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  1. Katy, The blankets are amazing. You are so kind to do all that sewing together. We have an extra connection to Pine Ridge as my daughter brought her crazy dog home from the res when she was doing a veterinary school volunteer stay there. Your blankets will really help keep some people warm! I admire those of you who have found the motivation to do holiday decorating. I'm still looking for that motivation here. Good day to all. Patty
  2. bgs, Brenda, Your dinner last night sounds wonderful. That's basically what's on the menu here for Thursday. Just the 2 of us this year of course. Waiting for 2021. It has to be better than 2020.
  3. Krys, Your granny square tree is wonderful! So pretty!
  4. Krys, Love all the candy corn people. I also love candy corn - pure sugar I know. I use a cane now having lost part of my quadricep muscle in my tumor removal surgery. And yes it does go on the opposite side. I know that doesn't make sense to some people. I used to tell my patients to think about how your arms move when you walk. That seems to help some people understand. You want extra support for the bad leg so the cane provides another point if contact as you put weight on the weaker leg and increases your base of support when it's in the opposite hand. Sorry for the lecture. Years of trying to convince people which hand the cane goes in is imprinted in my brain. Fall has arrived in the Pacific Northwest. It's raining here in Washington but unfortunately not in California. Stay safe everyone.
  5. I got my haircut today. Seven months without a haircut is a long time for me. A different person is looking back at me in the mirror now. May take some getting use to. I went to a salon where only one person was working today. I had the first appointment of the day and I was finished and gone before anyone else came in so I felt pretty good about the situation. I got kind of emotional going in the salon. It's the only place I been to except medical appointments since the first of March. Enjoy your Labor Day.
  6. Good morning everyone. Thank you for your comments and info about how you go out. Fortunately I don't really need to go anywhere except medical appointments. Sometimes you just feel like you want to go somewhere. We drove down to Mt. Rainier a couple of days ago. Parked and went for a short walk. Didn't go into the visitors center or gift shop. Most people wearing masks even though they were outside. The close up view of the mountain is so beautiful. Still have a haircut schedule for next week. I have the first appointment of the day so I feel ok about that at at this point. Can't believe it's almost Labor Day. I am amazed how fast the months go by while basically doing not much. Take care everyone!
  7. I read everything new on this forum everyday but am never sure what to write myself. I had surgery in April to remove a tumor from my thigh. Because of the size of the tumor and the radiation I had, my leg is still not healed inside. I have been going into the clinic once a week to have the fluid drained from my thigh. This week I saw a different PA and said to him , as I do to everyone who has drained it, I wish I could do this myself at home. Well the dear man worked with me to figure a way for me to do the draining myself. I did it last night and got out 160ccs. I'm not cancelling my regular appointments until I have done this a few times and am pretty sure I can keep making it work. Because of the cancer I am staying home except for medical appointments. I current desire is to get my haircut. I have made an appointment for next week for a haircut. I'll see if am comfortable with doing that when the time gets closer. How do all of you feel about going out during this awful pandemic? Stay safe and well everyone. Patty
  8. alp1


    Hello and welcome from the State of Washington!
  9. Mary Jo, I had not been online for a couple of days an just read of your loss. Thinking of you at this difficult time and am so sorry for you and your family.
  10. Bailey4, Love the color of the baby doll dress!
  11. Welcome from the State of Washington.
  12. Happy Valentine's Day to everyone. Hope some special treats are coming your way!
  13. The rain has stopped and we are having a beautiful sunny dat today.
  14. Love both of the doll dresses Tampa Doll. We are having record rain fall this week. Glad we live on higher ground.
  15. Welcome from Washington State.
  16. I was about ready to give up on the Super Bowl at the beginning of the 4th quarter as it didn't seem like much was happening. Glad I kept watching. Congrats to the Chiefs. Glad they won.
  17. Welcome from Washington State!
  18. I was so surprised to receive the beautiful blue and green tote from Tampa Doll. Please see my reply in the give-away thread.
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    Welcome from the State of Washington.
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