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  1. I decided to try the chimp pattern. Not motivated to do anything else. I have some other animals I’ve been wanting to make but wanted the eyes to use like I’ve seen. So I ordered a kit with assorted eyes and noses.
  2. Another 101 for crochet beginners (free). Moogly blog crochet 101
  3. True they do recycle patterns a lot. A new editor will be taking over, wonder if that’ll make a difference. I saw Etsy advertisement selling that chimp pattern as a 70s vintage pattern. 5 page pdf. Same photo.
  4. Off hand I’d say no. Especially if it’s like that throughout the skein.
  5. Charlie chimp has pretty good ratings on her Rav page. He is adorable. I’ve seen others not as cute. About the only pattern that interested me in this CW release for August.
  6. She moved to Phoenix. I heard AZ is going into a heatwave. We’ll be pretty toasty as well. The humidity just is sickening...we’ve had a two day break.
  7. Crochet gauge focus for beginners. https://themoulehole.com/2020/06/29/the-ultimate-beginners-guide-to-crochet-gauge/
  8. Browsing today and liked her bird c2c squares and birdhouse. Reni, she’s now in AZ. Repeatcrafterme
  9. Seemed odd to get the Fall issue (August) issue. Official summer starts June 21 and the intense heat we’ve already experienced. Roflol. Sweat was pouring while I browsed the Fall magazine. Cute chimp and banana pattern, I might make as gifts
  10. Have you counted your sts? You are skipping 2 then adding 3 dc shell x number of times and chaining 2... change color, slip stitch into first stitch. Chain 3. From designer website: For questions, please email kaitlin@originallylovely.com
  11. Reply to dee you are working dc cross st or x stitch * pattern states to repeat from star across the row. here’s another tutorial : Cross stitch guide
  12. Found my daisy flower pattern. Wasn’t looking for it just browsing through some patterns. Been too sick to do much of anything till today. Still sick but better. Not feeling much motivation so will probably just make flower squares for now.
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