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Granny Squares for those that need them cal 2018

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3 hours ago, bgs said:

I have some squares ready for you.  I have to package them and then make a trip into town to mail them which is often harder for me to get done than making them


:clap  Thank you!  Thank you!  :ty

I'm a little backwards this week, so it seems . . . I've made two birthday gifties, but no squares to send with them yet ~ LoL  Surely TODAY I can get some done and ready to mail ~ :hook 

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6 hours ago, pineknott said:

good morning

things went well,have no idea why the stress test said moderate blockage,and the heart cath revealed no blockage,they think he is just having chest wall spasms of no signifacence

enjoy the day

Well, that's a good thing, Lyn ~ :hug  Maybe he's just having gas pains from certain foods he's been eating??  Just a thought.  Sometimes certain meds might cause those kinds of pains, too, like indigestion.  It sure keeps a person guessing, tho.  My Jim has pains in his chest at times, too, when he walks too fast or too far, but his stress test and sonogram all came back "normal", too.  He's got a good, strong heart.  Sometimes I've thought it may be caused from not being as active since his cancer bout, then when he over-exerts it makes his chest feel heavy or aches.  Being a little on the heavy side now, too, doesn't seem to help, either ~ ;)

Hope you're having a good day, too.  It's cold and icky here . . . but then it's Winter, right?  :wbrr

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4 hours ago, katyallen8090 said:

yes i know how to make a new thread thanks though and all i would need i guess is for the admins to archive the old one or we would  eventually i think  maybe lose it  I will put  that request on the help board ok  dont however hold your breath for it to archive soon though lol  im still not gonna mess with the name change idea though but any of you can its up to you i  didnt realize some were having probs with this one loading i guess as i never do but then  both the desk top and laptop are fairly new so sorry about that  i will start a new thread and wait on archiving the old one  its on my list lol the people have spoken  so it shall be done  i will post here on this thread

 first page and here too the new thread i just hope the old missing members will find us lol

yep handy fixed it once he went and got the part carole and just i time  as soon as he walked in the door with the new part it gave a squeal and turned off lol just in time huh!! we have a parts supply house for our type furnace right here a fewmiles  down the street so it went quick and only 112 bucks no labor as he did it lol   lol  

forecast says could be 20 below this weekend is that true and does that then include wind chill???   sheesh   as a high this weekend gosh how do the outside critters make it through something like that anyway?? if a cat or dog is left outside for even a short time in that they probably would freeze to death im sure 

i dont know how birds and rabbits etc can survive that  i worry about that 

  well hope to get my remaining squares for our DEC gals finished and puff'y'ed up today and will try to do the new thread today i hope anyway  those are my priorities today lol see you all a bit later ok  



Yay!  And :ty   That's great that you were able to get the new thread started, Katy ~ :hug  I remember what a hassle it was with downloads, back when we still had to use dial up internet in these parts (some still do, since we don't have fiber-optics).  We've got Hughes Net now, which is satellite service, but it still has it's glitches, too, when clouds interfere or the sun activity affects service . . . it's always something, when you live in the farmlands or wooded areas ~ LoL ~ keeps life exciting! :D

Looks like your hubby got the furnace part just in the neck of time, heh?  Glad you weren't having to go thru getting really cold before it got fixed!  Your cold weather is just a bit too cold for this ol' gal ~ LoL  It's always stayed above 0* in these parts, even tho the few 10* times have been too cold for me.  We do keep a shed fixed up for our outdoor kitties, with a heat lamp on to keep them nice and warm, and a big bed fixed up with a thick blanket to curl up in.  It keeps them out of the elements and gives them a place to huddle together in.

I'm hoping to get busy on my squares to mail out, too, today.  I'd like to get them mailed out tomorrow morning before the post office closes at 10 am ~ :reyes  Yeah, it only stays open for about 2 hrs on Saturday . . . you know, cut backs here in the boonies.  Go fast, go fast! LoL

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Hi all ! :hug I've been out of work for just over two months now. And I love it but I'm going stir crazy. I've tried selling some hats but only a few actually sold. I cannot believe that Jade will be 2 next month ! I am applying for SSI and I have to fax all the papers tomorrow. It took me forever to get them filled out. It seems like I've gone down hill since that pinched nerve issue. I'm just so tired, and bored and depressed. I'd love to crochet but sitting for too long hurts my back and hips and my hands are so finicky lately :( but I have the sweetest little nurse to snuggle me when I don't feel good 😊  

Im going to bring my bag of squares up and start putting them together her some more. That way I can look at it and thank if all of you and feel better since it's like a bunch of hugs 🤗 






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