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  1. There are some things when no substitutes will work. My sister and now my niece make fudge and I've not been able to eat other fudge since my sister started to make it in my teens. Every so often I think I'll try a piece but I'm always disappointed.
  2. If I can find it Vanna's Honey would be an option. I've never used her yarn for ami's but the color is right.
  3. Joann has premier and it comes in rust too another color I've struggled to find. Thanks again. Well worth trying.
  4. Yeah its been a huge challenge because there used to be those "warm brown" colors every where. Sadly I kind of took them for granted. I use them for all kinds of ami/toy projects.. I realize with Red Heart consolidating and with COVID fewer colors are out there for lots of brands but you'd think they'd be one company that would make something in that range.
  5. The Red Heart Warm brown is exactly the shade I am looking for but as you say the color seems to have been discontinued. I have the cafe latte and use it for some projects but not the shade I need. I have something close to Bernat's Cafe au Lait but again not that med brown. Herrschner's Walnut looks to be the right color I'm just not a fan of their worsted 8 yarn. I do have two new colors to search by. Thank you so much for looking. At least I know I'm not missing the obvious. The Premier looks possible just need to research who carries it thanks again.
  6. For years I've been able to buy various brands of what I'd call medium brown not light and not dark chocolate brown that I use for various ami projects. I stupidly didn't think to record the brand or the color because there always seemed to be some in the various brands available when I was in the store or even online and honestly I tended to buy the larger sizes or what was on sale. I didn't have a favorite. Now however I'm finding light brown and the dark chocolate but those medium brown I think of for bears, bunnies, and other projects I make am not finding. Any color or brand suggestions would be appreciated. I'd prefer to stay away from the Caron Simply Soft style yarns.
  7. Definitely puts one in the holiday mood.
  8. I've clearly proven I can mess up anything. Lol. These are adorable!!!!
  9. Well we aren't having people to dinner this year but no reason not to have some festive hot pads Gobbler Hot Pad
  10. They take a little longer to make but I do like the play food patterns that let the kids put stuff together. Apple Pie
  11. I can't tell if they are too heavy but man I really like them. It is a neat look!!!
  12. I'm continuing to make the 8" dolls for my own holiday decorations. Lots to Love 8" Pilgrim Boy
  13. Lots to Love 8 Inch Pilgrim Boy
  14. Lots to Love 8 Inch Pilgrim Boy
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