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  1. Good evening! Hope all is well and doing good. Here we are doing okay .
  2. Hi Good early afternoon. Thought I would check in for a few. How is everyone doing? Daughter is going in the Coronavirus test. Will see what it is. It sucks but life. It's been very interesting around here. I just stay home which is okay with me..
  3. LAdies I will be missing for a bottle. Taking internet out of my life at the time being. I'm going through hard stuff and I just need to find a way to cope. Right now I need to find purpose why I am here and where am I going. Stay safe and I will be back to check in from time to time. I've lost the spark and joy of life now for a while. Some days I barley get out of bed....
  4. Mary Jo I am so sorry !! Sending my thoughts and prayers.
  5. Good evening! hope everyone is doing good. Here still plugging along. its been raining here.
  6. Good very early morning or very late night. It's till chilly here.
  7. Yes, lots of people making face masks. My sister and I have made over 500 masks. And I am still making them. I have stayed very busy here. Mary Jo I will come help you ! I want to pierce my ears too. It's real easy to do. You got it ... Happy Mother's Day!! I hope everyone has a wonderful day. Stay safe !!
  8. Sorry haven't been here in a little. Lea I am so sorry about your grandma.
  9. I hope and pray no one gets sick from the beach outing! Time will tell. I am a usual home person. Si honestly I haven't been rearing to get out. But when you have people who do all the time I'm sure it's extremely hard on them. But we all need to do our part and wait it out. People get mad at their fur babies (dogs) when they won't listen, sit and stay. What's the humans excuse?
  10. Lea I'll be 600 lbs right with you. Been emotionally eating and I need to stop..... Hubby was per antsy laid off.i keep telling myself don't stress. So I have thrown myself into making masks. I have done over 50 so far,... Tonight I was asked to make a mask for a two year old. So I am trying to design one or try to downsize my pattern. Lea I'm sending prayer for your family and you.Its defitinitly sad times right now. Everyone stay safe. Hunker down and have fun.
  11. Good morning! im sitting here crocheting the Twisted Kraken Hat. It's pretty cool. Almost done with the outside tentacles. I'm another one that doesn't believe in the flu shot. My whole family got the flu shot ,but me and they all were so sick. Thank goodness I didn't take it cause we would Of had no one to take care of us. Everyone believes what they want and has free agency to have the shot. I don't think I will be standing in line for any shot. I'll probably venture out today to get dogfood. Is out online so will see.
  12. Just a fly by here. Everything is going okay .Hope and pray everyone is staying safe.
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