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  1. Holy WOW! 17 pages to read through :( Ive been gone too long. The job with Target did not work out, unfortunately. Ive got a few other optoins that may be open soon, so ill just keep my fingers crossed. Also, My 17yr old son (good grief I feel old) just got his first job, working at McDonalds. He will start at more than what I am making now and Ive been with schnucks for a year. But my health insurance plan should start today. Drs changed some of my medicine around as one that I was taking is no longer available to them and cash-pay was a few hundred dollars. So now I have a whole slew of medicine, but I will have to say that some medicine definately does not take as long before you can feel a difference, and I am so happy that I am not hurting all over as bad as I was. Miss Jade is doing great, except for her three-nager tantrums. Oh. My. Goodness. Ive had one of those before and I am still at my witts-end with ehr sometimes, and shes almost 15! I do know what to do with another screamer, lol, I guess its a good thing most of my sanity is already out the window.
  2. Dropping in to say hi I am going in for an interview at Target tomorrow (having 2 jobs is going to kick my butt, but we have to get ahead somehow). Ill have to let you all know how it goes. Miss Jade is doing good, I will have to try to log in from my phon eto post some new pictures.
  3. Hi all. Not much to post. Just wanted to let you all know that were are still here Jade is doing really good. Got a lot going on and a lot of things up in the air. Just keep us in your prayers please
  4. Hi all. Barely hanging in here. Miss Jade is doing well, but still bouncing from one infection to another. Now she has upper respiratory thing, tummy bug, and pink eye. But other than that she’s good. Mom hanging in as well. Just trying do little things here and there that I enjoy or something small that makes me happy. Just been very tired lately , and school work is kicking my booty πŸ˜†. Just wanted to say hi and let you all know we are doing alright.
  5. Hi all. New thread has been bookmarked and tabbed to my home page. Sorry Ive been MIA for so long. its been a rough patch lately. Katiebug said to tell yo all hi and sorry shes been gone lately also. Ill pass along the new thread to her and hopefully she will ge ta chance to pop in. for all.
  6. Hi all ! I've been out of work for just over two months now. And I love it but I'm going stir crazy. I've tried selling some hats but only a few actually sold. I cannot believe that Jade will be 2 next month ! I am applying for SSI and I have to fax all the papers tomorrow. It took me forever to get them filled out. It seems like I've gone down hill since that pinched nerve issue. I'm just so tired, and bored and depressed. I'd love to crochet but sitting for too long hurts my back and hips and my hands are so finicky lately but I have the sweetest little nurse to snuggle me when I don't feel good 😊 Im going to bring my bag of squares up and start putting them together her some more. That way I can look at it and thank if all of you and feel better since it's like a bunch of hugs πŸ€—
  7. Brenda bgs Thank you So Much for the lovely card and the angel. I love it 😍
  8. Hi all. Still not back to work. My boss refuses to let me return even though I was released for full duty 3 days a week(Drs orders). He's not liking the 3 days so he won't put me on the schedule.
  9. Hi All ! Seems as though my last few attempts to post here havent gone through. Miss Jade is doing great as are the other munchkins. I am now sitting at almost a month since Ive been in to work. I was out 2 weeks with a pinched nerve in my lower back/hip area. After getting released by my doctor for full duty 3 days per week, my boss decided that he doesnt want to put me on the schedule but he wont fire me either. So weve been squeaking by, and Ive put in for SSI as directed by my doctor so I am waiting to hear back about that. It seems that I must have missed something in scrolling through..... Is the Ville shutting down? or just our thread? I really hope not, I would miss you all
  10. Hi all miss Jade is now 21 months old I'm off work for 2 weeks with a pinched nerve but I'm doing ok. Dr said it's not too horrible but it would have been had I not gone to see him and kept working the way I have been. Dr also told me I have fibromyalgia. But always assumed I had, since it runs rampant in my family and I've always had the symptoms.
  11. Miss Jade is doing wonderfully. 20 months old now. Geez, where did the time go?!?
  12. Hi all. Hope everyone is staying safe . We are all doing ok. I've had some health issues lately but dealing the best I can. Sorry it's been so long since I've been on
  13. hi all. I guess I missed quite a bit. i haven't really been feeling up to doing much lately, and would rather just hide in bed than do anything at all. kids are all doing good now that they(all 3 of the girls) have gotten over that weird virus that's been going around. Fever (103*/104*), headache, body ache for about 2 days then its gone.
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