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  1. Finished son’s c2c. Then started on a simple snowflake pattern Will make a batch of these then stiffen Still yoyoing with feeling better than worse. Sugar pretty high too. Hope I’m better by Thanksgiving. Love that fire dept lapghan
  2. Feeling a bit better my cough turned into bronchitis Every time I cough My head feels like it’s exploding yuck. Temps much cooler today. Trying to complete a c2c couch blanket for eldest son, RH with Love in autumn colors. Then, want to make some winter style dishcloths from “A Year of Dishcloths “ 52 designs for four seasons. Also, want to make a c2c woodland animals for his baby boy. Just depends on how I’m feeling. Have a great weekend
  3. Hello from NC been crocheting decades as well.😁
  4. Mary hope the upcoming weeks are more positive for you and dh. Wouldn’t be too much in a hurry with getting windows 10. Lots of update problems and the last one which I didn’t get was causing blue screen failures. Sunny and cooler here. Feeling like a big ache today, been coughing. Guess the grandchildren have been sharing their colds and cough. Glad your hearing returned.
  5. We’re under tornado watch. Has been a balmy cloudy day no rain yet. Suppose to drop to 40 tonight with 59 high tomorrow I have felt yucky today with this weather. Oldest gs is out trick or treating with his mom and then will be here later
  6. Looks like a baby type yarn I’ve used in the past . Maybe Bernat or a red heart
  7. Welcome to Crochetville,Debbie. What size doll clothing are you making?
  8. When I saw the squares I immediately thought dishcloth. Stop on row 5 and it’s a cute coaster too If anybody gets the pattern check the chart the written has some goofs. Made another this afternoon for myself.
  9. Like your pumpkins especially the indian corn 🌽 colors
  10. Cute pumpkin square. Pattern is for making a pumpkin blanket Can be found on yarnspiration site, Repeatcrafter me. I’m using it as a dishcloth with minor change
  11. Goodness time just flies! Been busy making assortment of items, mostly c2c Ghans for gifting and a play cardigan for gs and other. Mom had her knee replacement surgery that went very well. Decided on horizon-loc metal roofing and dh,with friend and sons will install couldn’t afford it otherwise😳. Hard to believe this month is nearly over. About to start a pumpkin square to use as dishcloth gifts for family and friends. Have a great weekend all.
  12. Whew 100degrees today I didn’t stick my head out except to let dog 🐶 in and out. Been keeping up with the chatter but been busy learning all I can about metal roofing. Getting estimates and going to compare prices of contractor install and what they use vs something like horizon-lok plus watching grandkids Landline disconnects tomorrow so wanted to use big monitor for all the research I’ve needed. Have a great weekend all😊
  13. Good morning a beautiful sunny day Plan to crochet off and on today Have a wonderful day all.
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