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  1. segi1974

    Prayer Shawl

    The shawl turned out beautiful and will wrap someone in love
  2. segi1974


    from Warminster, Pa
  3. Wow! I missed this post from July. I am glad to see Donna is back. Now hope Crochetville can be like it was years ago so I can become addicted to it again. I love all of the friends that I have met through the years.
  4. I am hoping your Seahawks beat the Eagles. I am from Philly and dislike the Eagles so much. If they lose I can start watching the news again. Right now I put the news on when I know the weather is coming on.
  5. I will be doing my baby blankets for the NCIU at St. Mary's Medical Center. I try so hard to go to the Crafters meeting once a month at the hospital just to be with fellow crocheter's.
  6. Mary Jo I think you look wonderful. I did get rid of my wire rim glasses and I should take a picture as they have no frame just the lenses and I like them better. I love your hair and your color is the style now. Love your shirt too. Happy Healthy New Year to you and John.
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