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  1. Bailey4, Love the color of the baby doll dress!
  2. Welcome from the State of Washington.
  3. Happy Valentine's Day to everyone. Hope some special treats are coming your way!
  4. The rain has stopped and we are having a beautiful sunny dat today.
  5. Love both of the doll dresses Tampa Doll. We are having record rain fall this week. Glad we live on higher ground.
  6. Welcome from Washington State.
  7. I was about ready to give up on the Super Bowl at the beginning of the 4th quarter as it didn't seem like much was happening. Glad I kept watching. Congrats to the Chiefs. Glad they won.
  8. Welcome from Washington State!
  9. I was so surprised to receive the beautiful blue and green tote from Tampa Doll. Please see my reply in the give-away thread.
  10. alp1


    Welcome from the State of Washington.
  11. Hello and welcome from Washington State.
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