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    Georgia, USA
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    dolls, crochet, genealogy
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    started in the mid 1950's, stopped for a long time started back after seeing the nice doll clothes
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    doll clothes
  1. Yes, ravelry has a lot of free ones.
  2. Thanks to everyone for the compliments
  3. Using patterns from Ricochet, Helga and vintage
  4. I don't know the show, but he is very colorful. Thanks
  5. So sweet, thanks
  6. Cute, I especially like the finish on the hem of the jacket. Thanks
  7. Beautiful!!
  8. So cute, how about a hat??
  9. So cute, thanks
  10. Cute, nice little overalls, too
  11. Beautiful outfit. This is the kind of doll that I have, mine has dark hair. I bought her at the thrift store so that I would be sure the outfits fit.
  12. Cute, I guess the colors can be changed for other teams. Thanks
  13. I love it!! She's ready for the dance