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  1. Hey! all ~ I'm here . . . I think?? LoL I'm going thru one of those spells where I just can't seem to get motivated to do much of anything. I've managed to work on that End of Time shawl for myself, and it's turning out really pretty . . . love all the different stitches that's in it, and the colors are really pretty using that Mandela yarn. I work on it while watching tv in the evening. (and no, I haven't seemed to get back into working on those heart squares ~ And haven't heard a word on whether our niece is still having their "Happily Ever After" celebration party, either.) My son is also very unhappy with living in Hawaii, too . . . I think it has more to do with his job, and he and his little wife aren't able to spend much time together because of both of their jobs. His Navy job is getting so stressful these days, too, I'm sure. That's one reason he got himself a 2nd job in the evening so he could de-stress before going home (he works on helicopter and jet engines in the evenings). Otherwise, we is doing good. Just taking a day at a time ~ I've worked out in the yard, too, planting flower seeds in my pots and planters (did I already say that in an earlier post?? LoL). Hope you all are having a great week so far. Happy crocheting ~
  2. Well, after having windy, warmer days this past week, we were VERY surprised to see a drop in temps yesterday. This morning when I looked out the window, there was SNOW FLURRIES falling! They didn't last long, tho, but it's still hangin' in the 40's and cold. Crank up the heat, again! (edited) I'd forgotten to mention, we also had tornado warnings and watches over the past two days, too. Kansas City I guess had one in their area! Didn't hear if there was much damage, tho. I started on a shawl for myself yesterday, something pretty, just for me (I think?? ). The "Lost in Time" shawl by mojicrochet. It's such a pretty pattern, and has so many different looks with whatever yarn you use, too. I'm making mine from the Mandela / Sphinx colored yarn, and it's SO soft feeling. This is probably the first "special" yarn I've ever crocheted with, too. Hope everyone is having a good weekend. Lots of surprise weather, too, so it seems! LoL
  3. I love your round ripple 'ghan, Katy!! This one is as pretty as the first one you posted, too! You sure can crochet FAST, too, so it seems! Wish I was as fast! LoL Are these ripple 'ghans for a charity?
  4. Oh, Tribble! The little ducky is so cute, and I'll bet Lil' Tribble loves it to pieces! As for the snake? Uuhh, I've been noted for playing around with our garden snakes in the yard, but that monster thing you've got around your neck . . . definitely NOT for me, girl! LoL He is purty, tho. I don't mind looking at them behind glass enclosures, but touching them just freaks me out! (edited) Oh! I was just wondering, too, Tribble? How are you being able to start losing weight? I can't seem to lose more than one or two lbs, but then gain it back again. I know it's been said that this stupid medicine I'm on will cause weight gain, but I really don't eat that much . . . just no appetite to speak of. What's your secret? I love the little doggie you crocheted, too ~ adorable!
  5. Katy ~ I love your round ripple 'ghan! It's really pretty and I love the colors! Good job, girl! Hmmm, I hadn't thought about the fields being burned off, causing nose problems and such ~ The farmers have been doing a lot of that around here, too, and me and hubby have been sneezing and blowing as a result. It was so beautiful, but windy, today . . . sun shining and even got up to about 80* ~ Yesterday got up to about 78* I think. Thanks for the reminder, Brenda, about who posted the curler idea ~ I knew I was probably forgetting one more person here ~ LoL Thank you, Krys ~ Ya'll have some really good ideas, for sure.
  6. That is a really nice perk, Mary Jo, having a company do something so nice with their orders. Makes their customers feel real special, too.
  7. I had to stop by just to let ya'll know, especially Brenda and Mary Jo, that I went to the Dollar Tree and got me some of those sponge rollers to roll my yarn on while crocheting those heart squares ~ I absolutely LOVE this idea! And it works SO good, too. Keeps this ol' lady's brain from gettin' frazzled ~ LoL ~ this also keeps me from fighting with all that big yarn stuff, and makes it a pleasure now to get back into finishing this Mended Hearts afghan for our niece. Glad you found a zig-zag foot for your sewing machine, Arlene! That's great! Hopefully things will get better for you, Sandra. I sure hate that you're going thru such a trying time. I hope the girls are still helping you more, and being more considerate towards you, too. Today was up in the 60's temps, but the wind was blowing like crazy! Hubby's wind-blown hair made him look like a "mad scientist" ~ LoL Couldn't keep a hat on to save his life, either!
  8. Yeah, we don't make a lot of runs up north. It seems like every year or two we do make a trip, they've changed all the highways around for the umpteenth time, like do they REALLY need to be turned around again?? It's starting to look a lot like Los Angeles, California!! As a new driver those many years ago, I refused to drive on those busy highways. And yes, then they go changing the names of the highways, too . . . we still call 71 hwy by that, or use both it and I-49 together ~ LoL The Kansas side is even worse than Missouri! Always has been, too (I hate Johnson County!!). Thank you, we were glad to see such nice weather, too, for the trip. Really nice ~
  9. Aaaah, it sounds like you've had quite a few cats, too, like us ~ We love our kitties, that's for sure. Our Scooter girl lived to be 18 yrs old, and the only long-haired calico we've ever had. The other oldest cats now are about 6-7 yrs old, and then the younger ones are going on 2 yrs old this year. Our Gidget was a ginger-orange tabby and had two sons, Moon-doggy and Moochie, that were ginger-orange tabby just like her, and they were the only orange cats we've had here (the wild male doing all the "fathering" was a big, light-colored tabby with lots of white, which thankfully he is not around any more . . . such a fighter!). And as it goes, tho, it's always the favorites that seem to disappear ~
  10. Thanks, Katy ~ How's your ankle doing? Hope you're gettin' around better now and the pain and swelling is going away. That's what I've heard, too, about the calico cats (4-colored). That most are females. We've had a few, too, and yes they were all female. I don't think I've ever seen a male calico in fact.
  11. We were in Richmond, which is just a little north of Excelsior Springs, I think? We were surprised it only took us right at 3 hrs to get up there, too. Brother's wife had him cremated, so they will probably have a family service later at their property, where she will bury him in their family cemetery. She's planning on just staying there at their home, and also has one of the younger dghts staying with her since she's not married. It's also a little harder on sis because they had just lost their mentally challenged son (52 yrs old) this past Fall ~ drs said he wouldn't live past 2 yrs old, so he was like their miracle child. Sis-n-law and hubby I guess got way-layed by the flu bug. They've been under some stress lately, so I'm sure that knocked their resistance down a bit, too. He's been unemployed and having trouble with health issues. Luckily she has her job at the local newspaper which helps a lot. Hubby was talking about us making a trip down later to check on them and see how they're doing. They've been going thru some rough times and just can't seem to get away from down there in Oklahoma . . . they've been wanting to sell out and move back up here to Missouri. Closer to family. Family reunion will be coming up here next month, too. Cats are sure funny critters, that's for sure ~ LoL They just seem to move around from one family to another . . . whoever will feed 'em good and give them attention. And they are all so individual in their personalities! This is why we have 3 extra kitties, too ~ the ones the neighbor girl left behind when she moved away ~ And of course, they aren't fixed either. Fuzz is the mom, Cruz is her 2-3 yr old son, and then last years kittens from her, "Bangle" (named for his color pattern ~ tiger stripes and blotches, like a Bangle cat). Fuzz and Cruz are black-n-white, and they usually stay across the street at their original home (not sure if the neighbor's son feeds them or not . . . probably not, tho.) I think we're down to 9 outside cats now?? TigerLily, Oney, Smiley (our only boy), Spunky, Mousey, Kelly, BrightEyes (the wildcat), and then the 3 "vagabonds". It's a far cry from the 20+ cats we use to have!! I do NOT want to go thru that again! Just glad we got the girls all fixed! I think most of our cats are all up about 6-7 yrs old now. And I don't plan on having any more cats once these all die or move away, or whatever. Yeah, with Spring being around the corner, the Toms are out cruzin' the neighborhoods. They're known for traveling MILES away from home. We had one years ago, we saw him about 3-4 miles from our house visiting his new girlfriend ~ And, no, he never came back home either.
  12. Thanks for the congrats on my hubby, Mary Jo ~ LoL He's already been hearing complaints from a few town's folk on certain things! At least being involved with the council will give him a little time away from home and visiting with his city buddies again ~
  13. Brenda ~ that's what I do, too, with my zig-zag foot. I just leave it on my machine since I like switching back and forth on different sewing projects. Plus I use it for some of the embroidery stitching, too. As for the SNOW again? Uuugh! I noticed we had a little of that sleety white pebbly stuff this morning in my flower pots, and when I was letting Trixie back inside, it had started sleeting again a little. So we may get some "whatever" this stuff ends up being ~ Our trip yesterday was beautiful! No extreme cold and no icy conditions at all. In fact, it turned into a beautiful day, with the sun shining and actually got up to the 40's temps, too. Didn't even need to wear our coats getting from one place to the other. It was so good seeing all the family and catching up with everyone. Seeing all the kids, and those who are now married and have kids of their own, sure makes you feel your age, really quickly! LoL Hope everyone here has been having a great weekend.