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  1. I'm jumping in as well. I have a good start to 2021 Christmas gifts, plus my Easter gifts are made for 2 grandchildren. One to go.. not sure what ill.make the oldest ones.
  2. Sorry I wasn't able to get on last week. So my score is for 2 weeks. I made bunnies, chick and scrubbies oh and so.e more washcloths. Gave my sister 5 skeins of eyelash yarn to finish her sloth. WTD +30 YTD + 48 I Love making these bunny peeps
  3. I don't get out much so no yarn shopping for me. With hubby recovering we definitely stay on a tight budget. I love seeing others yarn stash. One cone I miss Walmart having is the white with the black specks through it. Have you tried the Sugar n cream Scrub off yarn? I had a few skeins and they are one of my favorites!
  4. I've been struggling to get on. Been keeping myself busy. I'm making one wash cloth a day. Hopefully ill.have enough cotton yarn to the end of the year.i have 52 made so far.
  5. This is what I have been working on! My goal is one wash cloth a day . Hopefully I'll have enough cotton.
  6. greyhoundgrandma what I would give to shop in your closet. I love those cotton cones. I absolutely love cotton yarn okay I love all yarn. WTD +25 -6 = +19 YTD = +37 Sorry I'm late.
  7. Hi Oh wow Lea. We just have alot of rain. It'd not raining right now. But it's very muddy and very very wet. Stay safe.
  8. I used up 4 more skeins of cotton yarn. My goal for this year is to crochet a wash cloth a day. WTD = +18. YTD = +18
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