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  1. Happy Thanksgiving!!! I hope everyone has a great Thanksgiving!
  2. Good evening all! Sorry about the fire , but happy everyone was safe. Whats on everyone's hook? I am still crocheting a granny square blanket. Whats everyone's plan for thanksgiving?
  3. Good Evening!! Today was actually pretty good for the part. I will take it and run. I am working on a granny square blanket. Its a kit I bought like 7-8 years ago. So I am trying to make that even though I just don't get a lot of time to crochet anymore. Sometimes I wonder what I have done!!! Gosh Thanksgiving is next week and not sure where we are having it this year. The way I have been feeling I told the family I was cancelling it. Of course that was unheard of so no talk about it yet. Hope everyone is doing good and staying warm. I am freezing!!
  4. Good Morning!! Jade is getting so big. She's a cutie!! Just a fly by and need to get a lot done.
  5. Kristy way to go!!! I believe it takes very special people to Foster. My husband and I talk about it but, we know right now we couldn't for many reason. But I love children. How is everyone doing? Everyone getting ready for Thanks Giving? I've thought about it but, that's about all that I have done.
  6. I have been in a funk and cleaning. It's time for me to rid stuff and that's just what I am doing. Plus going through to see what I can make for Christmas. No job no spend so I need to get creative. Hope all is doing well. Im getting a care package ready for a friend in Tampa, Florida that's in the hospital. I want to cheer her up. So I have here a few adult coloring books and trying to figure what else to put in it for her.
  7. Beautiful scarves! Sorry missing in action. I try to get on here and check in. I figured I had some quiet Time and I would check in. Hubby was laid off so been helping him fill out applications and he's been looking so hard. A lot of company's are slowing down at this time of here. It's very sad and I am physically tired of struggling in many ways. So I have just been working extra hard and it seems I am being pulled in so many directions. I can't seem to finish any projects right now for I am so exhausted. I have two I need to complete. Holidays are on top of us and of course things didn't go to as planned. I hope all is well here. Take care and will check in soon.
  9. Good evening everyone. It seems life has it way of getting in the way of me getting on the internet so much these days. I have a few moment to myself and wanted to check in. Hubby, grandson and daughter are watching the second Harry Potter movie so I broke away for I just didn't feel like watching it tonight. I hope everyone is doing good and well. Take care
  10. I am there in spirit with you and hugging you. I'm saying lots of prayers for comfort.
  11. Oh bgs I am so sorry. That call is the worst. It breaks my heart and I'm sure we all can grieve with you. M heart goes out to you. Again I am so sorry. I was hoping for a different turn out.
  12. Yeah it was me and I am so happy it brings comfort to kitty. It's amazing what they love. I can always make more if you need it. I am so happy TC is doing better and comes home soon. I would love to know how you made your angels and the stiffener you use. I sure could use a ton of Angels right now. I hope everyone is doing well.
  13. bgs that is good news. Hopefully she will continue to improve. I know how you feel been there to many times and it's so heart breaking. I have saved my Hercules 6 times now. Literally from the brink of death. He is doing amazing now. Just this afternoon I was laying down and he wasn't in there with me , He hunted me down like I was gone forever. He weighs about 75 pounds and set right on me licking me like where did you go mama. He never leaves my site for he goes almost everywhere so with me even in the bathroom. No privacy ever. I have a few like that. But ever sense he has been sick and from his surgery I'm his and there's no question about it. I won't take him when I go to the store for I refuse to leave him in the vehicle. That drives me nut when people do that especially when it's hot out there. So I call Hercules my kitty cause I believe he thinks he has 9 lives. Plus he sleeps all day , my couch potato and comes a live at night. LOL I love him!!!! I'm saying prayers for you and kitty.
  14. Hi you all, Hope everyone is doing good on this Sunday. Just a fly by. Check in later.
  15. Oh bgs I sure hope she starts to feeling better poor baby. Its the worst when they get sick and we just have to figure it out. I wish I could talk to mine and they talk to me and I actually understand. Maybe one day. You're in my prayers.