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  1. bgs - THANK you so much for the lovely St Patricks day card. It really cheered me up! Pearl was a Brindle Frenchie. Her full name was actually Black Pearl (I was very into Pirates of the Caribbean when I got her). I will attach some pictures. That is adorable Mary Jo! I love those. Congratulations!! I always thought a job at a library would be amazing! (especially if it was THE Library in The Librarian and The Librarians - LOL) Looked like it was a pretty day here today, but supposed to start snowing tomorrow night I've heard. I am so done with the cold weather. I hate it... lol I start college March 27th! Why on earth did that happen so fast? LOL. I have to sit and think about things before decisions are made... That was crazy. LOL... well on to some new adventures. Little Tribble brought me out his sonic backpack from last year for me to use for my school books - lol He's such a doll! I have lost 14 pounds since the beginning of the month. I'm very happy with that. I've been running up and down stairs for my exercise and the foot that I had surgery on two years ago when I broke it, has been sooo sore. But I have still been forcing myself to do the stairs. This is annoying. I'm not having more surgery on it, so I don't see any need to go to the doctor. But Mr Tribble has been telling me I should go. Doubt I will. I'm trying to acquire a taste for unsweetened tea. I can't do coffee usually ( but love sweet tea - so this is definitely a work in progress. I am feeling better. Very happy about that. For a couple of days we were fighting to keep Mr Tribbles blood sugar high enough, so we had to have the doctor Have a great night all!
  2. I was very sorry to hear this Everyone that's having hard times is in my thoughts. I hope things brighten up soon. We got Pearls ashes today as well as the box to put her in. Little Tribble cried a bit more when we explained it to him, but we told him that way we could take her with us if we ever get to move. I'll share a picture once I get a picture of the box. I'm also going to make a collage box for her collar and necklace (she has a birthstone and black pearl necklace I had made when she was a baby) and nametag. One of the ladies I work with went home Friday Morning and found her husband on the floor. We think it must have been a heart attack. A few months ago another of our ladies lost her husband, and last month one of our other ladies had a baby born with a heart defect who only lived about a week. It's not been a good time for our department so far this year and there is only 8 of us. Have a good night all I made baby hats for a friend that takes pictures...
  3. lol I love me some garlic bread and twinkies!!! I'm okay if it's not in the house, but if it's there I will eat until it is gone! I've always wanted to go to one of these, I collect rocks and fossils. So this would be a fantastic visit. I always seem to have to work when they are having one close to me. Yuck. lol. One of these days. Took a nap today because I am working tonight. Finished my caterpillar, now on to mimikyu and to finish the blankets I'm slowly working on. Have a good evening!
  4. No, I work at the local hospital. I am a Registrar in the Emergency Room (I'm the only registrar there on night shift so I also register any inpatients, outpatients, infusions that come in). I've been there for 19 years. lol, now with the new cpt codes and running estimates and having to ask money from the ER patients. I hate that. With our outpatients it adds about 10 minutes to entering the codes and running an estimate to each registration. It's horrible. Now after 19 years, I'm considering going back to school and changing jobs. I told my supervisor if I had to do cpt codes, I might as well go to college for it and just do that in a different job. Bad thing is I live a block from my job and I would hate driving, but maybe it is time for a bit of a change. I will have to drive if we ever get to move anyway - might as well start getting used to it now. Had our usual omelets for breakfast. Doing okay on the diet still need to work my calories down to 1200. I hate 1200 calories. lol, I like to eat. Anyway I'll get there eventually. Going to clean house for a bit and start laundry.. Have a wonderful day all.
  5. Good Morning all, I am working again tonight, then off for a couple of days till Sunday night. This schedule sucks. We just got our new casual worker trained and she called and quit last week. Probably going to be another spring and summer where all I do is work. Everyone takes this job because they think it's going to be a cakewalk, but while it's not a "hard" job, it is very overwhelming at times - what with everything to remember. Considering going back to college to do coding and billing. We are doing it now in my job so that we can take copays and deposits from patients, so might as well I guess. Then I have more than one job I can do if we ever get to move.
  6. Such pretty towls... I tend to accidentally set mine on fire using them too close to the fire :O Surprised I still have kitchen privileges. LOL Good morning all, it is very cold here and I HATE it. lol. I am sitting at work with a heater on and my coat on. brrrr..... Hubby bought me an awesome bag to pack my lunch in to work. Looks like a sheep and cow feed bag. So adorable. I think he felt bad that I always packed my lunch in a grocery bag. lol. Hope it doesn't rain, cause it's time to clean the dog pen. Have a wonderful day!!
  7. He has gotten bigger. Bad thing is, still skinny so can't keep up any size pants but 6 and he will be 8 in May. The 6s are way short on him. Will be glad when he can wear shorts again. LOL. He had a great christmas. I think he got way too many things. His Remote Control Truck is still in the box. In his defense, we havn't been able to do anything outside, was too cold, then too wet etc. Not room in the house to run it - lol. Finally got all the christmas things packed back down to the basement. We are procrastinators. Also got the kitchen rearranged some, have a lot more counter space - YAY. Hubby got me a nice can opener and air popcorn popper. Have yet to use the popper but the can opener is amazing. Still working on the mermaid tail. I finished up the huge caterpillar I had been working on. I had quit because I ran out of yarn. Couldn't find the correct color, so I have a two toned green caterpillar. Now just have to assemble and stuff. I guess I will keep him for myself I'm hoping to get our Living room reorganized next week. Bah - so much to do, so much dust. I started a diet last week, after about having a heart attack when I got on the scales! Chucky, I am fine with, this weight - I am not. So I have been doing really well - hope to be able to continue. And though I drink diet pop, I quit drinking it completely last week - been all water since then. Been munching on baby carrots so far tonight at work, I really dislike carrots, lol. Love almost every other vegetable, but carrots not so much. We bought Little Tribble a Lava lamp this week. A rainbow one - he's obsessed with rainbows right now. He was watching it last night and saw a little bubble in it. He said "aww, a little bubble! Go forth little bubble - I believe in you!" lol - he's hilarious. Have a great night all.
  8. Hi all! I love the maltese puppies Mary Jo! So cute. I have been woking on my mermaid tail blanket the last couple of days. Not done a lot of anything else. Hope everyone has a good day
  9. I had all kinds of plans to do today, didn't do anything except sleep and fix supper. Maybe tomorrow, I will actually accomplish something. Watching The Alienist right now and getting ready ready to work on the mermaid tail I started last year :O would really like to finish it soon. Went to the hobby store today, was completely out of Navy Blue yarn that I needed to work on the shark tail. Bah.. Now tomorrow I will have to make a trip to walmart to see if they have Navy blue. Anyone know if there is a Navy in another brand that will match closely to the Navy Caron One pounders? I hope everyone's day was great, have a wonderful night all.
  10. Cute Stockings. Not doing too much the next couple of days. If it doesn't rain I think I am going to make a trip to get more stepping stones for the dog run. We put down 4 bales of straw and it's still a muddy mess!!! Yuck. Might decide what I want to crochet next. I'm having trouble picking. I'm leaning toward a mimikyu (pokemon critter) Will decide tonight maybe. I think I want to start a new graphghan too. Having trouble choosing a design/picture. Just been a sad weekend. Have a good night all.
  11. He's Fantastic!!!!
  12. It's been raining cats and dogs here in Ohio! A huge muddy mess. We put 4 bales of straw down where the dogs go out - and they are still tracking mud throughout the house! Little Tribble is getting big - he's halfway through second grade and reading at a 4th-5th grade level. We are reading a Shark wars series. It's pretty cute. Little Tribble had a dress up day at school last week, so I am adding a couple of pictures for you all to enjoy. Mr Tribble and Little Tribble made a castle for castle day at school and of course, it had to be Little Tribbles favorite color - gold. We lost our French Bulldog this week. She started having seizures - never had them before. She was 13 We're really going to miss her. I kind of think she had a reaction to a flea treatment we used because that is the only thing that changed. But we had used these before - so I am still unsure. But so sad. I'm considering getting a rainbow bridge tattoo. Havn't decided completely yet. Have a great night all.
  13. Thanks all for the welcome back! I've missed you all. I will have to email owlvamp...
  14. Oh my gosh! I was finally able to log in. I have been having computer problems, then couldn't get into the ville. Sorry I've been gone so long. I received some very lovely christmas items and squares for my birthday. Not much going on here, just work.. I havn't been crocheting a lot but I think it's time to get back to it. I just need to figure out what to work on first. So many things I want to make.
  15. Sorry to hear that Kristy. Fires are so devastating and a lot of them happen this time of year for some weird reason. Glad everyone made it out okay! Work wasn't too bad Katy. Worked this past night too Now off for three nights back for two. I hope it warms up a bit in the next couple of days, I really have to get the yard mowed and the Dog Run cleaned. Been so horribly rainey October I didn't get out there once so now it's a muddy mess again. Every day I didn't work rained like a monsoon. Need to start Christmas shopping but I hate to even think about it before December. But I guess it must be done. I don't buy for too many people as I just haven't had the extra money the past few years. I prefer to make gifts but that too didn't happen this year cause we were low on funds and wasn't able to purchase yarn for new projects. Oh well, it'll all work out in the end. Have a good day all! Off to finish up work here then home to take Little Tribble to school and a nap later.