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  1. Thank you for my Christmas card, Brenda ~ I need to get mine together and sent out this week, too. Went online and checked out your new home place, girl! I love it! Hubby wouldn't probably go for it, but "I" certainly could ~ LoL (I'd be NOT having any cats, either!) They sure have a lot of choices, too! Hope you are having a good weekend, and not working so hard with the moving and resettling now.
  2. Oh, that would have been so much fun, Lyn, when we visited son and dght-n-law while they were stationed in Virginia! Wish I would have thought of that. Not sure just how far it was from his base, tho? Hope you are doing good and having a fun weekend. The sun is shining today, altho it's still on the chilly side 30*s. Guess I'll be doing some laundry, then finishing book-work. Maybe I'll get a chance to sit down and work on some crocheting?
  3. Good morning, Lea ~ This isn't going to be such a lazy day for me today, since we had hubby's dr appt and some errands to run yesterday, which shot the day for sure. I'm figuring bills this morning (yuck!), then "plan" to go thru more boxes and get stuff put away, again, or up on the walls (safer there, and easier to keep track of ~ LoL). For break-time I'll work on some crocheting (gotta get that baby blanket done, or change the plan on it??), and making some dish towel hangers with attached potholder (love these things!). Maybe I can get those other "little gifties" finished, too, that I started last year? 😕 Our pets, 6 kitties all together, is what holds up the "where to live" for us, too. The RV plan sounds like a great idea, too, but I understand the thought of living in close quarter with 2 dogs and 2 cats ~ LoL ~ it would be exciting, I'm sure! After cleaning up after Trixie, again, before daybreak this morning, I'm ready to kick her butt out the front door permanently! When she goes outside, she likes getting up on the roof of the other house and drinking from the gutter??!! Of course, then that upsets her tummy, sooo . . . guess who gets to do "clean up"? ME! I came up with a splendid idea, tho . . . put ALL THREE cats over at the other house, set up a cat box and heat lamp over a bed for them, and that gives me my house back ~ And they would have fun chasing mice over there, too! Oh! how I love this idea the more I think about it! LoL I loved that show "The Waltons", too ~ I haven't had a family holiday time in about 25 yrs! Family is just too spread out all over, and with son being in the Navy and relocating every 4 yrs, it makes it next to impossible. So I send out cards and do phone calls for birthdays, anniversaries and holidays . . . kinda like living in the 1800's ~ LoL I know it must be hard for you and the family, not being able to gather together as before. And having to drive long distances really takes a toll on these ol' bodies, too, heh? Well, hope you have a great day, Lea, getting lots done? At least the sun is shining today, here, and it might get up to the 50*s ~
  4. Hi! Carol ~ I thought I was the only one who "can always find something to do, work-wise, on a Sunday" ~ LoL After church, hubby and I had lunch at Sonic for a change, then stopped for a few things at Walmart (more baking stuff for me!). While hubby napped the afternoon away, I found I was happier sweeping the floors, putting some bagged-up coverlets back in our closet, and going thru a couple of boxes to see what I wanted to put back up into the kitchen cabinets. Then I played around on the computer for awhile, catching up on emails and messages. I'm not a nap-taker, but I sure can nod off while staring at the computer screen ~ LoL Sounds like you had a wonderful time over Thanksgiving with family. Hope you have a good week and are staying safe and warm . . . aahh, another Florida person ~ Well, enjoy the nice, warm weather then, and think of us who are either drowning in rain or freezing in the snow or ice ~ LoL We will certainly be thinking about you all and that wonderfully warm weather, wishing we were batching out with you all. I'm sure you've dealt with enough during those hurricanes coming at you, tho . . . that's gotta be pretty scary! It's sure good to be back here, and visiting with ya'll again. I've missed being here!
  5. Hi! Lyn ~ Well, glad it wasn't any candles or incense causing your sneezing. I don't know why Son didn't go with base housing? They ended up "buying" a fixer-upper penthouse?? apartment?? Couldn't figure that one out as to the WHYs ~ 😕 But he said rent was so high, he figured he would invest?? in property . . . okay. 😕 (sometimes I think when our kids get to making more money than they're use to, it kinda makes them stupid?? LoL) Of course, maybe it makes sense to him. We just hope he can sell that place when time comes for relocation ~ 😕 That looks to be in about another year or so, I think. I'll have to ask him again about the base housing, tho. I know while he was in Japan for 4 yrs before, he said he didn't qualify (guess a wife and 2 kids didn't help??), or maybe they didn't have any houses available? The ferry going to Ford Island sounds wonderful! I know the kids have done a LOT of sight-seeing on the islands, so maybe they might have been on the ferry, too. I'll have to ask him about the Aloha Stadium flea market, too . . . I know they both like to bargain hunt ~ LoL
  6. You know nothing is as good as home-made, right? LoL Hope you enjoyed the buffet, tho! And being with family ~
  7. Hey! KatyAllen ~ I'm here! Sounds like you're keeping busy with all the lists for this group, heh? Hope the problems with the "disappearing" group has finally gotten figured out, too. That was beginning to be a real pain for some, that's for sure. It's nice to see some new "faces" here in group, too! WELCOME to those I haven't met here, yet ~
  8. Thanks, MaryJo. Sounds like you had a great Thanksgiving, too! Hubby and I might get us some turkey for Christmas? I know we've been hankering for some! Even a tv dinner! LoL We had cornish hens again this year, with all the fixings (hard to make smaller portions for two!). How's the crochet creations going? I'm sure you've got more added to the collection, heh? Anxious to catch up and see what all you've made over this year! They are SO cute and adorable! We've been having not-so-cold weather here in the southwest Missouri area, thankfully. More rain, tho, than we care to be getting . . . thought we'd float away at times! This has been a VERY wet year for us. Your 80* weather sounds great! And I'm figuring the humidity is a lot lower this time of year for you all, right? Wouldn't mind visiting Florida during this time of year . . . never in the Summer again, tho! LoL My son and his wife are hoping to move to Pensacola when he gets his next orders, maybe in one more year? They are NOT impressed with Hawaii at all . . . just too expensive to live there. That's okay! His momma wants him closer anyway ~ LoL ~ I miss those two so much!
  9. Hey! Lyn ~ thanks. Maybe your sneezing is from too much stuffing herbs? 😛 Maybe a different candle or incense perhaps? It sure can drive you crazy, trying to figure out the causes, heh? Hope you get better!
  10. Hey! crochet friend ~ How ya doing? If I remember right, didn't you move, too?? Can I get your new address? Hope you got settled into your new place, or will soon. Moving can be such a pain, but it can be real nice once everything gets back to a little more "normal". I'm still waiting for those days ~ LoL We're still at the same address here in Mindenmines, Missouri.
  11. SURPRISE! and guess who has finally showed up? HAPPY THANKSGIVING to everyone, too! Hope you all got filled to the brim with lots of turkey and fixin's . . . we ate waaaay too much for only the two of us ~ 🦃 But I had a lot of fun baking and cooking! Well, as most of you know, hubby and I "thought" we had sold our house to move down into Oklahoma? That just seemed to go dead in the water, so I guess we'll be staying where we're at for now, at least until next Spring? I am ready for a break from all the packing, then unpacking and moving our packed stuff between our two houses here! But it has been good, tho ~ I've managed to lose over 20-lbs! Yay! Plus I cut way back on my RA meds, too, so I'm feeling more like myself, loving to get back into my regular cleaning regime around here and doing extra stuff. I'm loving Life again! We've had another baby born into the family now, so I'm working on a baby blanket and some booties. Also an afghan for our "favorite" niece and her hubby, who they have been dealing with him being diagnosed with cancer earlier this year and he just now got to be sent back to their home town from being 3-hours from the Dallas, TX hospital they had transferred him to about 4 or 5 months ago. She is SO happy to be able to have him nearer to her for visiting now! Looks like this year's end has snuck up on us all, heh? At times I think I've even lost 2 years! LoL Hope everyone has been doing well and staying safe with all the severe weather in areas? Ours hasn't been too bad, yet, just a couple of dustings with the snowy stuff. Thanksgiving Day and today has been on the rainy side, and some cold, high winds. Take care everyone ~
  12. Hello! all ~ just thought I'd pop in here and say "Howdy!" Hope everyone is doing good and surviving all the storms, flooding, tornadoes and whatever else is happening weather-wise. Outside of the smoke shop next door loosing its roof, and it landing in our side yard a couple of months ago, we haven't been doing too badly with the high winds here. The owners gave it to us to salvage, so hubby got it all torn apart and stacked at the other house. Been busy packing up all our household stuff since we finally have our little house sold. We'll be relocating south, into Oklahoma. Got a house we're working on closing at this time. They were hoping to have both closings reasonably within a few days apart, but you know how that can go at times ~ 😕 Anyway, we are now moving everything back over to the other house next door, since it didn't sell yet. I hate that house!! But have to be thankful for having it still available to live in until we can head south. I will have everything moved by this next weekend (hubby will help with the main furniture, which isn't much ~ bed setup, 3 chests, a dresser, loveseat, recliner and swivel rocker, kitchen table and chairs, and sewing cabinet; oh, and the computer desk with hutch. Glad that we live sparsely in times like this! LoL We had our 16-ft trailer stolen in broad daylight, right from under our noses, about 4 wks ago, too. I guess there was a hit in several areas at that same time around 11:00 a.m. so they're thinking it was a gang-kinda thing . . . which is really rare in our parts. (People are really going nuts these days, so it seems!) Haven't done any crocheting in quite awhile, and won't be until our moving is done. I think I've kept a project or two handy for bordom's sake ~ Ya'll take care and stay safe. Oh! and I won't have internet for about a month either, so won't be around after July 1st. I'll try to catch up after that, tho.
  13. Well, low and behold! I tried my bookmark for the group and it said "it couldn't be found"?? Then just for the heck of it, I tried the old link from the notifications once I got here ~ now it said "you don't have permission"?? 😕 Hmmm. But anyhow, thank you, Katy for sending the new link to the group. It works . . . at least for now, heh? Been staying busy, and now dealing with storms and tornado warnings, etc. Had a big wind sweep thru last night and took the roof off of the smoke shop next door to us . . . and it landed in our yard ~ 😛 Guess hubby just got himself some building material, ya think? LoL I love the bracelet cups you made, Katy ~ adorable and so useful! Koala ~ I love your little mermaid and "purple people-eater"?? So cute! Our new smart phone has really came in handy for checking on the weather updates around here. Trying to get the hang of using it (hubby doesn't deal with it too well, but he does like his new flip phone). We finally disconnected from our landline, again, and saving about $30/month or more so far! Yay! Hope everyone is staying safe and well during these storms . . . they're SO BIG now days!! 😮 Take care.
  14. LoL ~ I love your Hairy Harry, Mary Jo! The kids will love this fella for sure! (you know you're gonna have to make a BUNCH of these guys, right? ) He sure brought out the "hide-n-seek" members here, heh?
  15. I think you're at the old page here, KatyAllen ~ We aren't here any longer.
  16. Oh, how pretty! I love all the colors, too!
  17. I'm getting ready to start working on some more granny squares, using up a lot of my little balls of left-over yarn. I even had room now in one of my tubs to empty a big bag of yarn into ~ My craftroom closet is looking better now!
  18. I'm so sorry for your friend, Mona ~ I'm sure your shawl will brighten her day. Sounds pretty! I love the HomeSpun yarn, even tho it can be a pain to work with (at least for me). I made a hooded scarf a couple of years ago, in deep tones, for myself . . . ended up giving it to my sweet dght-n-law ~ Prayers for your friend.
  19. That's great, Mona! I bought some Mandala/Sphinx yarn to make myself a shawl ~ "Lost in Time". It's such a beautiful shawl that Mijo Crochet designed . . . hope mine turns out just as pretty. (sorry I can't find my link to post to her) She's got several beautiful shawl patterns ~ she works with a lot of colors and blends. What's the name of the shawl you're working on? and the color(s) you're using?
  20. Would it be okay to post my 2017 scores, from what I can figure I've done lately?? Kind of a practice run for me, so I know what I'm doing . . . I think? LoL WTD: -1 (got a ball gave to me last weekend) YTD: +7 (skeins and 1 ball I used up in that Log Cabin afghan I finished last week)
  21. Yay! And That's great that you were able to get the new thread started, Katy ~ I remember what a hassle it was with downloads, back when we still had to use dial up internet in these parts (some still do, since we don't have fiber-optics). We've got Hughes Net now, which is satellite service, but it still has it's glitches, too, when clouds interfere or the sun activity affects service . . . it's always something, when you live in the farmlands or wooded areas ~ LoL ~ keeps life exciting! Looks like your hubby got the furnace part just in the neck of time, heh? Glad you weren't having to go thru getting really cold before it got fixed! Your cold weather is just a bit too cold for this ol' gal ~ LoL It's always stayed above 0* in these parts, even tho the few 10* times have been too cold for me. We do keep a shed fixed up for our outdoor kitties, with a heat lamp on to keep them nice and warm, and a big bed fixed up with a thick blanket to curl up in. It keeps them out of the elements and gives them a place to huddle together in. I'm hoping to get busy on my squares to mail out, too, today. I'd like to get them mailed out tomorrow morning before the post office closes at 10 am ~ Yeah, it only stays open for about 2 hrs on Saturday . . . you know, cut backs here in the boonies. Go fast, go fast! LoL
  22. Well, that's a good thing, Lyn ~ Maybe he's just having gas pains from certain foods he's been eating?? Just a thought. Sometimes certain meds might cause those kinds of pains, too, like indigestion. It sure keeps a person guessing, tho. My Jim has pains in his chest at times, too, when he walks too fast or too far, but his stress test and sonogram all came back "normal", too. He's got a good, strong heart. Sometimes I've thought it may be caused from not being as active since his cancer bout, then when he over-exerts it makes his chest feel heavy or aches. Being a little on the heavy side now, too, doesn't seem to help, either ~ Hope you're having a good day, too. It's cold and icky here . . . but then it's Winter, right?
  23. Thank you! Thank you! I'm a little backwards this week, so it seems . . . I've made two birthday gifties, but no squares to send with them yet ~ LoL Surely TODAY I can get some done and ready to mail ~
  24. Well, after posting a reply to PineKnott here (without realizing "where" I was at ~ LoL), I read over the rules of joining the game here and how it works, and this sounds like fun . . . and something that would be beneficial to my using up all my skeins and balls of yarn! I'd like to give this a try for the coming year ~
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