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    Doily #2

    Pretty. Bet it feels good to have finished it.
  2. This pattern? Chevron sometimes when it’s frustrating you it’ll make the obvious hidden. 😃 Have you worked chevron patterns before? So row 1 was good give row 2 instructions.
  3. Here's one site you can peruse. 40 Free Crochet Baby Booties Patterns (Updated 2021) - DIY to Make Most all include newborn. Whether 0-3 months or 0-6 months. Will also depend on your gauage and yarn used.
  4. Should be plenty. search: free crochet newborn bootie patterns I like duckduck search.
  5. It'll come back. I am sooo ready for cooler weather! I haven't touched any crochet today, looking at recipe books and magazines. Planning on making an applesauce bread this pm or tomorrow.
  6. There is errata for the back bottom. Vaguely remember some cute Drops designs. Though not easy to follow patterns.
  7. Good thing I’m more organized at least with some of my magazines. Lol A photo of the cardigan, most of the added artsy is in the neckline on this one. Same principal. Fantasy in Color Jacket by Margaret Huber. In Crochet! May 2009.
  8. That's a Russian or Ukraine style design. Years back there was a really cute purple and greens cardigan in one of the US crochet magazines. I planned on making it, started on it. Life and I forgot. I still have the magazine because the design was so unique, I may still make it. Similar construction. I have seen similar ru designs. Basically a mesh cardigan and then beautiful flower, leaves added and other artistic touches. (were stunning to look at) If you are experienced enough- find a mesh cardigan and crochet appliques to add to it. It'll be your unique style.
  9. Finishing up on coral chevron and started a granny square with the green ombre instead of using it for a cardigan. Working on a waldorf like doll for charity.
  10. For loveys that will most likely be mouthed, sucked on I would consider organic cotton. Personally, I have used acrylics and worsted cottons. (my grandkids had no ill effects 🙂) I noticed they now have many yarns rated oeko-tex, tested for harmful substances. ie red heart super saver and others Get tightly woven yarn.
  11. Vintage Crochet Pattern 48 Christmas Tree Skirt Red | Etsy Brenda I just noticed found it too
  12. Another thought If the baby doll has a 14 inch chest circumference check out newborn crochet patterns, too ie Free baby crochet pattern jacket, pants and helmet usa (justcrochet.com)
  13. Crochet doll patterns and other amigurumi cuties. Dolls
  14. Here’s one that might work. Waldorf type crochet doll outfit
  15. Sometimes, changing yarn thickness on some of the patterns available is all you need to do. Or, changing the length. (Making as long as needed for the baby doll)
  16. I happened across the Waldorf babies and checked the website. An assortment of adorable patterns. Free Patterns – AmigurumiBB
  17. Finally finished the sewing part. Will donate to a local thrift-charity store.
  18. Love the color, beautiful design. Great job, enjoy
  19. The fact that it’s tween stitches 2and3 isn’t what is so unusual, rather you are decreasing in the corners from 4sts to 2. If row 3 then says make 4dc tween 1-2 in the corner then it’s just her way of working increases differently.
  20. Wonderful she’ll be Wrapped in love and warmth during dialysis. Good job.
  21. Maybe, check with Mary maxim.com?
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