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  1. Yes, I have collected my rocks. I just need to get some paint. What kind of paint do you use? Do you spray a sealer over the paint when it is dried?
  2. We were getting rain and some wind yesterday from Hurricane Jose. Far as I know no damage. Today it's look pretty sunny out. Mary Jo how is the cleaning process going? I lost two freezer full of food a few years ago when we had that Hurricane come through and we were out of power for an entire week and our neighbors across the street had electricity. That was crap. I hope everyone is doing great and stay safe.
  3. Oh Mary Jo I am so glad you are okay. I know how you feel about your electric being out for so long. A few years back we were with out it for a whole week. The heat doesn't make it better. How in the world did the people in the olding days live??? They never got a really good break. I am so thankful for technology. Glad to have you back with us. You were missed!!
  4. Good afternoon! Im off in a little bit to travel an hour half one one to get grandson. Then back another hour and a half. It's a long these days. I can't tell you how I will feel when this over with. We got some high winds and rain but no damage as I know of. Brought in some cool weather and I was cold. So that tells me winter will be coming and I'm not looking forward to it. Tampa Doll hasn't checked in yet? I hope she is doing alright. She's the only one I haven't heard anything from. Hope she gets back here soon.
  5. Hubby just informed me we will be getting wind and rain. So hopefully not bad . Glad to see some checking in. I also have a friend in Tampa waiting to hear if she is okay. Still waiting to hear from Tampa Doll too.
  6. Any news from Tampa Doll yet?
  7. I wonder how everyone in Florida are doing. I believe we will be missed for it shifted west. Please stay safe and check in when you can. Saying tons of prayers and sending lots and lots of hugs and good thoughts.
  8. Stay everyone. I am sending my prayers and hugs to everyone in the paths way. Please stay safe. Check in as soon as you so we know you all alright. They say its massive and will hit the entire state of Florida. I believe we are out of harms way for it shifted West. I have been preparing for it, so hopefully we don't hit hard or at all. But time will tell. Take care everyone. Hugs and sending love to all.
  9. Hello Didn't do much today other than went shopping with the girls and back home. That was my day. Hope all is well.
  10. Katy thank you for hats and scarves. I you see I received and thank you so much for them. Sorry been missing in action. Just had a lot to deal with. I hope everyone is doing good and safe.
  11. Hi Just been keeping myself busy. Daughter started back to college so it's been a busy time for us. Not much crocheting at this time with everything on and extremely through the day. I think we got Lillte man potty trained. Thank goodness. It took about a week once mom and dad was on board. Have a nice day!
  12. Morning everyone! Been just keeping busy here. I understand your life Tampa doll . My life is pretty much the same. It wouldn't take you to long to catch with me ..
  13. A quick hi! Hope all is doing good.
  14. Hi Just not been feeling well. Just thought I would stop by and check in.
  15. Knock on wood. Katy you can give your kitties extra virgin unrefined coconut oil. It keeps the fleas away too. I have not bought flea medicine in over a year and we are flea free. Knock on wood while typing this to you. It's works for a lot of things and Hercules love it.