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    new to chocheting,
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    learning in 2008
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    simple things
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  1. alp1


    Welcome from Washington State!
  2. alp1

    Hello from Brisbane

    Happy New Year from Washington State!
  3. alp1

    Hello and intro

    Welcome from Washington State!
  4. alp1

    Back Again after a long time

    Hello! Your bears are wonderful!
  5. alp1

    Greetings from Morocco

    Greetings from the State of Washington!
  6. alp1


    Welcome and Happy Birthday! Looking forward to getting to know you. Patty from Washington State.
  7. alp1


    Welcome. I hope you like the site and visit often.
  8. alp1

    Cabled Hat

    Great hat! Love the color.
  9. alp1

    Two New Baby Blankets

    Blanket are so pretty. I just love the colors!
  10. alp1

    C’Ville Tote #142 Once Again

    I also thought of blueberry bushes when I saw the picture of the beautiful tote!
  11. alp1

    2018 Stashbusting CAL

    that's got to be the most beautiful tire cover ever!
  12. alp1

    Our House (Part Three)

    For those of you thinking about downsizing we did that last summer. We sold our large house we had been in for 25 years. This house had a very large walk in storage area upstairs off the play room and when you have that kind of storage it's easy to just put things in there cause there's always room, extra furniture, holiday decorations, toys, craft supplies, yarn and the beanie babies. It was a big job to clean that out. The attendants in the Goodwill drop off lane were becoming my new best friends. We took so much stuff there. In fact sometimes they would see our stuff in the car and ask to meet us around back so they could take some of it. We also had a 4 car garage and used one space for stuff. I swear some of those things had not been seen since we moved in 25 years ago. Thank you for I've Got Junk. One truck load left that way. As I started the process I would be on the phone with my son asking what he wanted and what I could donate. I think for every 10 items I asked about one could go and 9 had to stay. So we moved several boxes of stuff to our current home marked save for Aaron. Mind you Aaron lives with his wife in a one bedroom condo in Honolulu. He has no room for this stuff and it would cost a small fortune to ship it to him. That's an issue to be address in the future. For now each time we go to visit him (a couple times a year) I take something from one of his boxes. My daughter has a much easier time parting with stuff unless it's a book. She has never had a book she didn't want to keep. This kind of makes me sound like a hoarder which I'm not. Even though we had a lot of stuff none of it was garbage and it wasn't crowded because the house was large with lots of storage. Anyway, I compare downsizing to menopause, It doesn't happen overnight, its a long process. Since we are now renting a house while we decide where we really want to live next I try not to buy anything unless we can eat it. Don't want anymore stuff to move than we already have. Patty
  13. alp1

    Spice Market Shawl

    Your shawl is just beautiful!
  14. alp1

    Crochet Bear

    Really cute bear. It looks great.
  15. alp1

    Crochet Tutorial Chamomile Coaster

    Your coasters are so cute. I'm looking forward to making some. Thank you.