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  1. Good morning! Happy you are finished at the clinic Mary Jo!! I'm sure hubby is too.
  2. Sorry I'm running behind this morning. Starting the week off good. I had a +7 I won't be having much of a score this coming week cause I need to get onto sewing now. I have a few meow crochet projects but they might be on hold a little bit. Time will tell. Don't worry about adding or changing the scores. My fault I'm late.... WTD +7 YTD +77
  3. After noon everyone! Its really nice out here. Yesterday was really nice and warm. I really enjoyed it. 6 more to go Tampa Doll I know you can't wait.
  4. Good morning! went to church and now home. Not sure what today will bring. It's raining here . I love the rain!! Just not when I need to take fur babies potty.
  5. I rolled 8 more balls and used up a skein of yarn. +10 WTD +20 YTD + 70
  6. You are right katy it's my fourth one. I would love the black yarn when you find it and if you don't need it. Thank you!
  7. I rolled 9 balls. Tearing out a blanket daughter started and didn't like. Then I use 1 ball making a Squishimo .. WTD +10
  8. Wow where is everyone? It's very verrryyyyyyy slow here. hope everyone is doing good.
  9. Lea I am so sorry ! I hope everything is on the mend and I'm sending hugs and lots of prayers.
  10. Hi ladies, I at making a another Midnight Brites Afghan. Does anyone want to help make squares? I would need all blocks here by November 25th. Here's the yarn colors and how many I need. I used an I hook ( 5.50mm) . The colors of 3 rounds is 4" and with a row of black equals 5". All is Red Heart Super Saver Pumpkin 25 Paddy Green 0 Blue 29 Bright Yellow 14 Pretty in pink 17 Amethyst (purple) 12 I have some Blue and pumpkin yarn so will be working on some of them. Let me know if anyone wants to make blocks. I know we haven't done it for awhile and thought just maybe you all are missing it. LOL
  11. Good evening! Lea I am sending lots of prayers and hugs to you all. Know that I am thinking of you.
  12. bgs you have to be exhausted. You need to relax a little and I know you can't wait for it to be all done with.
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