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Candy Cane Tea Cozy

Tampa Doll

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I was very happy putting my tea pot out once a year, when it was Mother's Day.  Then I got a scrubby yarn pattern for an owl, so I had to make that.


Now Christmas has rolled around and well, I had to change the owl to a Candy Cane.  I have had this pattern for a while, but could not figure out who to make it for, so I made it for myself.  This pot never sees tea, it is just for looks, it use to be my Mom's.


Oh here is the pattern on Maggie's Crochet or you can get it here on Mary Maxim



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I love the teapot cozy.  What a wonderful idea. I have a tea pot that was my grandmother's and it has lost its lid. 

Look like a cozy could hide the fact there isn't a lid.  My tea pots never see real tea either.

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