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  1. HAPPY ANNIVERSARY! to FunnyMom8 ~ Hope your day is extra special, even sharing it with your darling grand-babies ~ Glad to see you back here JessiCali ~ We will surely be saying a prayer for your mom-n-law, you & hubby. My hubby and I spent a couple of hrs earlier, trimming an old ugly tree so he doesn't keep running into the low limbs while mowing. It was the same one that "attacked" me the other day when I was trying it do some cutting on it by myself . . . now I'm a bruised up mess ~ LoL Hey! no pain, no gain, right? It's becoming another scorcher today, so a good day to sit back and work some more on my crocheting. I'm almost done with the reorganizing and rearranging in the livingroom now, so we'll be shopping for flooring soon! Then maybe I can get it finally set up as a real livingroom to relax in, and take back more room here in my office/crafting room. Stay cool everyone and have a great day ~
  2. Yeah, hubby wasn't much on playing matching games like Lexor or Zuma, but now I can hardly get him off of the computer once he starts a game ~ LoL He usually likes the fighter jets or war games, but I also got him started on my Age of Empires, too, where you build your empire. I can't think of the other one, tho, that he likes even more . . . where you work your way up from club and spear, to nuclear weapons. I like that one, too, but it takes forever to play just one game set. I can't sit at the computer for 4-6 hours playing a game any more ~ LoL (He's a lot faster than I am, too!) We watched a weird vampire movie last night "Blade" with Wesley Snipes . . . kinda futuristic? I was surprised we even liked it. Since it was on a regular tv station, the cussing was dubbed out of it so it was more enjoyable watching. It was pretty wild. Oh! and thanks for sharing your crocheting projects, too! I love the little purses . . . so cute. Love your new profile pick, too, Katy.
  3. LoL ~ Had to laugh about your comment on your floors having enough traction from the dirt perhaps! The type of tile we have in our kitchen and hallway is rough-textured, so not as slick. But these floors we laid with the laminated wood? Wow! It's like being in the Winter Olympics around here! I don't do too good doing the splits at my age, either! LoL Just thinking about it now, I may have to suggest to hubby that we get a different type flooring for the livingroom!
  4. I've been doing really good about not picking up any more yarn at Wally World ~ LoL ~ I just walk on by . . . while drooling ~ I love that Gnome/Mandala yarn cake, too! So pretty! I need to get busy and use up all the yarn I have in my stash in these big bins and lots of bags full! The stuff I see as I walk by on my table and "am so surprised" I have all this stuff to work on ~ LoL ~ I really do need to get busy! (All this moving talk and thinking has really kept my mind in over-drive! Hubby is talking about us making another one-day trip down to Oklahoma to check out 4 more houses we're interested in.) If I wasn't so tired of this area now, I'd say "let's just stay put", but I'm ready to move to new ground ~ With all this dust from the dry roads here, I get to feeling like I'm in the Oklahoma Dust Bowl here in Missouri!) Our little Taffy is running all over now and tackling momma whenever the mood strikes her ~ LoL ~ she is so cute! Hubby caught her trying out the cat food, too, munching on it.
  5. Just a boring Saturday around here, and too hot to work outside, for sure ~ Hubby washed the relic '76 van earlier and worked in the garage for a bit, until it got too hot for him. Then we watched a few of the new episodes of "Anne with an 'E' ", which we are really disappointed in the direction it's headed ~ I still haven't read the book yet, so now wondering how it will be (tv series always have a different version so it seems). Well, I did get some more done on the shawl I'm trying to finish up. Just can't get into the mood to do much today, I guess. I need to get another cotton slip sewn up for myself, since my old one is becoming "see-thru" from being worn out ~ LoL I think hubby is bored with playing his Zuma game, too ~
  6. Katy ~ I just wanted to tell you how much I love the Sunflower-Daisy square pattern you shared, too! So cute! Now I can hardly wait until we start the CAL's ~ Fall and Winter might be a good time to start, ya think? Looks like Summer is pretty busy for most, with the kids and families headin' for the water. Maybe do a CAL once a month for those of us who don't have a lot going on perhaps? Just a thought, okay?
  7. You sound just like me, Carol! LoL I don't like tomatoes, either, but do like cooking with them. I'll eat them on hamburgers or "sometimes" on my BL's (only without lettuce, too ~ ). I'm usually a meat-cheese-n-bun eater, tho . . . plain is my pref. Nope, I haven't gotten the choc-chip cookies baked yet, either. Too hot now and don't want to heat up the kitchen . . . of course, there's the loooong way of baking them . . . use the toaster oven ~ Small batches at a time. Looks like it's gonna be a HOT summer in these parts ~
  8. Katy ~ my thoughts on the slippers? I always figure you can make them out of ANY kind of yarn, or even heavier thread (#3 or #5) which is usually cotton, too. I'm always experimenting with different hook sizes or yarns . . . makes life interesting, ya think? Plus since my feet are small, size 4-5 when not swollen ~ LoL, I'm always having to down-size a slipper or sock pattern. I know what you mean about not being able to get BOTH slippers or mittens to looking the same very often . . . always having to play around with them, you know "frogging"? LoL Also, I've seen the spray-on tread, too, but haven't ever tried it yet. Maybe some of the others here have?
  9. Katy, you are a crocheting speedster, girl! You are flat kickin' out! Wish I was just a fraction as fast as you! Love all the color combinations you come up with, too . . . you're so smart!
  10. I don't think there's a rude person here, Funnymom8 ~ LoL ~ we're all pretty easy going, and just love our crocheting, especially for charities and each other ~ I love the way our group spurs each other's mojo for ideas and such. Plus it's always nice to see that they really do care when one of us is missing for awhile, or are going thru some "stuff". Moral support is always good, heh?
  11. I LOVE this idea, girls! This would be so much fun!
  12. That being said, Funnymom8, don't be surprised . . .
  13. Hi! Carol ~ I was thinking earlier today, too, that some homemade chocolate chip cookies sure sounded good! Ain't nothing beats a nice batch of freshly baked cookies, for sure. Especially after I ate the last store-bought chocolate chip ~ Sounds like you had a lovely day with grand-dght, heh?
  14. All I can say is ~ Facebook can NEVER take the place of CrochetVille (or Ravelry) and our fellow crochet and knitting buddies! I only use my FB for family and a few church friends/ministers, but I really NEED my specialty crochet groups ~ Ya'll keep my crocheting motivated, and the chattering is irreplaceable!
  15. Oh, what a beautiful kitty! A "dalmation" kitty at that! LoL (we just watched "101 Dalmations" on Netflix the other day, too!) Wow! 20-lbs!! Our Gizzy weighed about 15-lbs and he ran the roost at our place, too ~ Our Smokey pretty well has hubby wrapped around his paw, always yowling and wanting poppa to go sit down in the rocker . . . he is Soooo spoiled! Your Martin is such a pretty cat! and so contented looking, too.