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  1. @nhundt. You're welcome! Good luck with your project. 😃
  2. I love your cute Christmas coasters! Is the edging something with a bit of sparkly metallic yarn?
  3. Thank you so much for the T-shirt suggestion and your drawings. 😊 I am going to take a crack at this when my 3 other projects are done. (I am one of those folks who loves having a bunch ofthings on the go...I truly hope I am not the only one here who is "that way".)
  4. Thank you so much for the compliment. However, inasmuch as those 3 colors represent "Christmas" I do not think that a menorah would be a suitable table decoration. People who have menorahs don't want anything to do with Christmas, to the best of my knowledge, and I am willing to be corrected.
  5. @Magiccrochetfan. You've certainly done yeoman service. I'm off to have a look at all your links. I would not have known where to start without you and Granny Square. 😊 I have no capacity whatsoever (spatial aptitude?) to picture the knitted version when it is not buttoned up, so help me out, folks: would this knitted one fall to the sides all loose and baggy like the crocheted versions that you link to? That is what I had in mind - something that would not fall in that manner so much. Would using a too-small hook cause the crocheted version to be less drapey? Thank you very much! I am working on a relatively simple vest-like thingy* I designed myself and am finding out that garments that look good are never simple once you think you have an oh-so-clever idea. 😝 And I am really looking forward to making something like the knitted one pictured above. ------------ *2 strips, yes, but done in shells with one side a mirror of the other, with contrasting colour, arrow-like inserts. Plus a square neckline instead of just letting the excess fold over on itself. We shall see.
  6. Should've looked at the tags! Thanks so much for your trouble. 😺 I wanted to make sure it lies flat in the back, not like a ghastly coccoon. The easier a garment is to crochet, the more flaws it has. It is the details that will set things right, I have found.
  7. Here's the Christmas runner which I made out of #4 rough cotton handicrafter yarn:
  8. Does anyone know of a pattern that will duplicate the look of this vest/wrap? I haven't a clue how to hunt for such a pattern. Many thanx. https://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/inca-wrap I can't remember how to knit and was never v. good at it anyway (tho I want to relearn).
  9. To the best of my knowledge, vinegar is acidic (acetic acid). It's not a base.
  10. Hi. It looks somewhat like the Harlequin pattern stitch, but your aunt's version seems to have more defined, neater borders than, for example, this: https://daisyfarmcrafts.com/crochet-harlequin-stitch/ A form of starburst, I would say.
  11. I sure love that collection of runners and dresser scarves, etc. that you linked to. Thanks. Now I am all hot to make another one, since you can at least see the end of the road, unlike a tablecloth made of thread. I hope you kept those 2 tablecloths that you made. One of the patterns in your list, a real simple white runner, was done with RHSS. I would not do this, myself.
  12. Horsy


    Isn't striped socks made from "planned pooling" yarn? Mind you, I've never heard of it referred to by such a name. The Faux-Isle sweater turned out pretty good in that knitted sweater, I would say. About stitches with different names, did you mean pattern stitches (sequence of individual stitches repeated to create a fabric) or actual basic stitches such as SC, DC, TC, TSC, chain, etc? If you mean pattern stitch, I see a few different names for one of my fave, the Up and Down Stitch. https://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/up-and-down-stitch
  13. I made a table runner for the Christmas table out of a #4 handicrafter type of cotton (Bernat cotton Mistletoe Ombre Jumbo Ball - this is white, red & green). It is about 5' X 20". I used a #5 hook so it's fairly stiff and lies flat, doesn't wrinkle or scrunch up. I would not hesitate to make an entire tablecloth out of handicrafter cotton for a casual look on certain kinds of tables. For your fancy dining room table, thread would continue to be the way to go. I should have started one 20 years ago; it would be finished by now (maybe); it takes me weeks to do a small to medium doily. How some people make entire tablecloths or bedspreads out of thread continues to baffle me. I have heard of Red Heart Super Saver and don't think it or any other acrylic yarn would be suitable for a runner. IMO. 😊
  14. Horsy


    Thanks, kids. What would you call, then, the colour arrangement whereby you get no more than,say, 4 or 5 completely different colours (not tonal variations), with no colour being repeated. Like this, e.g., https://www.yarncanada.ca/products/green-tea-tipple-whirl-yarn-1-super-fine-by-scheepjes.html Starts out dark turquoise (?), ends up gray. It is true that the colour change is gradual, but it is not the same tone, is it. I just want to get my terms correct and am not meaning to trouble you. Now, I would say that the following is a genuine "tonal" or "gradient". https://www.yarncanada.ca/products/forbidden-fuchsia-whirl-ombre-yarn-1-super-fine-by-scheepjes.html And then there's the term "OMBRE" (see Scheepjes, above). As far as I can tell it could refer to any multi-colour or multi-tone where the hues are not repeated. And then there's "WHIRL" as used by Scheepjes, tho I guess that's a marketing term, not a technical one. My conclusion: the above terms are used interchangeably (and incorrectly) by everybody. You can bet that a yarn designer would set us right in no time flat! All grist for the mill and I beg your indulgence. I could listen to your opinions and info for ages. You all know more than me. I have never bought a tonal, gradient, self striping or ombre yarn. Makes things too easy if you ask me, though that is not a crime and it won't bring out the Crochet Police. 😁
  15. Horsy


    Can someone tell me the difference between tonal, gradient, variegated and self-striping in yarn colours? Sometimes, it seems to me, anyway, some of these terms are used interchangeably and I am not sure that is accurate. Thanx.
  16. @Reni C. Thanx for the info. Gee, I thought everything that was square was a "granny" square. LOL.
  17. @Granny Square. Many thanks for the information. 😊
  18. @magiccrochetfan. How do we go about joining your ravelry group "Crochet Tech and Theory"? Thanks.
  19. Horsy

    Wedding present

    Holy cow, that is a beauty. I sure hope the recipients of your gift appreciate it.
  20. Is that what they call a solid granny square?
  21. Horsy

    Yarn for skirt.

    That Spiderweb Skirt is quite a beauty. This is not a quick job, is it. Yes, absolutely, I would start the lace section higher up. I wonder if the whole project wouldn't be kind of heavy in #4 cotton. Or even the discontinued #3. I should think that chainette yarn in as light a weight as possible might do the trick, such as fingering weight "Lindy Chain". Thanks for showing me this magnificent pattern. The photos of the 196 attempts at this skirt show an awfully snug top section. Fine if you are 13 years old and skinny. I am going to have a good look at the pattern and see if it can't be almost entirely eliminated. Someone did do that, as follows: https://www.ravelry.com/projects/justwant/spiderweb-skirt-pattern-2 So since I didn’t end up liking the length and fit of the original skirt, I frogged the top section and used Josi’s Fitted Scoop Neck Tank pattern so the skirt would rest at my hips and be knee-length long. I absolutely love the result. This won 1st Place at my 2011 local County Fair. How 'bout them apples!!
  22. Horsy

    Yarn for skirt.

    Hi, Krys. Thanks for all your info and advice. It seems to me that the way to go might be a flared skirt. Any deformation would just not show. What do you think? 😊 Oh, I just went to Ravelry. Not unexpectedly, the pattern for the best, nicest flared skirt on Page 1 is, yes, in Japanese. I am not making this up: whatever I look for, the best patterns are usually in Japanese or Russian.
  23. Horsy

    Yarn for skirt.

    This put me off considering knitting or crocheting a skirt--each machine-knit stitch was probably about 1mm, and if those tiny stitches deformed that badly, I figured my relatively huge crochet or knit stitches would sag all the way to the next cubicle. Thanks muchly for your reply. Too bad about that machine-knit suit of yours! I think maybe this is a project I should forget about. Yet if you go to Ravelry, there must be hundreds of patterns for crocheted skirts there. I guess the makers of these skirts were pleased with the way they looked when they tried them on once and pirouetted in front of the mirror. Alas, that is not reality, is it...
  24. Horsy

    Yarn for skirt.

    G'morning. I thought of making a skirt for myself and was wondering if certain fibers could possibly become deformed in the back of the skirt where you sit. Does anyone know which yarns might be more suitable for such a project? Thanx. My thinking is bamboo or silk but am not sure even of those. And silk would cost too much.
  25. Horsy


    Some time ago I tried to make an oval, following the instructions in the pattern - but it just didn't work. I tried and tried but could not get the hang of it. Thanks for all your info. I am going to have to reread this all carefully when I have time. Where one more typically encounter poorly written patterns is in a small % of personal blogs or self published patterns--some are truly ghastly. I can't recall if I mentioned this before or not, but I actually paid good money for a pattern for crocheted mitts (mittens, as some call them). I used the same gauge yarn, the right hook, followed the instrs - and halfway of the way thru the first mitt, just before the thumb, the damn thing was so huge it would have fallen off a giant's hand. So, I rescued this project by now using it as a cover for the jar where I keep my hooks. Looks not too bad.
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