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  1. I have a suggestion, too, KatyAllen friend ~ How about proofing our posts before sending (or slow down typing ~ LoL)?? I flunked "hieroglyphics" in school ~ Note: On your last sentence for the squares to be made? What sizes are those suppose to be ~ 6-inch, ??? , 12-inch . . . just wondering. Thanks ~
  2. Did I make ya laugh today?
  3. Well, another cloudy day, but it's suppose to start clearing off later this afternoon ~ yay! I'm done with the storms showing their face! The rain has been good for the garden, tho, so can't complain too much. We'll be wishing for rainy and cooler weather soon enough when Summer gets a hold, right? I'll be working on some more crochet today , getting a few things made for a dear aunt we'll be visiting next weekend, and some items for the auction at the reunion, too. Hope ya'll have a great weekend, staying cool , or out of the weather if it's wet and rainy . Happy crocheting!
  4. You can still select "no notifications" if you want, Linda. (it's at the bottom of your post ~ "notify me of replies") As far as I can see, we still have our signature at the bottom?? You might have to go in and do any changes you want, tho . . . colors, font, etc. Hope this helps with navigation ~ Go to your Account Settings in your profile and you can see all the stuff you can change on it (scroll all the way down to see everything). There's a whole list! I just checked it out myself and did some changes on my account, too, Linda. I'm sure liking this change in CrochetVille!
  5. Sounds like you're gonna be having some fun with the cupcake decorating, heh? I know how much I enjoyed making my two kids' birthday cakes, too, when they were younger . . . so much fun. And to see the surprised looks on their faces, too. It's been awhile since I've done any cake decorating, but would love to try again some day. Not sure these ol' crippled up hands could handle it, tho ~ LoL Coffee sounds like a good thing, too, now that you mentioned it! It's gotten kinda cool this evening with the storms rollin' in. I'm sure Lil' Tribble will love the cupcakes! Don't forget to show pics, okay?
  6. Hey! ya'll ~ we had a terrific storm last night! Tornado warnings were going off all over in these parts! Sure got scary with all the high winds, hail and heavy rain, that's for sure ~ I wasn't quite ready to go to sleep so thought I'd read for a bit? The book I started just happened to be about a small town being hit by a tornado! LoL It's just been rainy and thundery all day, but at least no warnings! whew! Hubby just told me that we're under a tornado warning again for this evening . . . oh well. Gonna be a bumpy night.
  7. I'm just so glad that several of you gals, Brenda, were able to keep in some kind of touch with our KatyAllen. Infections like that are nothing to play around with, that's for sure. Just glad she was able to get herself to the hospital in due time. It sure had us all wondering and worrying.
  8. I'm sure your family is so relieved, too, that you made it thru. Sometimes we forget just how differently things could have been, and how blessed we are, heh? Love you, crochet friend ~
  9. I'm lovin' this new format, for sure! Here' a picture, finally, of my granny squares that KatyAllen sent to me (sorry I'm so late posting). Thank you, again, so much!
  10. Yeah, you are, heh? It's SO good to see you feeling better and being able to be here again with us! We coulda lost ya, girl!!
  11. Thanks for the updates, Donna ~ We're gonna LOVE this!! So much fun!!
  12. And of course, the bonus dessert is . . . YARN!!
  13. Wow! we're back ~ yay! So glad Little Tribble had a great birthday . . . lil' Tribble! I've never had trouble with the butter cream icing recipe I use. But I'm sure it was probably because of it getting a bit warm while working with it perhaps. Try using smaller amounts and keeping the rest of it in the bowl while in the fridge. That sounds fun, making sushi candy (my dght-n-law would get a kick out of it, I'm sure! LoL)
  14. LoL ~ you are not alone, Brenda! My hubby is the same way when it comes to his meal times. I'm glad he's learned to do a lot of the cooking now, too (yes, I've had to share my kitchen with him ~ LoL). But he fixes a mean cajun chicken dinner, and General Tso's chicken, too. And he is so pleased with himself that I taught him how to make gravy for his breakfast ~ We've been enjoying cooking together, too. Just lovin' our remodeled kitchen, that's for sure ~ LoL
  15. Wow! girl! LoL We'll have to call you "whirl-wind Katy" now, since you're one ball o' fire, getting all this work done around your house! You think you might be interested in visiting each of us and help get our houses in order, too? It's so good to see you back to feeling better and being able to get so much done on your own now . . . awesome!