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    Carole :)
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    Born in the Kansas City area; raised by my dad and grandmother (mom left us when I was 5 months old ~ couldn't deal with married life or being a mother); married to the greatest guy in my life; mother to 2 grown kids from a prior "bombed" marriage.
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    Southwest Missouri
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    Homemaking, birdwatching, horses, wildlife, crocheting, needlework and sewing.
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    Since the mid 1970's ~ self-taught when my kids were little
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    I enjoy filet crochet, doilies and afghans, and kitchen pretties.
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  1. Lovin2Crochet

    granny squares work and chat friends 2019 new thread

    Well, low and behold! I tried my bookmark for the group and it said "it couldn't be found"?? Then just for the heck of it, I tried the old link from the notifications once I got here ~ now it said "you don't have permission"?? 😕 Hmmm. But anyhow, thank you, Katy for sending the new link to the group. It works . . . at least for now, heh? Been staying busy, and now dealing with storms and tornado warnings, etc. Had a big wind sweep thru last night and took the roof off of the smoke shop next door to us . . . and it landed in our yard ~ 😛 Guess hubby just got himself some building material, ya think? LoL I love the bracelet cups you made, Katy ~ adorable and so useful! Koala ~ I love your little mermaid and "purple people-eater"?? So cute! Our new smart phone has really came in handy for checking on the weather updates around here. Trying to get the hang of using it (hubby doesn't deal with it too well, but he does like his new flip phone). We finally disconnected from our landline, again, and saving about $30/month or more so far! Yay! Hope everyone is staying safe and well during these storms . . . they're SO BIG now days!! 😮 Take care.
  2. Lovin2Crochet

    Meet Hairy Harry

    LoL ~ I love your Hairy Harry, Mary Jo! The kids will love this fella for sure! (you know you're gonna have to make a BUNCH of these guys, right? ) He sure brought out the "hide-n-seek" members here, heh?
  3. Lovin2Crochet

    Granny Squares for those that need them cal 2018

    I think you're at the old page here, KatyAllen ~ We aren't here any longer.
  4. Lovin2Crochet

    New Wish Lists?

  5. Lovin2Crochet

    New Wish Lists?

    Oh, okay ~ That sounds great! Hope you can get 'er going again . . . can hardly wait to read all the wishes ~
  6. Lovin2Crochet

    C’Ville Tote December 2017

    Congratulations! BabyPoohsMom ~ on being a Bag Lady! Love your tote, and what a nice Christmas gift, too ~
  7. Lovin2Crochet

    C’Ville Tote December 2017

    Hope you have a wonderful day, too, Mary Jo. Many of us wish we were there in Florida right now . . .
  8. Lovin2Crochet

    New Wish Lists?

    I was just thinking, Terri? Can you start a new thread for the Wish List, and then each of us post our list in it as a "comment" or post?? Not sure how it worked before, been too long to remember for me. Maybe that would take the burden off of one person trying to keep up with changes or wishes being fulfilled? We'd be responsible for our own entries and updates, then ~
  9. Lovin2Crochet

    New Wish Lists?

    I've missed the Wish List, too . . . so I'm happy to see it on its way back now ~ It was nice sending little surprise gifties to others, and ever so often get a surprise in return, or unexpected giftie from an unknown person . . . that was always so sweet, and such a Day-brightener, too. While going thru the cancer ordeal with Hubby 4 yrs ago, I know it really uplifted my spirits to have someone thinking of me and my sweetheart ~ Then returning the favor to someone else also helped me to think of others around me . . . got my mind off of our situation a little. I've been so blessed by the Wish List and the RAoK (random acts of kindness).
  10. Lovin2Crochet

    2017 Stashbusting CAL

    Oh, how pretty! I love all the colors, too!
  11. Lovin2Crochet

    2017 Stashbusting CAL

    I'm getting ready to start working on some more granny squares, using up a lot of my little balls of left-over yarn. I even had room now in one of my tubs to empty a big bag of yarn into ~ My craftroom closet is looking better now!
  12. Lovin2Crochet

    2017 Stashbusting CAL

    I'm so sorry for your friend, Mona ~ I'm sure your shawl will brighten her day. Sounds pretty! I love the HomeSpun yarn, even tho it can be a pain to work with (at least for me). I made a hooded scarf a couple of years ago, in deep tones, for myself . . . ended up giving it to my sweet dght-n-law ~ Prayers for your friend.
  13. Lovin2Crochet

    2017 Stashbusting CAL

    That's great, Mona! I bought some Mandala/Sphinx yarn to make myself a shawl ~ "Lost in Time". It's such a beautiful shawl that Mijo Crochet designed . . . hope mine turns out just as pretty. (sorry I can't find my link to post to her) She's got several beautiful shawl patterns ~ she works with a lot of colors and blends. What's the name of the shawl you're working on? and the color(s) you're using?
  14. Lovin2Crochet

    2017 Stashbusting CAL

  15. Lovin2Crochet

    2017 Stashbusting CAL

    Would it be okay to post my 2017 scores, from what I can figure I've done lately?? Kind of a practice run for me, so I know what I'm doing . . . I think? LoL WTD: -1 (got a ball gave to me last weekend) YTD: +7 (skeins and 1 ball I used up in that Log Cabin afghan I finished last week)