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  1. Here’s the designers website. Maybe she can clarify the pattern or has info on her website. Little Muggles
  2. Not sure of your question. If the pattern is written like that I can see why you are confused. A great tutorial site for amigurumi Planet June
  3. Hurrah. Completed. Beautiful color and texture.
  4. Reminds me of a Drops pattern from years back. Here’s one currently at the site. A button down style. Button tank top
  5. Another shower and more blooms opened. Another shower and they were so heavy they were hanging just about to the ground. I snipped them and they are in a vase. I finished the doily I mentioned. Still need to block. Decided this one is for mom, too. One more doily in the magazine I want to make...sometime. Happy Mother’s Day.
  6. Started another doily design by Gemma in the magazine, Serendipity. Lots of texture, more difficult but so appealing. The display is gorgeous in a multicolored thread. Mine will be solid green. A gift for a niece. My peony has even more blooms this year! Have been waiting 2 weeks or more for the buds to start opening. Have a great week and weekend to all.
  7. Sarah do you have something specific you are seeking? Type of clothing or a combo mix crochet/knit or ? 🙂
  8. Just finished. Not blocked. Mother’s Day gift. Blooming Azalea
  9. Design by Gemma Owen. June 2021 Crochet World magazine. Well written pattern. I used perle 5 thread pattern calls for size 10. (For a 9 inch diameter). Mine Is 9 3/4 inch across unblocked. Mother’s Day gift.
  10. It’s both sad yet nice. Unable to do as we’d like to but good memories to cherish. 😊 On the finishing row, taking a break. I think mom will like it for Mother’s Day.
  11. Peruse Etsy.com. Crochet onesie for 5 inch dolls is the words I used in bing search This gal has a nice selection for 5 inch Berenguer dolls. https://www.etsy.com/listing/159798126/crochet-pattern-for-berenguer-5-inch
  12. to Crochetville.
  13. Beautiful, so many colors. She’ll love it.
  14. If it weren’t for dh I wouldn’t be able to have it. I mostly organize, plan, do a little raking...lots of rest breaks. Container gardening would be the most I could do. Just about finished the cap just need to close off the top. Much hotter today and less breezy. Looking at starting Blooming Azalea doily in a little bit. Have a nice Sunday.
  15. to Crochetville. You might enjoy corner to corner blankets. Daisy farms has a nice selection you might enjoy perusing through. I’m still working on a buffalo stitch inspired by her site. Crochet Blanket patterns
  16. Search brought up several sources. —>Buttons for Barbie sized clothing Heres one for Etsy, in general 4mm were mentioned Etsy Barbie doll buttons
  17. Not sure by looking. I’ve only used electric wiring for hat brims. That’s been awhile. maybe this will get you going:
  18. Great idea. Does make me think of Mickey. 😊
  19. Lovely! Happy colors
  20. Just like with cotton it wrinkles on washing/drying. Need to wet it today and block before reuse.
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