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  1. It sure is nice to get a break from the heat and humidity here, too! We now have the mobile phones activated. Spending time today in learning mode and making sure all goes smooth before we close out our landline/internet connections. I'm going to miss online pc. I think, once I adjust to the difference I'll be just fine. 🙂 Will miss the big ole keyboard and monitor screen the most. The rest of afternoon will be relax and crochet a bit. Cindy, sounds lovely to dine lakefront, hope the deck is an option tonight. Marisa, hope you get some time to work on your deck. Ours needs some work, but so many others on the list take priority. We paint ours and it needs a new coat and some boards need to be replaced--it's functional for now. Wow Mona...I hope you get some of the relief we've recently gotten in temps, todays is 84-86 but that horrid humidity is so much better.. quote:We're finally out of the heat advisory but it's hard to tell when you're outside--the heat index is still 107. We haven't gotten any of the scattered rain that's been going around. Maybe this weekend. end quote
  2. Good Morning Cindy, Marisa and Mona and all. Not much sleep last night. Phone/internet service has been worse this week. Not sure how long I'll have access today. Tech told son a major line disruption occurred and they will begin total replacement of these phone lines. Says it'll take a month. We hope to have mobile all set up next week. Finished my round pillow (round pillow insert) and trial run paisley.
  3. dc2 generally means dc in next 2 sts. dc18 = dc in next 18 sts, etc 2dc generally means 2 dc in next st or however many times to repeat.
  4. Dh got several of mom's garden statues re-painted. (white) Still waiting for the HL paint order to arrive. Then, will add some color to the angels, eagles and lions. I've started on a pineapple doily pattern(housewarming gift), worked a bit on the corner-corner blanket, started a trial run on one of the paisley swirl patterns. (awaiting the colors I want to use in the living room pillow to arrive from JoAnn's). Learning about mobile phone stuff and trying to get J to start eating dog food again. Hope everybody is doing well. Crochet-away....
  5. Love the colors and stitch pattern. The kids will love their blanket.
  6. Welcome. I haven't had enough coffee to say much more. eta https://www.allfreecrochet.com/Scarves/Outlander-Cowl-Crochet-Pattern https://rovingcrafters.com/2015/12/09/free-mostly-patterns-for-the-outlander-fans/
  7. You are welcome. Been there myself. Sometimes, fresh eyes or a pause from whatever is blocking your progress, than it becomes suddenly clear. 🙂
  8. Hope you had an enjoyable evening crocheting, Mona. My place looks like chaos having rummaged through some yarn and patterns and now sitting all over in the family room. Brenda: So easy to accumulate stuff as the years go by and then it's like an anchor around the neck in later years. This to shall pass. 🙂 Just enjoy every day. I down-sized Christmas items some years ago. Gave a newlywed couple the big tree and ornaments. We have 2 small ones now. Mostly crochet ornaments, so the grandkids can play w/o breaking. Well, I found the chart holder thing w/ magnets, but not my missing patterns, yet. I'll keep organizing till they surface or make other project plans with all the yarn.
  9. Absolutely adorable gifts you made for Kolby. She looks so cute wearing her lamb hat and holding her blankie.
  10. That was fast. That firetruck looks perfect. Baby/+mom will enjoy that for many years to come.
  11. Turned out wonderful. The colors flow perfectly.
  12. I just spent the last few hours going through binders, boxes, bins and more. Just realized my board that holds graphs with magnetic thingies, to keep me in the correct row is missing. I have a feeling when I fin that I'll find the missing patterns/graphs. I'm ready to start dumping patterns I know I'll never get to in my lifetime. Brenda: Any chance y'all could rent a storage shelter temporarily? Would that help until the move has completed? Is there an attic for some of the items to be stored? I understand why you are feeling addl. stress. hugs
  13. I went online window shopping and decided I'll probably end up buying SS. I know that's the color I want, but don't really need it just yet. 🙂 Hot, humid here. Dh tolerates it much better than I do.
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