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Granny Squares for those that need them cal 2018

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Good Morning everyone.  Another beautiful day here in Florida.


Everyone ready for the big weekend?  I remember looking forward to this weekend when I was younger, as it meant the beginning of the Summer season down the shore and school almost being over.


Have a fun day.

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Good Morning

some summers were spent at Greenwood lake in Jersey,others were spent at Coney Island,back in the day when we had free range.with the only rule was when the street lights come you had to be in

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Good morning you early risers! I have been up since abot 830, and thinking! How lucky for people who livin places that get the gift of sunshine almost every day!


Its a bright sunshiney day here too afer the storms of the several dys have cleared out for us.


TO log in a comment about making a baby ghan or any ghan out of cotton.....


I woul think it would either too floppy or too heavy you know like a large dish cloth gets after a few washes?? And too stiff to double strand it and lose the softness too.

There used to be a member here that was was collecting 8 jnch cotton squares for a ghan. SHe never posted progress on it or commentd on the project so i never did get to see the finished thing would have liked to as have thought many times about making a baby ghan Myself.

I suspect she used the squares for dishcloths in the end Ha ha but i could be wrong She dropped from the thread with no notice one day and so i never got to see or evn hear of her ghan it is too bad. So if anyone makes a baby ghan out of cotton. SHOW us pwetty pwease as i am sure i am not the only one that has wondered about how something like that would turn out. Lol now she used p&C but in cotton thred might be a difff story. I dunno know. any thoughts on this??


Well that was a load off lol. As for summers we spent them swimming and horse back riding with our pockets full of sugar cubes for them. and playing soft ball i guess i remember the

Street light thing too and come early nightfall we would climb up on our neighbors garlage roof and look at the stars. Till the porch light flicked and we knew we better get in!!

IN other news today i got nothing lol day just started at 8 30 for me haha so only have what was rambling around in my head fro. Frrom Yesterday Todays thoughts will come all in good time!! JUst got to be what?? Thats right patient hahaha


Oh heres a thought.

Sandra or anyone with an ipad how did or can you get a reg keyboard for your I Pad?? I think Sandra may have mentioned she had one. And two did it come with or did you get it separately and if so where would you plug it i. O n the i pad or is it wireless or bluetooth cause i want one!! Lol


If its blue tooth fine. Then it doesnt need a plug in on the i pad does it as my headphones do still have a place on the i pad it goes in. . I have blue tooth headphones but i havent seen the need to use them yet Oh well huh!!





What a funny name. Bluetooth? OK brain is coming out of its sleep mode now!!


HAndyman is cooking eggs im in for just toast however lol. Ill have something more substantial when i hav e done soething to Earn it loljust gettin out of bed is not enough to warrant eggs!!

So with that ill go for now and get my day on you all enjoy the day and ill see you all after while!!! Ta Ta ta!

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It was a stormy evening and night here with lots of rain thunder lightening and wind along with a tornado or two about 50 miles away.


Lets see I believe I was in high school when it actually became a 3 day holiday weekend. Before that it was May 30 and often called Decoration Day. School would be out then if not before and my parents would pack us up and leave us with my grandma on her farm in the Ozarks for the summer. Grandma would pack sandwiches and flowers and we would spend the day going to cemeteries decorating graves. We would stop and have lunch at whichever cemetery we happened to be at when it was noon. At other times during the summer when we went to town we would stop and have lunch at the cemetery where my grandpa was buried. There werent any McDonalds around back then and even if there was we probably could not hsve afforded it. Many years later my sister niece and I stopped to have lunch after visiting grandma and grandpa's. My young niece thought it was weird and it sort of bothered her while my sis and I thought nothing of it as we had done it so many times in the past. I really miss the two huge trees that were there. It makes the church yard look so different now. We also used to take the push mower and mow the little cemetery where grandma's parents were. You have to drive through a field on private property to get to it.


The holiday also meant my birthday was just days away.

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Katy I think it might depend on which brand of cotton you use. Some brands seem softer and more light weight like the Hobby Lobby I love this cotton than the peaches or sugar and creme. I believe TurtleLvr did her afghan in cotton squares and it was queen size. I am sure there is a photo in the old thread some where. Someone else in FL was asking for cotton squares too back then. I think they were thinking the cotton would be more comfortable than acrylic in their climate. Wish they were still around so we could find out how they liked them

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Tribble79 do you have patterns for the My little Ponies? I made a couple quilts with my little Ponies for the fabric. I just love them and wold be awesome to make the Ponies to give with them.


For this ponypost-73457-0-49517500-1464387171_thumb.jpg I used this pattern,



For this pony, i just used granny squares and square panels in the size I needed. No pattern post-73457-0-80760600-1464387283_thumb.jpg


The customized ponies I was talking about were painting and rehairing the actual plastic ponies like the following







Tampadoll, thank you for answering all my inquisitive questions!



I hope someone has made a cotton yarn afghan, and comes across our discussion so we can see one.


I too thought the awards should have been done with graduation.


Well getting ready to mow the yard, so I will try to check in later or tomorrow. It's a really warm day today might take a while in the yard.


Have a good evening all.

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Wow those ponys are darling. MY daughter had about three dozen i think all sizes we and she would play for hours with them!!


Oh shoot forgot a lot of what i typed and lost earlier .

Oh mary jo did your team win?


Also about the cotton i dont know anyone that has actually made a ghan out of it but I too would love to see the end item! I mean how heavy would that be to wash and dry, you know??




looks like more rain this evening and most of the rest the weekend too. That is is usually the case on Mem day weekend for us in thse parts anyway. HOpe it clears out at least during the day anyway. The zoo is opening a new exhibit called the grasslands this weekend. And thsere are numerous other outside activities as well .All weekend so hope rain does not spoil the fun.


Should hear the GOOD news this weekend on my desktop and either eay i just really hope it is good news!! LOL

I got ris of so much stuff these last couple of months fist the dumpsters for clean up week then the donations piles and had aome tthings dor voodwill too ao iam about clear of all unwanteds around here.

The house somehow feels Lighter!


Well gonna post before i loose it haha see you all a bit later perhaps

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Those ponies are precious....  Hot here today, spent the day working on a pocket letter, crocheting some dishcloths and puttering around the house.

  The best thing about Memorial Day for me when I was growing up in Ohio was to go to Indian Lake and we were allowed to go barefoot! I was allergic to bee stings and my foot always swelled four times its size, so Mom didn't let me go barefoot until school was out... then two weeks before school stareted I had to wear shoes again LOL..

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Hi mini! Yeah those good old days huh! SUmmer is sure full upon is now no turning back haaha. It is acting like spring more here though WITH ALL the rain lately!


Hope to you back soon on the thread!! Till later then have a great holiday weekend!

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Lea welcome. Glad you're joining us.


Love all the ponies. My niece had them when she was little.


I would think a large cotton afghan would be really heavy and hard to launder.


More rain this morning and again this afternoon. I have standing water ankle deep in part of the yard. Rain predicted for next several days.

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The ponies are adorable.


Yesterday was a little busy but good, by the time I got to my oldest daughter's home I was ready for a nap and kept dozing off while watching tv with my grandkids. I think the plans today are a trip to Joanns, lunch at Zaxbys and whatever other fun we find along the way. We don't have any plans for the holiday, I will have to drive home Monday afternoon to be back at work early Tuesday morning. I hope everyone enjoys the weekend.

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Good Morning Everyone.


Nope the team lost to Pittsburgh and we now have to sit and watch.  Oh well, maybe next year.


I love the ponies, they are adorable.  I remember them with their different colors.  I think they are making a come back.  I am so far away from what kids like, I feel like a dinosaur.


I am always hoping someone would ask for cotton squares, I could have fun making them.  I saw an afghan once that was made with Crochet squares, knitted squares and quilted squares.  It was amazing and so pretty.


Nothing much going on.  Finishing up the tote today.  I had to rip the pocket half way out, I did not like the color I was using for the writing.  It was to pale and you could not see it.


I do have to go out sometime this weekend.  Can you believe I do not have black yarn?  I mean you should always have black and white.  The two staples in any stash.  I have black but not Red Heart.  Oh well, I will remedy that and soon.


Have fun today.  Hazy, Hot and Humid here a typical Florida summer day.  Oh and they are already starting on Hurricane season that starts Wednesday.


Growing up it was blocking off the street for a block party, parade in the town square, hose on the flag pole for us all to run thru and lots of bar-b-que and watermelon.

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Heading off to the cemetery where dh's folks are. Went to my folks on Mon. Hopefully we can mow at dads today

It rained again last night and it supposed to rain more this afternoon.

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Tampa Doll for the keyboard for I pad. I believe my daughters got it off the actual site of Apple. It's Bluetooth and no plug into the iPad. It's wonderful. You charge the keyboard just like you would a cell phone and then back in buisness again for iPad. I'm sure you could do a search for it on the Internet. What iPad do you have and I could help if you needed me to.

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8thank you Sandra i will. Hek on line avout that keyboad. Is it bigger at least and less sensitive?? Ghe one on ghe i pad is too sensitive and too small i feel like Gilliver trying to use a Lilliputan made more for an adept texter which is not me!


OH yes the wtermelon mary jo! Our small town always had free watermelon in the park which was right down the street and a talent show or band or something. Lots of flags out and a good time for all!!

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minwifeof4boys Glad you made it here. How are you doing? I'll be headed that way on Monday sometime. Not sure time, but most likely around 5ish.

I'm home all day! Let me know... We could at least meet for a bit!

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