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  1. Hello all! It's been very hot here as well! But, I am not complaining cause I really hate winter. I hate the cold, I hate having to wear a coat, I hate the frost on the windows, etc. I've been so happy that it's warm. Now if we could just have a few days with no rain so I can get into the dog pen and get it cleaned out! bgs that is a lovely lapghan and cute cute stocking. Mary Jo I really love those green placemats. Green is my favorite color. Mowed the grass in flip flops on Sunday, my feet are still green and not a pretty green either LOL. Drinking coffee (yuck, I hate coffee) because I am at work and freezing and sleepy! It is very cold in this little room here, I even have a heater on under my desk. have a great night all!
  2. Such cute babies Mary Jo! I love looking at your crocheted clothes. I have to try this out one of these days. I've been busy doing other things, I really want to get back to my crochet. Hope everyone is doing great! Just been busy here. Mr Tribble tried putting up a pool, but we are going to have to move it as the ground is a lot more unlevel that we had thought so half of our water leaked out. School is going good, on the third class. It's been pretty easy so far. I'm sure that will change once I have to go sit for the registry test. LOL. Little Tribble, duck and dogs are all doing great. Garden is in and coming up good. Been storming and raining so much that I don't know when we are going to get back out into the outside dog run. It's a nasty mess out there, even with the straw. Mr Tribble bought me a new comic book and I am so excied to read it that I can't bring myself to start it... lol Little Tribble is very happy to be out of school. He is playing baseball this season but we've had more cancellations than not. Have a great night all...
  3. Quick check it!! Been working extra and schoolwork has kept me busy lately. Hope everyone is doing great! Daphne
  4. Hi all, Sorry I've been gone so long. Summer seems more busy than the other months what with trying to keep up with the yard work and all. Little Tribbles party went well, so much better than last year. The only thing I am going to change for next year is that I am not doing the cupcakes or cakes! I have had it with fighting with the icing. It's ridiculous. The pictures on on an actual camera and I haven't uploaded them yet. I have projects going on to finish but haven't had time to work on any of them. I want to finish what I have started so I can start on another graphghan... School is going well, this week is the last week of my 2nd class. Doing good so far. Diet is going okay as well, I've lost 41 pounds but have a lot more I want to lose. Hot water heater started leaking and Mr Tribble had to change out a hose on it, all fixed now. We had to buy pipe wrenches as we didn't have the one he needed. LittleTribble is very happy to be out of school and I'm happy I don't have to get up so early to take him. We got our fishing license today and I believe there is a fishing derby we're going to this weekend. Little Tribble is excited for this. Since he lost his last tooth, he has decided he wants to make a miniature house for the tooth fairy to live in. I tried telling him that she was too busy to stay at just one place, not sure if he believed me or not. Have a great night all!!
  5. Just a quick check in... Been so busy. Hope everyone is doing well!!
  6. Little Tribble has wanted a shark birthday all year. Then this week he says he wants a fox birthday. I already have shark things so I told him it was too late to change his mind. He'll love it and maybe we'll do the fox theme next year. I notice baby groot too! I love him. I made one that goes in a planter, but that one is adorbs, Mary Jo What a cutie!! Congrats!! I did get the yard mowed this week but not a whole lot else. My arms and legs have been really bothering me this week. I don't know whats wrong with them. Hurts really bad to get up and down. I notice it gets worse when I forget to use my apple cider vinegar in my water, so started adding it again yesterday - hope they feel better soon. Last time I was at the doctors I mentioned the pain in arms and legs but she didn't even address it, so who knows... Anyway, I hope you all have a good night.
  7. The weather here today was gorgeous, but I slept thorough it all cause I have worked all weekend. I hope that the next couple of days are gorgeous too I don't work Monday or Tuesday. Little Tribbles birthday is the 11th, so after the 4th I will be off until the 15th on vacation. I've got plenty to do!! Just finished up the assignments for week 5. Last week for this class, then a new one starts on Tuesday. Hope I'm energetic today and can get the grass mowed, beginning to look like a jungle... LOL
  8. Good morning all! Katy, your afghan is as usual beautiful! I wish I had more time to crochet more. I haven't picked up a hook in 2 weeks. Got the dog run cleaned and some new stones put down yesterday. Even though it's been somewhat rainy here, the weathers been decent. I've been able to wear my flip flops which is a good thing. Little Tribble decided he wanted his hair done like his favorite youtuber, Dan from The Diamond Minecart. He looks pretty cute! Waddles is doing good, I can't believe that he has grown so big! I think he's going to be a boy duck because I have read that by now, females are quacking and boys sound hoarse. I've thought he's sounded hoarse for a few days now. Love this messy duck! Going to try to make some more diapers next week. Have a great day all!
  9. Good morning all! Just a quick check in... Back to take a nap
  10. Got a second duck diaper made last night. My mom bought me a small sewing machine and that went much quicker than the hand sewing I did on the first one. I am now going to try and design a slightly different one and sew it up tonight and see how it works. Wish me luck, lol. Week 4 is finished with this college course. On to week 5... Had chicken Fajita salad for supper last night, tonight I'm making baked chicken with corn and green beans and mashed potatoes (instant). Of to change the duck diaper and straighten the house a bit. Have a great night all!
  11. Thank you so much Lovin2Crochet!! Little Tribble indeed loves that duck! He'll even clean up after him, and hasn't for any other animal he says is his. I have always loved all animals even snakes. This was the first big one I've been able to hold and I LOVED every second of it. I could have stood there all day. Mr Tribble was way across the room, he's not a fan of snakes AT ALL... lol. The weight loss I do that works for me is counting calories on I keep my calories between 1300 and 1500. I hate dieting and counting calories it's a pain. You have to figure in everything you eat and drink even ketchup etc. So that means measuring everything out. But this has always been what works for me. I don't watch anything else, just my calories. Medicine can indeed mess up your body. You really don't realize how much you eat until you actually begin tracking the amount. It's very hard for me to keep my calories at 1300 to 1500 as I like to eat, and I love candy. And candy is FULL of calories. I also have one cheat day a week where I eat what I want. It helps me keep on track with my dieting the other days. I try to make it here as often as I can bgs. As miss chit chatting. Luckily school is only one class at a time. My problem is my fatigue. I am always so tired, for no reason. I always have been. Got one diaper made for Waddles, it works GREAT. However, he outgrew it about 2 days ago. I have redone my design and will be making another one tomorrow I think. My mom got me a small sewing machine and I am so excited to try it out! I've got the next diaper cut out, but now have to sew. Thank you cshort! I love snakes so there was no bravery involved I would love to have one, but Mr Tribble wouldn't go for it. Katy - ALL of your ghans are gorgeous! I love them... I need to start another one, but have so many projects right now that don't seem to be getting finished! and now with spring and summer beginning, Yardwork has to be added no my list of things to do. Duck will like it though, he'll get to play outside. Sorry to hear about your knees, snowbear. Mr Tribble had his left knee replaced this past October, he's more steady on it now, but still not able to do everything that he was hoping to do. Lovely dolls and creatures, Mary Jo!!!! I love them all. I'm right there with you on the Dr. I need to go for a couple different things and still havn't done it. But I am going to have to give up and make appointments. I usually put things off as long as possible. It was pretty outside today, but I just couldn't seem to get awake and do anything, then back to work tonight. I hope tomorrow is as pretty, I want to work in the dog pen and maybe mow and let duck play outside. Hope you all have a good evening.
  12. I would like to see how the rollers work! I used cardboard with the last graphghans I made. I now have a few real bobbins I got for Christmas but haven't used them yet. Katy, your afghan is beautiful! I finished a pug for Little Tribble's little girlfriend attaching pictures at the bottom. It was so gorgeous here today, 79. I hope the warm weather continues as I am off this weekend and have plenty to get done. I really didn't get to enjoy any of it today as I worked last night and am back to work tonight. I bought Little Tribble a baby duck at the end of March from Tractor Supply. That thing has more than doubled in size. Little Tribble named him Waddles. He is pretty adorable. He's still in the house right now and boy is he messy. He'll be inside/outside once we get a safe place for him to play outside. Right now trying to make diapers out of socks (even though looks easy peasy on youtube) has been pretty impossible! When he is full grown, we will be able to purchase a jumper/diaper for him to wear inside. I have lost 23 pounds since I started the diet at the beginning of March. I was hoping to be down about 10 more than that right now. LOL. I can be somewhat impatient. Took Little Tribble to his school's Spring Carnival and they had snakes. I got to hold one, but I could't talk Little Tribble into it. After we got our picture and left he said I should have held one of the smaller ones... Classes have been going well but taking up a lot of my crochet time, which does not please me in the least... Have a great night all!
  13. Just a quick check in... Been busy here and, supposed to snow today.
  14. bgs, thank you so much for the Easter card, It is adorable!!! cshort, I love the blue squares, they made my day - thank you! I wish I had an easy way to get pictures, but I went to a laptop instead of a tablet and it takes terrible pictures. Just a quick stop in. Classes began yesterday so that has been keeping me busy. No crochet done the last couple of days. Once I get a hang of the school thing again, maybe I'll be able to find some time Katy - I hope you are healing fast. Falls are no fun.
  15. I seem to have forgotten to attach the pictures. LOL... I will put them in this post. Thank you. Yes Little Tribble loved the little pots of gold and coins... He is too funny! Thanks again for the cheery frog - he's made me smile every day since I put him on the fridge. Katy - beautiful squares. I guess I should get started on putting mine together sometime soon. I have so much a I want to do - I always have too much! lol. Glad Bo is feeling better! When you pets are ill it's so sad. The rest of our seven are doing fine - muddy because of the weather - I really hope we get the rest of the stones down, lol, been tryin to do it for about 3 months now, can't seem to quit raining long enough. I don't work in the mud - yuck! lol So sorry to hear that. I am thinking of you and hoping things turn around! It's no fun when you feel trapped. I know that feeling well.