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    started in the mid 1950's, stopped for a long time started back after seeing the nice doll clothes
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    doll clothes
  1. I like the topsy turvy dolls, many years ago I sewed one,,,,it was not easy. I love the pink and white skirt. The panda does look rather apprehensive, but he is still cute. Maybe a bigger nose, if you could do it. I cannot do faces
  2. So cute, my favorite is the duck. I like his colors.
  3. He's very colorful and cute.
  4. Cute
  5. So cute!!
  6. She is really fierce looking with those eyes. The webbing is cute. Do you look at the puppies posted on Knitting Paradise? They look like real animals with their silky "hair,"
  7. So pretty, I think I saw something like that in a Workbasket magazine years ago
  8. so cute with all the little heart tricks on her.
  9. So cute, I tried to sew one years ago, but it was a mess
  10. Good idea. I get those bags, sometimes, and I don't want to throw them away.
  11. Cute, now for some clothes for him
  12. Cute, and you can make a lot of clothes for him.
  13. Cute!! thanks
  14. All of them are really cute
  15. All of them are great. Of course, I am partial to the doll in the cape. I know they will be greatly appreciated.