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  1. I do crochet with a knife handle hold. I prefer the cushion style on my hooks even my wooden ones. (Squirt of dish liquid on the hole, slides on so much easier than brute force). 😀
  2. Glad your better today. I sometimes get eye migraines (weird light show squiggly light) not always followed by a busting headache. Have never figured out what triggers it. Maybe, this one is the charm. I did the same with the coral ombré. Thinking I might skip making another blanket with the green and use that yarn on a side by side cardigan pattern I have.
  3. NCcountrygal


    Sc in 12 stitches (from center back). Then sc2 tog 11x. Sc in last stitch. Total should be 13 sts. Goofy wording for sure lol sc, sc2tog x 11, sc. Seems what you’re suppose to do. What are you making?
  4. I ended up liking Little Abbee pattern. Made one for Rahel and changed to size 10 thread for bassinet baby.
  5. Hope you are headache free today! I’m playing with a pattern to resize after I’ve made it for a h4h doll. Been awhile since I made it.
  6. Oh those small little thingies they sold were useless. That’s why when I discovered Susan Bates comfort cushions I was delighted. I like they are soft and cushy. I never tried the wood handled because there’s no give. Wider area to hold but certain fingers rest against the hook handle. That’s why I like cushion. 🙂
  7. Ummm, are you free styling or using a pattern? It’s really hard to answer not knowing which top. As a beginner I would recommend Follow the pattern. Or, if you just want to explore and the design is very simple top then have fun and learn through the process. Very simple would be like a rectangle front and back joined at the shoulder, side hem and such.
  8. Crochet clothing for women Assortment of styles. Tops, dress…
  9. Quick search. This gal uses a basket to keep it orderly. https://christacodesign.com/2017/03/13/corner-to-corner-crochet-blanket-tips/
  10. I’m assuming your c2c is a photo design of some sort. You can make small balls of the colors you’ll be carrying Depending on the frequency of changes if you cut frequently you may have problems later with keeping ends secured and not unraveling all that effort.
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