyone have this magazine? Im.looking for the trick or treat afghan in it and the acorn basket .
  6. Hi, Im looking for this pattern plus a couple others in the magazine print. Does anyone have this magazine?
  7. Good evening! been fighting a migraine all day. I lost a day . I thought today was Friday. Oh well not much on days i guess. LOL
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