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    started in the mid 1950's, stopped for a long time started back after seeing the nice doll clothes
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    doll clothes
  1. It's not hard to do, just irritating. I start with one strand and two things to roll on. I roll both at the same time so they don't get tangled. When they begin to twist, I put clothespins on the rolled strands and let it hang to get out the twist. It is a pain, but for your tiny dolls, you won't need much Embroidery thread is a lot easier to separate than yarn.
  2. I have used embroidery thread for small things and also separated strands of small yarn like baby yarn, although that is still a bit large. I don't recall any problem with embroidery thread
  3. I like all three, but the turkey is special
  4. Thanks, the doll the designer dressed is a play doll, so it is much different from mine. It is on ravelry, if you would like to see.
  5. Using Kelli Newcome's dress pattern and vintage hat pattern
  6. After you look at her for a while and you still don't like it...but I think it is fine. She is cute
  7. So pretty, as they always are. Thanks
  8. Cute, sweet expressions
  9. My first one was too big. I try to remember to use an editor to make them smaller. Cuts the time for uploading, too
  10. I need this, too. I don't see any way to show my appreciation for the September Crochetville tote.
  11. Glad you like her. Most of my doll pictures are made on that wall
  12. Thanks, most of the time that is the easiest way.
  13. I received the beautiful Crochetville September 2017 tote.   It is much appreciated

  14. This beautiful girl is a gift from Tampa Doll. Her jacket is from a vintage pattern, her bag is from Helga, her shoes are from Cobblers Cabin, and her skirt is Darski's
  15. Cute, thanks for the pattern