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  1. lhendrix35

    Timmy Turtle

    cute,with such a sweet smile
  2. lhendrix35

    floppy friend monkey

    cute, I love his face
  3. cute, I tried to make one using the sock,but I was unsuccessful
  4. lhendrix35


    so cute, my pick is the one on all fours
  5. lhendrix35

    Two little penguins

    sweet little fella
  6. lhendrix35

    Here's Pooh

    Cute, just like him
  7. lhendrix35


    Cute good job!!
  8. Beautiful, I see what you mean about the tiny waist
  9. So cute, I love him. Good job
  10. Beautiful girl, I love her!! thanks
  11. Love all of them, especially the jacket with tassels. Thanks
  12. lhendrix35

    Little Fox

    Cute, I like the dark spots on his ears
  13. Very pretty, I like the yellow separating the stars.
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