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  1. Goodness it's been a while since I've been here, my phone has been stupid and been giving me fits. I hope everyone has been well! Rat dog, I love the ears! What kind of headbands do you use for those? I might need to make me one! Tampa those doll dresses are gorgeous! I have doll dresses on the to do list, but still haven't been able to find the time. I'm currently trying to finish up my Valentine's scarf/tie and working on a knitting item. Have a great day, all!
  2. Thank you, Mary Jo. They are no fun. It's been a lot better in my adult years but I still get one like once a year. Thanks bgs. UTIs suck, lol. Halloween is our favorite as well! DH is the packer here and good at getting a lot of stuff in a small amount of room. Not a lot going on today, I'm off work this weekend but I need to mow and clean the dog pen. Have a good night all!
  3. Oh thank you so much! I do love to crochet cute little things. LOL I love bees especially honey and wood borer bees. Wood borer bees are so sweet. Of course Mr Tribble is very allergic has an epi pen and all so we try and keep all the bees away. LOL. Oh now, that is horrible! I can't imagine. Mr Tribble had that happen to him when he was still working as a police officer. There was reward and all. So scary. I had to make a dr's appointment today. About 2 weeks ago I felt like I was getting a urinary tract infection and I really don't like taking antibiotics (they mess me up badly) so I decided to just try to flush everything out so made sure I was drinking at least a gallon of water every day, with my usual salt and apple cider vinegar in it. But it didn't get better and I started running a fever on Saturday and still was trying to flush the infection from my system. It got worse yesterday and my kidneys started hurting so I made an appointment. Now I have to take antibiotics for 10 days. Yuck.... Hopefully this fixes the problem. When I was young I used to get UTIs a couple times a month, it's gotten a bit better as an adult but still once or twice a year I end up with one. I couldn't even take bubble baths when I was little. Working on some Hocus Pocus Appliques for myself and for my DD (in law) as well as the BOOK (hocus pocus) binder cover. I have to make a trip and get more buff RRSS yarn. LOL. I never seem to not run out in the middle of a project. Have a great night all!!
  4. Good evening everyone - but my morning I am sleepy tonight, this is my 4th 12 hour shift in a row. I do this to myself so that I can have 6 days off in a row twice a month. LOL. Oh well, I will survive. Have a good night all!!
  5. Thank you. Yep, just having some fun making some favorite things. Thank you Mary Jo! Not a lot happening today. Pool water been too cold for a couple of weeks to swim but the water is 85 today, I think Mr and Little Tribble are going to get in this evening. I'm at work so not me! LOL. They are going to a sprint race tomorrow. Have a good night all!
  6. Happy Thursday all! I work this entire weekend and it's going to be a Friday the 13th and a new moon on the 14th. We are probably going to see some crazy things. LOL. So far I have finished my Monster book of monsters, pygmy puff, witch shoes, spiderweb shawl, huge lobster, spiderweb hand cover. I should try and share some pictures. I will try to add some as soon as I post and I am typing on the desktop but the pictures are on my phone. LOL I've got like 20 other works in progress (WIP) to complete. I see so much fun stuff to make I want to make it all NOW. LOL. Slowly been downsizing my collections etc as we want to eventually move into a motorhome then a boathouse. Downsizing is HARD and getting rid of possessions is hard, but not buying more things is even harder. I don't know how the minimalists do it, I love having pretty things around the house that they would consider clutter. LOL We paint rocks to hide sometimes and i have a facebook group for the rocks. I havn't had a lot of time to put into it though so we haven't done anything with the group for a couple of years. There are other groups around my area that do this too, as I see them having the painting groups for kids at libraries. I have a few rocks I have painted, and more that Little Tribble has painted. I Painted Mr Tribble a Steelers one a few years ago for valentines day. Have a great night all
  7. snowbear, I have always collected rocks too. I still have my childhood rock collection and now I collect crystals - my favorite being clear quartz, hematite, and labradorite. Those gnomes are ADORABLE! I make my husband a gnome every once in a while. He collects gnomes and I collect trolls. Not much going on here. Weather was pretty today in ohio but I slept most of it away, now I'm at work.
  8. Glad to see everyone is safe. Not a whole lot going on here, been working on the accessories for my witches costume, I'm always a witch for halloween, decided to do some crocheted accessories to wear with it. So excited. Little Tribble is going to be a character from roblox (an online game he is obsessed with) called guest 666. I wasn't impressed with the character, he's all black and has red eyes. Tried to tell him people would think he was a ninja. But there is no convincing him, so guest 666 it is. Mr Tribble is going as his usual Krampus I believe. Nothing else fun here. We were not able to go camping, all the sites were gone. But that is okay, we might go this weekend. We went to a sprint race instead. MJ, your table is gorgeous as usual. I hope to someday be able to display some of my things like that. On my bucket list - lol. Have a good night all.
  9. Glad to see everyone check in from the storms. Hoping things continue to go well. Good luck everyone. Glad to hear that they caught it in time, snowbear. And the multicolored yarn is gorgeous.neon is my favorite color. We are up early this morning as my check finally cleared so we can try and get a campsite for Saturday and Sunday. The online ones were sold out so Mr Dribble left about 45 minutes ago to see if one was still available for walk ins. Camp store opened at 9. Well I'm going to go get dressed and brew some coffee, have a great day, all.
  10. It's quiet here today. Little Tribble stayed overnight at a friends house last night then the friend is spending the night with us tonight. We live across from each other, so funny thing is Little Tribble came over to the house this morning to pee... LOL, asked him if they didn't have a bathroom across the street and he said he didn't know. Crazy kids. Still working on the same items and began a hedgehog for a friend. Yes bgs, he is very smart. You can just see him looking at certain things, thinking. have a good night
  11. We got a greater swiss mountain dog https://www.akc.org/dog-breeds/greater-swiss-mountain-dog/ They are a bigger shorter haired cousin of the Saint Bernard. He is so smart and funny as hell, but such a handfull. I've had LOTs of dogs over the years, many different breeds and he has been the most challenging so far. Sorry to hear about everyone's parents passing. And also sorry to hear about your kitty Lea. ratdog, cute pen case. I finished putting the border on my Scooby Doo Monster Truck fleece throw. It's so much prettier now. I have been looking for crochet items to add to my Halloween outfit. So far, I have a corset and an overskirt for my dress, working on finding a belt etc. I crocheted my hat last year, and will use it again this year, might add some decorations to it, not sure yet. Working on a spiderweb shawl to go with it too... LOL, we will see if I get all I want to done. I'm in the middle of my Monster book of monsters and have had to pause because I didn't have enough buff rhss yarn and I havn't had the extra to go pick up some more - bleh!! But am excited for the finished thing. It's going to be so awesome. Have a good night all.
  12. That is really pretty and the stitch is awesome! Looks like it would be great for a washcloth or a dishcloth. How cool is that! Love it We eat ice cream every so often, found a new kind I love. It's the sour patch kids ice cream. Love it, I prefer fruity ice cream over the heavy chocolate types. It's pretty good, was really surprised. Oh my, that wouldn't do very good here at all. LOL, I set those things off Every time I cook something fried. I guess I get the oil too hot and it starts smoking. Got the yard mowed yesterday then swam in our pool. Little tribble goes back to school tomorrow. 4th grade this year and he is starting changing classrooms. He has 3 different ones to go to each day. One for Science and Social Studies, one for English and Language arts, and one for math. Of course then Music and art always is in a different classroom. Hes a little nervous but I am sure he will do fine. Today was open house/meet the teachers day, had to do that fast cause I had to be at work tonight at 7 and the open house was 5:30-6. Spent the night before chasing our 7 moth old puppy all over the place because he wouldn't leave things be. He's as bad as a toddler. Mr Tribble was busy so Odin thought he would pester me all evening. First he tried to steal the toilet paper from the bathroom while I was washing my hands, then while I was getting that put back, he ran over to my side of the couch where I had been working on a shawl for my halloween outfit and he took off with my yarn. I chased him all over the house trying to get that from him, rotten dog. Then after I recovered that, he pulled the vacuum out into the floor with the cord, then kept taking things off shelves. Goodness, he's rotten. Mr tribble says when I am at work, Odin does the same thing. If we are both in the living room with him, he's better behaved. LOL. Have a great night all.
  13. Snowbear, I love all your flowers. I have made a few, but not near that many... lol. Your ears are amazing, Ratdog! so cute. I bought headbands a few months ago and still have done nothing with them. Not too much going on here. I finished Mr Tribbles pillow cover, and now working on some recliner leg covers that will say His, Hers. I can't decide on my color, Mr Tribbles is going to be camo to match his pillow cover. Then on to a laptop case, etc. So much that I want to crochet. Always so much I want to make! Rainy and stormy here last night and some of today. Have a good night all.
  14. Some schools are still teaching cursive because Little Tribble was learning some in 3rd grade. I'm not sure how in depth they went because when writing a note he still prints. I think the electronics and robotics are awesome but do think that they should be reserved for the students that excel at that age. Little tribble can make change out of cash without a calculator etc, better than i can, but math and money always was my weakest subject. I'm still counting in my head how much change he should get back from a 50 when he is purchasing things and he's rattling off what I should give him. He's very aware how much money he has and how much he should be getting back when he buys things. That child amazes me. It was pretty out today, but I slept all of it. Ate horrible today as Mr Tribble was craving doughnuts. Then ordered pizza for supper - I feel like crap. Been doing the Ketogenic diet since February. Owlvamp, such adorable pot holders! I love fountain pens, they still sell the ones with the cartridges and some of them can be converted to the bladder. I love fountain pens but only have one and it really needs cleaned and I have no cartridges to put in it... lol Have a good night all.
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