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  1. I am thankful for you all to. I know you guys are here when I can get here... It's been a true struggle and I have literally shut the world out... I am grateful we can come here and talk.
  2. Update : hubby is getting stronger everyday . I have to stay up on him about how much he is drinking. Not my strong suit. It was easier in the hospital cause I just took care of him. At home you know we do everything. Doctors called and don't want to take the tube out till December 28th. Tats completely crazy to me and I called back. Talk to Doctor and he's is suppose to get him in sooner. I'll be calling again today. Needle less to not happy. Then where the tube goes into is back was a tad infected. It's time for it to come out... Just waiting on Doctor to call back.... Thanksgiving went well. Lea I am so sorry! This year as really been awful. I am so ready for better days, months and a new year... It has to come up from here right? Well it has to and I am shining it will be. Will be positive as much as we can....
  3. I have had one hell of a week. Hubby ended up getting really sick. It's been going on for a few months. He would get better then sick again. Well one week ago he was very ill and I ended up taking him to the hospital . His blood pressure was very low and heart rate high. Put him on IV's and then life flighted him to UNC about 2 hours from me. So for a week I went back and forth. Unfortunately he has no insurance cause he started the new job and we were doing well and getting on top of everything.He ended up having a kidney stone that got infected and the infection went into his blood stream and he went septic. He was in both kidney failure. Very serious and was almost not here. I am so exhausted and we are home now , but I am taking care of him and draining his bag that is connected to his right kidney. They will take the drain tube out in a few weeks and then recovery time almost 2 months after that. Not sure how we will take care of everything but, I've been trying to sell stuff to stay on top of things (it's not going so well at all).... It's very slow but will keep trying. I do not allow anyone here at the house for I do not want anything to effect Hubbys to have a longer recovery. We pretty much Quarenteen ourselves until I know he is safe and out of the woods. So I haven't been on line and trying to get the house clean and taking care of Hubby and keep him doing his breathing thing, then short strolls, straining his pee and keeping on top of all his medicines. I am extremely exhausted and by the time I think I can sleep I can't . He's been very uncomfortable at night too. Ugg.. I hope you all are well. I will try to check in sometime. If not Happy Thanksgiving!!!
  4. Very happy to hear sis surgery went well. Renic ---- I hear http://createforless.com has the Red Heart Supersaver Retro Stripes. I've trying to get on and look for the last two hours and it won't let me. I managed to get on here. So maybe you can take and see if they have it. Let me know if they do. I'll get it after the holidays. To much to fix and replace in the house. Just ripped out the carpet in my den. It is so stained and looks awful. The next few days will be ripping up the tack strips and staples. We bought some wood flooring months ago and going to lay it down this week. That should be fun and definitely a learning experience. I watched some videos and researched it. So prayfully it goes down well. My sister and Brother - in -law will come in and help. I'll let you know if it was worth not hiring someone cause I'm so darn stubborn and say we can do it. I much rather be crocheting than doing this. I have put it off to long now.
  5. The tree is beautiful!! How is everyone doing? I am feeling better. I'm looking for Red Heart Super Saver Retro Stripes. On line and in stores it's sold out. For me it's getting harder and harder to find what I'm looking for. Does anyone else have that problem?
  6. God morning! My email hasn't worked in over a week. I'm telling you guys it's always something. I need to figure out how to get my pictures and patterns off my iPad . Maybe putting them on a flash drive. I don't know who to ask how to do that. I'm sure if I was walked through it I can do it. My iPad is like 7-8 years old but not willing to trade I in yet or I can't even get a new yet... I love my iPad!!!! It just needs to stay working... I'm cleaning out my den today and the rest of the week and redoing the floor. Yep doing it myself and brother in law and sister will help me. I'm actually excited to put the wood floor down and get rid of the carpet.... Then I'll put up the Christmas tree in there....
  7. Lea didn't get any rain, we did get very strong winds. Im on a set back for a little bit. I was doing dishes and cut my hand pretty good. It swelled up pretty bad and then I caught a infection in it. Talk about severe pain. I was in and out of it for 4 days. Got an antiboctics and prednisone and today finally feeling a little human. I was sweating from ever pore to freezing the next minute. So now I'm healing from that and can't wait either. I need to find a good used dish washer for now. After air/heat unit it's not in the funds at all.
  8. Good afternoon! Tampa doll what are you working on? Sadly I haven't been able to get anything done yet. Yesterday I helped daughter unpack some and put her table together. Moved boxes around so her dining room was a dining room. I did not sleep last night. It's crazy, my mind went in a bill zillion ways and there was no way I was sleeping. Lea as soon as I can break away I would love to visit with you...
  9. I wish I could of fixed my Air/Heat unit. But it's shot and needs replaced... But my other stuff is still going good. So that's a plus!! Hope everyone is doing well.
  10. Unfornately no days off! Still making masks and trying to get some crochet in. Getting ready for Halloween Party . That's a chore in all it self....
  11. I don't know about fixing for other people. But simple things I sure would give it a shot.
  12. I have been up way to early this morning , well every morning actually. Our Air unit went out .. So we've been on the hunt for the best price to get one. Okay on a role now. Washer was leaking all over my floor. Just wonderful. So we pulled it out to see what's up. Took hoses off and filter cleaned them all. Must of been clogged. Working great. Next few days My dryer will not stay on it keeps turning itself off. Okay fine!! Do a search on line to see what's up and I cleaned the filter , cleaned the outside vent and the hose going to dryer, Then cleaned inside the pipe the hose connects to the dryer. Not something I would normally do , but hubby was working so I did it. Tinkered a little bit and it's working great. Thank goodness. Then my dishwasher decided to stop working. I tore out the drain, cleaned it , Nope not working. Hubby looked at it nope need a new one. Lovely but okay I'll wash dishes for now. Then yesterday my stove decided it was going to act up. Okay what's up with all this. So we have to replace Air/heat unit a must!!! NOT cheap. Next dishwasher and maybe a stove but it's working for now. Tore out the carpet in my living room and will need to replace a few boards on wood floor. I am so happy the carpet is gone. Next I will be doing the walls and painting my front door... How is everybody doing !
  13. Good early morning!! its been one thing after another hear. Our air unit went. It's not fixable !! Had a second opinion and we need another one. It's not good for 2 straight days ran fans to keep house as cool as I can. My bulldog can't handle heat. It's actually been a nightmare keeping her cool. Been doing ice cubes then cold wet towels. When it starts cool outside I put a fan in doorway.been trying to sell my crochet stuff. I sold 1 hotpad and 3 small octopus's. Defitinitly not enough for a unit yet. Hubby found a job and now back to catch up on house and bills. I also need ti figure out how to do part of roof.. Like I said it's been crazy here..I need to Win the lotto..
  14. Good morning! hope all is doing well. We've been so busy this past weekend. Monday was a crash day.
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