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  1. segi1974

    crochet donations for your fav charity Jan 2019

    These blankets will be making there way to St. Mary's Medical Center in Langhorne, Pa. to the NICU. I will be going to my first volunteer meeting tomorrow and meeting with the manager of the NICU. I am going to take my blankets every quarter in 2019 so this is the shipment for the 4th quarter of 2018.
  2. segi1974

    Baby Hats for Nursery

    so cute and I am sure they will be loved when they go on a newborn.
  3. segi1974

    Hi everyone!

    Hello and Welcome from Warminster, Pa.
  4. segi1974

    Christmas elfin by #dollsbydiana

    She looks great. What detail of your work.
  5. segi1974

    Trio of Harvest Angels

    They are all so beautiful. I love the colors of all of them. Who ever gets them will be very lucky. I did see who got the one. Now I will wait to see who the other one goes to.
  6. segi1974

    Throw for a Good Friend

    that is good news to hear that the tumors shrunk so you know the chemo is working. I know she will be thrilled to receive the blanket you are sending to her.
  7. segi1974

    Halloween Buddies

    they are all so cute. I think the mummy is my favorite too
  8. segi1974

    Thank You Florida FGM

    she is beautiful. What a surprise to receive.
  9. segi1974

    baby afghan pattern

    sorry I didn't see it. I think we all liked this pattern a long time ago as it works up fast. Thanks!
  10. segi1974

    Crochetville Tote #143

    Welcome to the club. The bag is beautiful and I really do love the angel. I wish I was as talented as Mary Jo.
  11. segi1974

    Red Heart Christmas Calendar

    oh cool I will have to check it out. Thanks
  12. segi1974

    baby afghan pattern

    I think that is a pattern on Crochetville. Did you check the patterns on here for the Bubbles Baby Blanket?
  13. segi1974

    Throw for a Good Friend

    I love the colors and they are so soothing. I am sure when she wraps herself she will feel the love you sent to her.
  14. segi1974

    Red Heart Christmas Calendar

    I just saw this when I was on the red heart web site yesterday. I was looking for placemat patterns and came across this. When does it start?
  15. segi1974

    Happy Thanksgiving 2018 Table & Tree

    Our trees are finally changing colors this late in the season. We had rain and now wind so all the pretty colors are now on the ground.