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  1. I thought I put a thank you in to the FGM in MO for the beautiful Easter Card. Very thoughtful of you to think of me. I apologize for not putting this in when I got the card.
  2. Thank you to the FGM in NE for sending me the baby yarn for my blankets. Thanks for thinking of me
  3. A big Thank You to the FGM in MO for the thoughtful St. Patrick's card.
  4. Beautiful! Love the color
  5. Hi Darski So sorry to hear you can't crochet. I will keep you in my prayers and Hugs to you
  6. Welcome from Warminster, Pa
  7. Welcome Back Sorry to hear about your health issues. Hope you are getting better each day. Hugs
  8. Ahh a touch of spring time coming soon (I hope). Table is beautiful. Love everything
  9. they are so cute. Love them both
  10. Welcome from Warminster, Pa.
  11. segi1974

    Bunny & Bunny

    They are adorable and what a way to celebrate the coming of spring.
  12. Thank you to the FGM in sunny Fla. I love the Afghan Magazine. I see it just came out for spring 2019 and there are many classic patterns. You made my day. I really am not feeling well today but this brightened it up.
  13. segi1974

    Pig (If you give....)

    Love the Pig and she is cute in her skirt.
  14. Welcome from Warminster, Pa.
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