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  1. Hello and welcome from Washington State. Having good intentions when buying yarn can be a common problem for some of us.
  2. Hello and welcome back! Sounds like your past 9 years has been filled with many changes. Glad to see you here.
  3. Welcome back. Hope to see you visiting often. Happy crocheting!
  4. Shani, Welcome from the state of Washington. Glad you found us.
  5. I got a new computer and did not seem to be able to log into the forum, finally got it to work. I found another group online collecting hats for babies so have made 6 while watching TV the last couple of days. Maybe sometime I will learn how to post a picture. Happy 4th to all!
  6. Welcome back fro Washington State!
  7. Back from a rather long trip. Just wanted to say hello and wish everyone a good day. We got to see the Normandy landing beaches and the American cemetery which was amazing to see in light of the 75th anniversary of D-Day.
  8. alp1

    teal shawl

    Your shawl is so beautiful! Love the color.
  9. Welcome back from Washington state!
  10. Hello and welcome from Washington State!
  11. Hello from Washington State. Claire is adorable!
  12. Hello from the State of Washington. Glad you have joined the group. You'll love it! Patty
  13. alp1


    Welcome from Washington State!
  14. Happy New Year from Washington State!
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