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  1. back, Tribble . . . so sorry you was having trouble with the site and with the computer, too. It's good to see you here again!
  2. Okay, girlfriend, can you at least turn your fans on and blow a little of that wonderful heat up this way, into Missouri? LoL I was wondering how using pieces of cardboard or plastic might work on those bobbins, too. Still have to fasten them, tho, to keep them from unraveling like you said. I'm working on a snowman towel hanger, started last night. Your Leprechaun sounds cute!
  3. Brenda ~ I think the industrial clips are my favorite! Everything is so neatly kept in place as you crochet . . . I love it! (I'm a bit of a neat-freak, so this "mess" I've been dealing with has really made my mind shut down ~ ) We may be heading for town tomorrow, too, so maybe I can pick up some of those industrial clips ~ Looks like he may be needing to see the dr . . . been having side pains for about a month now, and our primary dr he saw a couple of wks ago didn't seem concerned about it, so . . . I'm making him an appt with the cancer dr/nurse practitioner to see what they say and find out about it. It's the same place in his side where he had a hematoma removed near his lung, while going thru his cancer treatments. His labs showed his gout is out of control, which also is a possible sign of the cancer returning. So we're a bit worried, and I'm sure hubby has mulled this over in his mind this past several weeks, too. (You know how our men folk can be, right? It takes them to their knees before they will decide to see the dr!)
  4. Thanks so much, Mary Jo, for the ideas! They're great! I really like the baggy idea, because those would keep the yarn cleaner, too. But they are ALL good ideas. Thankfully, for this first-time doing the color-changing thingy like this, I'm glad the squares are a manageable size (5x7 approx.) ~ LoL The baskets are nice, tho, if I use full skeins that I can pull thru the center. I'll have to give several of these ideas a try for sure ~
  5. Now THIS is right up my alley, Brenda! I've got a basket about that size that would work perfectly, too! Keeping everything in one place! Awesome! Thank you, again!
  6. Thanks for the link to Ravelry for the Granny Mandala, too, Brenda ~ What a pretty coverlet or rug this made! Love the idea!
  7. Thank you, thank you, thank you, Brenda! I love this idea for a yarn tamer! My conglomoration of yarn balls and skeins is 3 balls in a coffee can on the floor, one skein by my side in the rocker, and one skein or ball on the table in front of me! LoL I actually "thought" I could make it thru completing one whole square before I lost my mind in the tangled mess, but alas ~ LoL Hmmm, maybe I ought to give it a try again today, while hubby is busy with playing his Zuma game or listening to the radio ~ It's nice and quiet right now. Thanks so much for the link to the bobbin holder! What a great idea! Jiiimmm . . . can you do me a favor?
  8. Krys ~ back when my hubby was single, years ago, whenever he would get solicitors he would start telling them the particular ways of making a peanutbutter and jelly sandwich . . . in great detail ~ That would usually curb the calls for awhile, too.
  9. Wow! Has it slowed down that much here at CrochetVille?? That is SO sad! I haven't visited any of the other communities here, just a couple of them this go-round since my last absence. Maybe it's because we're all getting older and we've all slowed down so much with our health problems and whatever, ya think? My main problem has been, staying focused on what I'm wanting to do, along with the "feeling like it", too. It sure keeps us fighting, that's for sure! I'm not ready to just stay sitting in a rocking chair, looking out into space ~ LoL Gotta keep moving, even if it's in spurts! Yeah, I think that's one of my problems, Brenda ~ trying to keep all those yarn balls from tangling and fighting each other! But the stress of trying to get this afghan started and finished in such short order is the bigger part of my problem, too . . . I've allowed myself to be under fire by getting such a late start on it. My fault, of course. Especially when I KNOW I have up-n-down days. But I have promised myself to get this Mended Hearts afghan done and given to this sweet couple ~ Well, I hope you will be seeing some warmer days shortly, Brenda. Question: How do you keep all the multiple balls of yarn from tangling?? Everything just seems to get all twisted up as I turn my work on each row ~ I've even thought of pinning each ball to the backside as I work each row. Something to play around with, right?
  10. Good morning, Linda ~ okie-dokie on the books (but I do have some I'm willing to part with ~ ). I don't have any of her books, so since we'll be making a run to the local thrift store in a few days, I'll check to see if they have them, okay? Right now, I just started reading "Honor" by Kathy Cote (Quaker Life), about a young girl who lost her inheritance of the family plantation, during the emancipation of the slaves ~ she had made a promise to her father that she would free their slaves when she became the owner. Grandfather changed his will on his death-bed, and dis-inherited her because of that decision, and gave the plantation to her young cousin. She is allowed to take her personal slave with her when she leaves, and only the belongings she can carry. It's interesting to see how her life changes as she finds her way. We woke up to fog this morning, but the temp is at 40* so far. And it's still raining and soggy outside. At least the frozen world has thawed out now ~
  11. Oh! I forgot to mention, you all . . . while going thru my stacks of patterns to re-file, I found my Granny Squares List of folks, dated back in 2011 ~ LoL Wow! we had a LOT of members! Two pages! I like making a hard copy for myself so I can keep track of who I've sent to, their address changes and the yarn requests, and such.
  12. Linda ~ what authors or books are you looking for? I can check my "supply" and see if I've got some you might like? I'm willing to share.
  13. LoL Yeah, sometimes we do have to "get mean", heh? So far, they don't leave messages, but I've done like you, pushing the on-n-off button. Heck, we use to complain 'cause no one ever called us . . . now we wish we were back to those days again ~ LoL