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  1. This is an old one from Annie's Magazine's that's free Candle This one has roses Candle Nothing compares to Planet June. Her patterns are amazing.
  2. I'm a huge fan of children's learn to crochet books. I checked a bunch out of the children's library and even bought a few when I was starting out. The pictures tend to be incredibly detailed and the directions very specific. I have the Crochet Answer book and picked it up as a kindle book a few years ago when it was on sale for practically nothing. I also loved the Teach Yourself Visual Crochet for the pictures. The projects in the kids books weren't terribly appealing but other than the dish cloths I made I didn't keep any of the early projects I made. The dish cloths were used until they wore out because I really didn't care how they looked so I've found over the years dish cloths have made great learning tools when I've wanted to learn to do something new. People have argued with me over the years because some argue kitchen cotton isn't the easiest to work with when you are learning to crochet but it was what finally turned the corner for me. The projects were quick and I felt like I was accomplishing something I'd use and keep rather than the original projects I tried and would never have used. These days when I need a quick reference I must say I do look for online videos from a variety of sources. There are so many online sources if you don't understand how one person explains something you can go on to the next link until you find one that explains it in a way that you understand.
  3. This is the last of the Halloween houses for this year. There were a couple of fairy houses that looked like they'd be easy to convert but looking at the calendar I need to finish the villagers and the Oct bday so they both can go out. The fairy houses may appear at Easter or perhaps next year at Halloween. We shall see how this village goes over. Candy Corn House
  4. There are all kinds of ways to keep track of rows. I have several row counters I've purchased over the years. There are apps for the phone. I've made notes on my phone. People use paper and pen. I have enough trouble counting my own rows but I don't believe you have 35 single crochet rows there. There are people far better at this stuff than I am that can probably do a better job counting than I, who will be along to help I'm sure but it does look like you are short rows. It's kind of subtle but it goes from Row 35 to Round 36 because direction 36 isn't a row but a means of finishing off the square so the ends are cleaned up. You are going to go around the entire outside of the square to finish off the square.
  5. Did you see the thank you in the wishing well? The schools around here are jumping around regarding opening dates and models so I figured I would contact the teacher in Oct hoping they'd have the basics of school attendance sorted out and ask her if they aren't continuing the donation due to COVID school restrictions if I could have her contact with the charity she works with so I can make the donation directly. I have no way of knowing what they will or won't be doing at the school for projects but I want to make sure the kids get their toys for Christmas this year as I suspect this year more than ever parents are going to be struggling. I didn't want to take the dresses out to take pictures this year with all that is going on. However, I did copy and print your pictures and I'm going to slide the pics into the doll bags. Thanks.
  6. Make Way for Ducklings Nack and Ouack
  7. Make Way for Ducklings Nack and Ouack
  8. Coming into the home stretch of this project. I can see the end of the pond. DH said to me the other day you are a former teacher didn't you know there were 8 ducklings? Honestly I'd never paid attention to the actual number. In fairness I wasn't a primary teacher so my kids were mostly reading chapter books by the time I got them but I suppose I should have remembered from my children's lit classes. That being said after this 2 ducklings and Mama Duck to go!!! Make Way for Ducklings Nack and Ouack
  9. I'm not sure what that comment was about but I haven't been visiting here as frequently as I haven't been working as much on the charity stuff as I've been prepping family stuff to go out. I tend to avoid making stuff for people who don't like hand made stuff. Why waste my time and energy if they don't like it? I can appreciate you like stuff or you don't but I think you owe it to people to be honest and not waste their time when you have the freedom to voice those concerns. So like most of us there are only a few friends and family I crochet items for the rest I buy gifts for and everyone is much happier. I mention this because as a child my Mom would knit stuff that itched and scratched and to this day I don't wear sweaters or yarn mittens, gloves, or hats. As a child speaking my issues with the skin irritation was not an option. There were clearly children all over the world who would be thrilled to have the option to be scratching instead of freezing to death only girls as ungrateful as one like I would mention the itch. Oddly when I went to school I learned there were lots of girls with clothes that didn't irritate. It was clearly an education that there were those who weren't freezing and not itching. Who knew? However, as an adult I freely admit I prefer fleece when ever possible. Even with the softer yarns today I just still get flash backs to that itchy scratchy Woolworths yarn my Mom would use and I want nothing to do with it. So, I fully respect when people say thanks but no thanks to hand made gifts. I just prefer they are honest as I said it saves me the time and money. This family member surprised me because she and her kids really get into the toys so for now I'll continue. Eventually I'm sure they will out grow it but they will still have hand made decorations to use for the holidays that are kid friendly when others come to visit that can be sacrificed to little hands. I still have my Mom's tree ornaments and they were divided into breakable and unbreakable. Clearly the unbreakable weren't completely unbreakable but they were deemed safer for little hands rather than the glass ones that were my great grandmother's. I think it is still nice to have those types of ornaments and other decorations so that little ones can participate in Christmas and other holiday decorating safely. They have their decorations which can double as toys sometimes and the adults have the less kid friendly items that the kids will one day be old enough and feel that pride in knowing they are now allowed to put out. At least that's the way I felt when I graduated to the breakable ornaments.
  10. Busy Box Activity Cube Farm Frame
  11. I finished the "cube" for the Activity Farm box. It still needs all the activities for but the assembly was something I'd never tried before so I'm feeling good I got this far. Busy Box Activity Cube Frame
  12. Gingerbread Man Ornament
  13. I mentioned before I've been trying to squeeze the Christmas ornaments in as small projects because they often get pushed to last minute projects. If I had to do this one again I'd use sports cotton instead of thread, but another item off my list. Gingerbread Man Ornament
  14. Pumpkin House I have one more house pattern that doesn't require excessive assembly so after that it will be villagers until I need to ship.
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