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  1. Good Morning! My goal is to try to come here once a day and check in before life gets to busy. I have a busy week , so I have to find time to get here.. It's hard at times. Today I will continue to clean and then rest my elbows and putzs around the house and then need to go get dogfood.
  2. Katy sure you can find a place for those gorgeous bunnies. I love them!!! I couldn't take them and give them away to just anyone. That's just. I would have to come save them. There gorgeous!! I wonder what shipping would cost?
  3. Afternoon! I have been up and busy. My elbows are feeling the pain. Not sure what I have planned today but I will do something cause I can't stand to sit still for to long and want to keep purging as much as I can. Have a great day!
  4. I've posted free to anyone that wanted to come dig them up and nope no one probably wants to do the work and I am still stuck with them. Yes, only grandsons!! This one will make 5.
  5. OH sorry thought i did, but with my fast pacing brain these days anything is possible. IT"S A BOY!!!! Im not sure what the hedges are called. But I can't stand taking care of them!!. I'm not a yard person by any means.
  6. Good morning!! OMG I flared up my tendinitis in my elbows and they are in a lot of pain. Last time I did that it took 3 months for the pain to go away. Gosh I hope it's not like that this time. I was out pulling weeds and cutting the darn bushes I so despise. I want them gone. I need to look into that. Then I planted some cactuses in the ground. I'm so excited and hope they live. I really like them. Off to do dishes and go swimming with daughter and then take a shower and make a few tie blankets.
  7. Good morning! Getting ready to clean up yard and feed the fur babies. One of the high lights of my day! Hope everyone is well.
  8. Good Morning! Just a fly by . I have a lot to do before tonight. Daughter is doing a baby gender reveal. So we are cooking tacos and homemade burritos then she'll have the cake that will reveal what she is having. So I hope everyone is doing good and well.
  9. Good Morning!! Skorts are cute. I'm sure they will love them. A rough morning , but need to get up and moving.
  10. Sorry I have been absent and quiet. I just have a lot going on.I am hermit myself and try not to go to far from home. I have a couple lumps in my throat and then found a couple in my breast. It's been hard to deal with and just everything going on. My thyroid is way off and I have been gaining weight which makes me not want to go a damn place and I am so angry... I went to the doctors yesterday and they will remove the lumps and I will have a mammogram, and a mri. I'm not going to go into the family crap other than they don't like what I got to say and I just really don't care...So I am around just been sticking to myself and cleaning. I'm going to go lay down for a little bit for I woke up with a headache which I haven't in a long time. I'm sure it's just stress and I need to physically and mentally get it together, Just not happening today..baby gender reveal will be Sunday!
  11. I have been struggling to get on!!! Katy I got the green squares. Thank you
  12. Happy 4th of July!! Not sure what's on my agenda today , but been feeling some type of way and not myself these days. I will crochet some. My goal is to crochet something everyday. Still working on daughters wedding gift . Tampa Doll finished a bag with one of the yarns you sent me. It turned out beautiful!! Soon as I put the handles on I will take a picture and post it.
  13. Good morning! I accomplished a lot yesterday and plan to get a lot of stuff done today as well. I've been up and finished up some paper work. Read my scriptures and journaled some.will do more later on. Everyone is still in bed. Humans and fur babies! Thought I would jump on here and say hi . Hope everyone stays cool!
  14. Thank you I will look it up on the pattern for the dragon. I will check the library to see if they have a copy I can borrow for I don't want to buy the book just yet. Thank you for letting me know.