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    Georgia, USA
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    dolls, crochet, genealogy
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    started in the mid 1950's, stopped for a long time started back after seeing the nice doll clothes
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    doll clothes

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  1. lhendrix35

    Jazz the nurse

    Cutie!! the magic click, I got her over in the notifications side
  2. lhendrix35

    Gabrellas' Spring Gown

    I don't remember the name of the designer, but this is the name of the dress.
  3. lhendrix35


    Using Ling Ryans Gonk doll clothes. Her doll is crocheted
  4. lhendrix35

    Jazz the nurse

    I can't raise the picture, but I am sure she is cute as they always are.
  5. lhendrix35

    Hawaiian girl

    I love her, too. good Job!!
  6. lhendrix35

    Tenney's New Dress

    It's beautiful and looks really good on her.
  7. lhendrix35

    logging in

    I have gone the mail route and am in for now, but I don't know whether it will stick. Thanks
  8. lhendrix35

    logging in

    Thanks, I am in for now. If I say I forgot my password, go to my e mail and click whatever, I am brought back to crochetville. I have been able to participate at that one time, but next time it is the same as before. This time it is different, and I have reset my password on the crochetville end, so I will see if I am in without all that trouble for next time. I can understand why people don't come back, and they probably didn't leave but were blocked as I have been
  9. lhendrix35

    logging in

    Forum does not recognize my password. I changed it, but it did not help. The next time, it did not open. This time, I have bookmarked the site while logged in. This may or may not help. What should I do? My mail is lhendrix35@peoplepc.com thanks
  10. lhendrix35

    Cute Little Pumpkin

    Beautiful. I love it
  11. lhendrix35

    Final recipient of my Little Panda:)

    So cute
  12. lhendrix35

    Crocheted Mother Bears

    So cute