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  1. I learned the sc, dc, repeat as 'up down stitch' from one crochet site That is how I know it, too. It is a lovely textured pattern stitch when done in one colour only and covers a fairly large swath. If you use variegated yarn or short colour change yarn of any kind, something is lost, you can't really appreciate how nice it is. IMO, anyway.
  2. Thank you, Granny Square. I wonder if I should attack this one fine day (after my 3 much smaller projects are complete). I sure do love the look of it. I can see maybe getting a bit bored from time to time.
  3. Might I ask what a boho hobo bag is? 😄 I have a bunch of projects on the go, too. It's like a disease with me.
  4. Sounds like good advice to me.
  5. Thanks for showing us this. Where can we find the pattern?
  6. Many thanks for that link. I didn't realize there were so many styles of crocheted dresses available.
  7. I was wondering why so many crocheted dresses are halter-topped.
  8. Never heard of this before. Looks like a good idea if you are changing colours a lot.
  9. Horsy

    Pattern help

    Thank you very much, Granny Square.
  10. Horsy

    Pattern help

    Hard to say why an available pattern would not have been made by somebody, I haven't noticed but may not have 'drilled down' on many patterns like that...do you select 'English' when you are looking at patterns? Gee, I didn't know we could select languages. I better go have another look! I am a bit lost on ravelry. I find it a hodge podge. I can't figure out how to post a photo. Anyway, without fail, when I see a speechlessly gorgeous item, something that really speaks to me, well, lo & behold, 95% of the time the pattern is not available unless you try and track dow
  11. Horsy

    Pattern help

    @Granny Square. And that is why I read all reviews on ravelry, as well as "Comments" in the upper right hand corner. However, sometimes there are no reviews whatsoever for a seemingly lovely garment. No photos, nothing. If this were for an item just recently designed, that is understandable, but sometimes the pattern has been on ravelry for years and it is still available (sometimes paid, sometimes free). What the hey...sometimes a shawl or other item will have 150 Projects (people who made the item) and other times...nothing. OTOH, I don't understand ravelry at all - their cultur
  12. Horsy

    Pattern help

    No kidding. But there is a difference between un-conventionally written and plain-old badly written. There was no excuse for the above. What - are we supposed to be mind readers? Feh. I don't think I am exaggerating when I say that there are more than a few crochet patterns that are utterly incomprehensible. We shouldn't have to muddle our way through, trying this, then trying that, then trying something else, all the while ripping out our previous work.
  13. That's a cute little cape. Just the kind of thing I like. It is too bad that we have to buy a book to get the pattern and also too bad that half the patterns are for knitted items. Oh well...
  14. All my faves are discontinued and not available. Anyway, available or not, my fave still is: Berroco Cotolana, a chainette, #4, cotton, wool & nylon. Just the most perfect yarn, at least where #4 is concerned. https://www.berroco.com/yarns/berroco-cotolana Nice to see others' choices. Hope everyone will comment here as to what they love. There's so many yarns to choose from nowadays.
  15. the chair looks beautiful but isn’t crocheting. Looks more like weaving I see a matching blue fabric behind the chair that looks as if it's crochet. Nice chair, in any case.
  16. @Granny. Nevertheless, we should not have to consult a video to figure out how to crochet or knit an item. Yes, there are projects which are post-Intermediate, i.e., requiring much experience but still that is not an excuse. I recall an expensive shoe that was kind of rounded at the bottom, cost hundreds of dollars - and it came with a video disc to show you how to relearn to walk in them. Right. No thanks.
  17. I'll admit that I did not look at every single comment on this topic, only that I found the following on youtube. So maybe this video has already been discussed here on Crochetville.
  18. OK, I remember a couple of crochet scenes in movies. 1. The Tree of Wooden Clogs. Foreign film. From wikipedia: "The Tree of Wooden Clogs is a 1978 Italian film written and directed by Ermanno Olmi. The film concerns Lombard peasant life in a cascina of the late 19th century. It has some similarities with the earlier Italian neorealist movement, in that it focuses on the lives of the poor, and the parts were played by real farmers and locals, rather than professional actors." There's a few scenes where women are sitting in the background crocheting. They are wearing crocheted ca
  19. Hi. Thanks to both of you for your helpful comments and advice! @Lilol. Yes,, that would work with my all-DC project but I imagine that if I am trying a pattern with something other than all-HDC or all DC or all SC, then I'd have to make sure I figure out if the number of increased chains can accommodate a more complicated pattern stitch. EG, sometimes you need a multiple of 3 + 3 more or multiple of 6, etc. Of course, that's not rocket science but it just occurred to me.
  20. Suppose I want to make a fairly simple shawl, the kind that stays on your shoulders, ie, not your usual triangular style, and is mainly just a bunch of double crochets consisting of 5 segments. However, the pattern calls for #4 yarn, and I want to use something thinner, such as Lindychain, to get a lacier look. It is fingering weight. I have some lying around and want to put it to use and I love shoulder coverings that stay on your shoulders. So, to keep the size correct, I would have to use the hook receommended for the #4 yarn. Now - can I expect any problems with doing t
  21. Boy, is that ever involved! Congrats! Nice & realistic - not that I've ever encountered a dragon, but I think that's what they are supposed to look like, from my old fairy tale books!
  22. Re working with 2 different yarn weights. Heh heh. I decided to make a granny square doily using 2 different weights of thread - #3 and #5, I think. Well, of course, it now has a twisted spirallic look. Meh. It's hanging on a lamp shade for all to see! I can always claim this shape as a "design feature"...
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