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  1. Good evening ! 2020 hasnt been the greatest year for most people.For us it's been a constant let down and bad news. My adopted grandma just lost her son . He is believed to have had a heart ache in his sleep. Funeral was today. It's been devastating ! I just don't know.. On a good note Hubby did find a job. Not one he wants totally but it pays the bills an hopefully something comes open that he does want. I have been searching for Charcoal gray in RedHeart Super saver. I need like 11 skeins. My Walmart and on line is sold out. If anyone has it in their stash or stores I am willing to pay for it. You can message me if you like.
  2. I finished up masks for he boys and crocheted some of those head band for them. I'm headed to bed in a few.
  3. A quick fly by. It's been a true struggle here . Two family emergency , both doing okay. My nerves are gone. I believe I just blow in from one day to the next. I am exhausted every single day. I hope and pray you all are doing well. I read back a few post. Sorry to hear bout the fur babies. It gets me every time. I'm not over mine and not sure how to live to be honest. So I am just hear.... Stay safe out there
  4. Good evening! Hope everyone is doing well and staying safe.
  5. Good morning! My plans for today is to sew mask. That has came a daily thing for me. I stay quite busy for the most part. I pray you all are doing well. Stay safe!
  6. Good evening! Hope all is well and doing good. Here we are doing okay .
  7. Hi Good early afternoon. Thought I would check in for a few. How is everyone doing? Daughter is going in the Coronavirus test. Will see what it is. It sucks but life. It's been very interesting around here. I just stay home which is okay with me..
  8. LAdies I will be missing for a bottle. Taking internet out of my life at the time being. I'm going through hard stuff and I just need to find a way to cope. Right now I need to find purpose why I am here and where am I going. Stay safe and I will be back to check in from time to time. I've lost the spark and joy of life now for a while. Some days I barley get out of bed....
  9. Mary Jo I am so sorry !! Sending my thoughts and prayers.
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