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  1. They are beautiful. Do you have a pattern for these? Since the hospital doesn't take the baby blankets at this time I was going to make the baby blankets for a place called the Baby Bureau that makes bundles for babies in need. That would go great with the blanket.
  2. Love the breakfast menu and yes it does make you hungry
  3. I go to our local grocery store and they are better now with the toilet paper and paper towels but the cleaning supplies shelves are always empty. I go to a place called Total Liquidation store and they always get the lysol wipes and many cleaners so I am stocked up on them. They are always limit to 1 per person. On Saturday I try to walk through the Target store and get what I can there. It is tough out there to get many things these days. Well I am done work for the day so I figured I come on here to look around. I will probably crochet for awhile. Have a great night everyone
  4. Anna the shawl is beautiful and I love the colors. They are so lucky to be getting these.
  5. Good Afternoon everyone. Thanks for the hug Lea I sure could use some. That is one thing I miss having the virus around I can't hug anyone. It is a bummer. Not much going on here today. Did some errands (post office, dropped a Christmas gift that came last Sunday for my DIL house, checked Total Liquidations out for dolls but no luck, went to my pizza place for lunch, came home and off to HL where I did get some yarn for a baby blanket I need to start) Back home now and going to crochet. Lea would love to see the pocket shawl you did if you have pictures. That is one I want to try to do as I do want one for myself, but know if I do one how many people would ask for one? Oh well I will read a couple more posts and off to crocheting I go. Tampa Doll thanks for the reminder of the tit squash as I have to make any appt to have that done too. Have a great night everyone
  6. That warms my heart to know that they put your yarn to great use.
  7. Judy the blankets are beautiful. You will have to tell your friend that she does beautiful work. Your cowl is a very pretty color.
  8. The scarf is beautiful and I love the colors. The gingerbread people are so cute. I do love looking at your projects.
  9. My first gift for 2021 is going to be a blanket for my SIL's Granddaughter that is due in Feb. MY BIL does my taxes so I am hoping to have this done when I take my stuff over to be filled out. I will two more baby blankets to make for one in Feb and one in July.
  10. I will write the names down of these dolls and the sizes and I go to this store at least once a week so I will look in the toy section for you. I wanted to go today as they are showing they have the Lysol wipes and spray and I always stock up on them when they get it in but I am taking my Christmas decorations down. I know I may have asked this before but what size are the blankets you are looking for so I know as I am sure they will work up real fast.
  11. The hospice place right around the corner from me still takes blankets for the patients that stay there and their home patients, so I have been making them to take there. The hospital I was taking my baby blankets to don't take them at this time, but there is a place call Baby Bureau that makes up baby bundles to give out and they still take them so that is good for me. I am going to try my best to help out Bailey with the doll blankets this year too. I do have one blanket made to go to the hospice and going through my yarn pile to take yarn over to the ladies that may need some yarn. Bailey I love to see all that you have made. There is a place call total liquidation that sometimes gets dolls in, if you give me the name of the dolls I can look for them when I go to the store.
  12. Hi I am working on a 12 point round ripple blanket and I was wondering if anyone can help me with doing the edging?
  13. segi1974


    Would like to give this a try. They are all beautiful
  14. Can anyone help me with this pattern? I don't think Aggie Mae is on Crochetville at this time
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