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  1. Looks great thus far. It’s normal for some slanting to occur, row after row. With the top you are working on tension changes during the color work rows can add to more slant and whether your yarn is carried along on rows with no color changes.
  2. Search for patterns for left handed crochet. Search term ie crocheting for left handed people or left handed crochet patterns. theslippinstitch.com c2c for lefties tutorial
  3. That’s wonderful and your, lovely blankets will be treasured by the recepients.
  4. I found this a little while ago in my stash. Might help in your search for outfits using these doll names.
  5. I’m working on and off in reorganizing my patterns and just came across this one. If you like the style, it was free when I got it, it would be a good one to downsize with either fingering or size 5 thread....can’t advise which at the moment. Hobby Lobby carries size 5 in acrylic not sure at the moment of color selection.
  6. This link worked, so cute
  7. I know this is several years old I have heard a lot of people mention wool warehouse.co.uk in the USA Joann; knitpicks; herrschners; HobbyLobby; WEBS; Smileys; and Walmart those are my usual sources.
  8. Congratulations and yes u are a young granny🙂 Pretty lacy dress.
  9. In our house we say...always something else as we anticipate what might happen next. 😝. Glad it was caught and hopefully u can remember who to contact 📋
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