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  1. Horsy


    That's what I was thinking, too, ie, buy some veil fabric, then crochet a beautiful edging onto that.
  2. @Ellie. Yup. When I hear of the biblical "coat of many colours", my jacket is exactly what I think it might have looked like (assuming a literal interpretation of the Bible.) Thanks! I used 2 strands of sock yarn because that is what I had on hand and did not realize I would end up with such a thick, dense, heavy coat. Never heard of an ugly sweater party...😆
  3. Thanks for posting this. Never heard these ideas before. OFF TOPIC: I notice that some of this crocheter's rows show gaps at the beginnings of some rows. There are various methods and techniques for avoiding this. I prefer the "turning single crochet" where you chain only one at the end of a DC row, turn, and make 2 SCs, one on top of the other to get the impression of one solid DC, thereby avoiding the big hole. Also, this woman at 6 minutes 24 seconds demonstrates her technique:
  4. Gee, and all this time I thought crocheting was just...crocheting. I didn't realize it got this technical. After reading the comments appearing after the Confessions of a Lifter article, I see why I get the gauge correct in one direction, but not the other. Would be nice to have photos or a video of what's really happening in lifting, yanking, riding, etc.
  5. @Greyhoundgrandma. Many thanks for the encouragement. All I have to do is make pockets (my least favourite job) and block, and then haul out our 20-year old, barely-functioning digital camera... I've never blocked such a thick, heavy garment; I wonder how that's going to work out. Hope it doesn't go moldy. Have you published photos here of your little stash busting projects?
  6. I had a bunch of sock yarn sitting around and decided to get rid of it by making a jacket. I am almost finished. Needless to say, the colour pattern is not symmetrical. It is a real clown-like hodge podge of shades, as I used a double strand. So, I had Red; Flax; and Variegated. That's 3 yarns in different permutations and combinations. Do the math! So, my question is: I know there's no Crochet Police lurking about, but do any of you just go for broke in using up your yarns and not worry about the colour result so long as the shape of the garment is nice? This is a warm jacket an
  7. Whenever I see your name, I have to steady myself for a moment, wondering what work of genius and beauty is coming up. Congrats to you.
  8. Gorgeous. You sure don't need a tree. 🎄
  9. For nice drape, softness, and no scratch, you might try Premier Yarns "Cotton Fair". It is #2 weight and about 50/50 Cotton and Acrylic. Machine washable. I don't know for sure if Michaels in Canada carries the entire range of colours, but maybe I am wrong. I have ordered this yarn from yarncanada, but I'd just as soon order from the USA as my orders get here just as fast and there's more colour choice. Hope you find what you are looking for. For garments especially, I do love Cotton Fair. I'm always hunting for excuses to crochet something, anything, with this yarn, as it
  10. Up and down stitch pattern stitch is where you alternate SCs and DCs. Then on the next row you do a SC in the previous DC; and a DC in the previous row's SC. However, in that photo, it doesn't look like that. Just mentioning this, as there was mention of alternating these 2 stitches.
  11. That is the most shockingly bright royal blue I've ever seen, and it makes a most gorgeous doily.
  12. I learned the sc, dc, repeat as 'up down stitch' from one crochet site That is how I know it, too. It is a lovely textured pattern stitch when done in one colour only and covers a fairly large swath. If you use variegated yarn or short colour change yarn of any kind, something is lost, you can't really appreciate how nice it is. IMO, anyway.
  13. Thank you, Granny Square. I wonder if I should attack this one fine day (after my 3 much smaller projects are complete). I sure do love the look of it. I can see maybe getting a bit bored from time to time.
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