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  1. Just a fly by. Hope everyone is doing good. It was really nice here today.
  2. bgs I saw robins, a red Cardinal and a flock of black birds.
  3. Yes, they sure can!! It's amazing how we raise them with respect, kindness and I taught mine if you have nothing nice to say don't say nothing at all. It's like they forget it all.
  4. Thank you FGM for the yarn balls and my favorite hook. Thank you for thinking of me.
  5. My real world has been dazed. It's like I'm just here. I'm not sure what I am.
  6. Thank you FGM for the washcloths books. I really love them!!
  7. I hope everyone is having a wonderful day. I am in limbo and not sure how today will play out. I need to put food away! Check in later.
  8. I wish for things to calm down as well. Just when you think things are going good and I try to make everything better there will always be someone to rain on someone's parade. But you would think it wouldn't be your daughter... It's quite sad actually. Enough where you rethink life...
  9. I had a rough day! I am not me right now and not very good company. Talk you all later
  10. Sorry been missing in action. I been so busy I didn't have time to think which was a good thing the last few days. Daughter got married yesterday! Thank goodness that part is done. Gosh that kept me hopping. So we are so excited for them.
  11. Morning everyone. Will go and read to tried to catch.
  12. You wonder how a fourteen old boy has access to so much alone have the money to buy it. He's not even old enough I'm sure to buy some of it. It is a shame.
  13. It has been a very long day here. I cleaned the bathroom, living room, den and kitchen area. I finished the dishes and shampooed the living room. Didn't get to it the other night. I also have a load of laundry going. I need to cut and sew a slit in some over ally's. Plus need to clean table off and shampoo the den. Then I might be able to sleep.
  14. Oh my Tampa Doll that is so sad. I just don't understand why they keep targeting the schools or anyone for that matter. My prayers go to those family's.