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  1. Another thing I'm hoping doesn't change is the option for virtual appointments for various types of errands and non-testing medical situations. I must say the idea of not having to leave home, wait for someone to be available in a waiting room and then having to drive home has its appeal. Our nutritionist is talking about continuing this option post COVID and I'm all for it. We've had non-medical meetings as well and honestly I haven't missed the office atmosphere to get the information, make the decisions, etc. Then we shut down the call after the meeting and no drive home dealing wi
  2. Dh and I were talking about this last night and reading MJ post I was wondering what others think when we do beat this virus how many of the services we currently use for delivery etc. will we maintain and how many will be left behind when it is safe to go back out into the world. I've gotten used to more things being delivered but I do miss trying on clothes to see if they fit rather than guessing and returning.
  3. Got a request for a honey maker for some bee themed items for a farmer's market table. First up: Bee
  4. When I was searching for the steel thread hooks I found they were called steelite in the listing and I found more of them searching that way. Don't know if it is a real thing or not but it is out there. That container is awesome. I love the individual sections for all those tiny items I'm always knocking around!!
  5. Hobby Lobby has the round Bamboo/metal combo but I find the hooks are different from the Bates I'm used to. I'd have to find the ones I bought to look but I suspect they are likely closer to Boye than Bates. They also don't carry the steelite or I'd have bought a complete set of the steelites regardless.
  6. from MA!! You can read about the history of the bag ladies on this post here.
  7. from MA!! I'm always working on more than one project.
  8. When you get to the end of round 6 of the body do you have 36 stitches? If so it likely is just a reminder that at the end of row 6 before starting row 7 you should have 36 stitches.
  9. My Life Cardigan, Skirt and Hat
  10. My Life Cardigan, Skirt, and Hat
  11. Are you crocheting with yarn or thread?
  12. Our Generation Summer Seashell Dress
  13. Our Generation Seashell Summer Dress
  14. Our Generation Seashell Summer Dress I am taking a shot at using up crochet thread as part of my attempt to attack the neglected parts of my stash in order to decrease my stash this year. This is also my first Our Generation outfit for the donation this year. Mom sent me a bunch so I wasn't as concerned about getting started with outfits as I was with the other dolls.
  15. Lots to Love 8" Doll Cuddle Up Romper
  16. Lots to Love 8" Doll Cuddle Up Romper
  17. Lots to Love 8" Doll Cuddle up Romper
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