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  1. beautiful. Lovely gift to be wrapped in.
  2. Beautiful shawl. So sorry she didn't get to receive it.
  3. 11inches here in Warminster, Pa. I measured it myself
  4. okay, I just noticed that too that the font is lighter and difficult to read
  5. They are all so beautiful and you will wrap someone in love
  6. Beautiful and colorful
  7. That afghan is beautiful. I love it and I am sure it will be loved forever.
  8. I took a 3 year old girls gifts from the salvation army tree and she wanted a baby alive. I ordered on line from Kohls. The total liquidation store I go to had the same doll for half of what I paid at Kohls. I think most of the stuff in this store comes from Target because of some of the brand names they have there and their bags are Target bags. I love going into this store every week. I will keep checking for the other dolls and let you know if I find them.
  9. When I went to the total liquidation store I saw My Generation Dolls there. I think they were $13.00
  10. They are beautiful. Do you have a pattern for these? Since the hospital doesn't take the baby blankets at this time I was going to make the baby blankets for a place called the Baby Bureau that makes bundles for babies in need. That would go great with the blanket.
  11. Love the breakfast menu and yes it does make you hungry
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