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  1. The one on the bottom? Bernat Handicrafter cotton. No color name. Don’t know if they still make that yarn. Pattern is 6 yrs old. Maybe check Yarnpiration (sp) site
  2. I have 2 in cart. The one Krys mentioned/ linked and another as top 8 for 2020 starts with C blank on the name. Choosing....both have 60, 100 temp. I like that long nozzle. Thanks for the input all.
  3. I’ll have to look/search myself as mine is several years old now and had good write ups but I expected it to perform better. I’ll pay attention on settings then
  4. Looked through some more (and found a potholder pattern I was looking for) but I found two crochet and another Tunisian. If you need pattern and designer names let me know.
  5. Ok the dishcloth I was thinking about is the Tunisian honeycomb This pattern is by Margo Bauman called, oh, honey! there are latticework cables that are regular crochet too
  6. Look for latticework or lattice crochet. I have a dishcloth pattern somewhere with lattice design. If I come across it I’ll show a photo
  7. I have a hot glue gun but I find it aggravating to use. Does anybody have one they really like that applies cleanly without a goo trail and dispenses nicely?
  8. Not really ready but I’m enjoying making stuff 🙂
  9. Have to wait on the greenery lol. Have dh get it from the trees next month, that’ll make it more festive
  10. Thank you. I know he’ll enjoy it The buttons were on half off sale at Hobby Lobby.
  11. Came across this while browsing for Christmas ornaments in Bing search (images). Read the pattern but it’s so simple just make assorted size granny squares,fold, sew and decorate. Going to make another or maybe more. The snowflake on top was a lace pattern that I made with worsted medium yarn.
  12. I was looking for my fave angel ornament and came across a tree pattern. Added that for gs to decorate and made a star ⭐️. Don’t know if the pattern is still available but it’s cute and quick. FYI amyscrochetpatterns.com/2015/10/crochet-Christmas-tree-with-video.html
  13. 1,2,3 are completed and several Christmas ornaments. Some for myself and some to be gifted. Working on a snowman by Amy Gaines. Amigurumi. Finished some nativity crochet snow globes, still need to make a few more. Also a Red truck with tree ornament. Gs will decorate his flat snowman with buttons glued on...just a fun project for him tomorrow
  14. My three crochet candles and crochet holly with berries. I found a little pine cone and bought the cardinal at Hobby Lobby. (Online) Eta will add pine greenery around In
  15. No trick or treating this year but some drive thru type scenarios. 4yo was tickled to get his pumpkin bag, treats and puppet. Have a great day, evening and weekend.
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