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  1. Morning my pretties!! I have been up and lots weighing in on my mind and therefore I didn't sleep well. I got an order to make a Lobster Newboen prop. So I have been working on that. Wish the orders would come in everyday instead once every 8 months or so. But it is what it is. Thank you for the blocks katy. The gray one is pretty! I can't wait to put this one together. The Browns and grays are going to be beautiful. Thank you for the help!!
  2. What ever you can will be awesome. Thank you for the help!
  3. Hi. Everyone, I received two beautiful variegated brown blocks. Thank you ( I believe from bgs) Thank you!
  4. Nothing easy here today. Cleaned up the yard while hubby mowed it. Thank goodness he mowed it ...Its a hot one out there. Gave breaks for water. Getting laundry done and cleaning inside. Inspected the Yukon and now need to pay the taxes on it and reregister it so it will be legal. I'm so lucky hubby noticed it or I would have drove illegal and been charged a late fee on top of all that. So sometimes it's good to keep hubby around.LOL He's definitely a keeper. Need to get dog food for I can out this morning. I have been putting it off for a few days now. Nope not no more today is the day. Hope everyone is staying cool ..
  5. Thank you bgs! I will let you know when they arrive.
  6. Awe she, is really cute! Love it!!
  7. Thank you pineknott that will be a great help. Yeah, they really don't make things to last at all. Hubby and daughters want to replace the tube tv. I do not for it still works just fine. It's really big and heavy but not ready to change it out just yet. So far I am winning.
  8. Thank you ! Yes, the brown variegated will work.
  9. Hi Ladies, I have a request and was wondering if any of you ladies can help me. I need to make a afghan . I will be collecting 25- 30. 12inch squares in the colors of grays and Browns. Red heart super saver yarn would be wonderful. If I can get these by August 5 that would be wonderful. I know it's not a lot of time. A single mother spilled hot bacon grease on her hand and arm. It is truly terrible burn and she is in a lot of pain. That will give me enough time to put it together and get it mailed. If I collect them sooner then when get it made and mailed sooner. I appreciate all the help you wonderful ladies do. Should I make a seperate thread for this ? Or is here just fine?
  10. After noon all! It's been crazy here. Just taking care of fur babies and then yesterday getting ready to get supper made discovered the freezer wasn't working. Lost a lot of food. Got it all cleaned up It's such a shame! This is the dang 4th freezer in 10 years that stopped working on us. They sure don't make them like they use to. Just tell me some good things? I have to see , hear ,live and be nothing but good. It has to go a different direction for me. I'm loosing it! Think positive!!! I keep telling myself.
  11. Evening all! Tampa Doll the afghan is beautiful!!
  12. Beautiful wash clothes! Love them. I love making them.
  13. Hi, well my iPad won't start up right. Been dealing with this all week that's why I haven't checked in. Tampa doll did you get the Afghan done? If so do you have link I can look at it? take care everyone!
  14. Afternoon. Just a quick pass by. At the Dawson house it's doing. Hope everyone here is doing good and my post finds you all well. I need to pop over and see July Tote bag. I bet it's beautiful. Cant wait to see the the afghan done and what everyone sent it.
  15. A quick check in this morning! Hope everyone is doing great. Hows afghan coming along Mary Jo?