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    Georgia, USA
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    dolls, crochet, genealogy
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    started in the mid 1950's, stopped for a long time started back after seeing the nice doll clothes
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    doll clothes

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  1. lhendrix35

    logging in

    I have gone the mail route and am in for now, but I don't know whether it will stick. Thanks
  2. lhendrix35

    logging in

    Thanks, I am in for now. If I say I forgot my password, go to my e mail and click whatever, I am brought back to crochetville. I have been able to participate at that one time, but next time it is the same as before. This time it is different, and I have reset my password on the crochetville end, so I will see if I am in without all that trouble for next time. I can understand why people don't come back, and they probably didn't leave but were blocked as I have been
  3. lhendrix35

    logging in

    Forum does not recognize my password. I changed it, but it did not help. The next time, it did not open. This time, I have bookmarked the site while logged in. This may or may not help. What should I do? My mail is lhendrix35@peoplepc.com thanks
  4. lhendrix35

    Cute Little Pumpkin

    Beautiful. I love it
  5. lhendrix35

    Final recipient of my Little Panda:)

    So cute
  6. lhendrix35

    Crocheted Mother Bears

    So cute
  7. lhendrix35

    A doll for Melody

    She is cute, sort of prissy. Nice dress.
  8. lhendrix35

    8.5" doll for charity

    Cute baby!!
  9. lhendrix35

    A Dozen Barbie ponchos

    So cute, my pick is # 4 on the left
  10. lhendrix35


  11. lhendrix35

    Crochet Bear

  12. lhendrix35

    sunflower/daisy square pattern..

    Very pretty, thanks
  13. So cute, nice detail to skirt. Thanks
  14. lhendrix35

    Gnome Family

    So cute!!!