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  1. I'm afraid to cough in public now. I feel like we need a sign around our neck that says I've been vaccinated. Your right we may all need collar tags like the vet gives you when the dog gets the rabies vaccine. Should have saved the stickers they gave us when we got our shots. I always keep cough drops in my pocket now. Sometimes you just need to cough or blow your nose! Never thought it would become an unacceptable activity.
  2. Welcome from the State of Washington.
  3. It's suppose to be 50 here today with lots of rain. Typical Seattle weather. Got the 2nd vaccination yesterday. The person I got yesterday to administer the shot put it in way too high up on my arm, by the shoulder joint and not the belly of the deltoid muscle. I should have questioned her first as I thought the placement was wrong, ( I was in the medical profession before I retired so have a little knowledge). As a result my shoulder joint is not working very well, in other works I can't lift my arm. No pain in the arm, it's all in the joint. No other side effects. Of course wit
  4. Our snow from last weekend has all melted and we are back to our normal off and on rain. I often say we are so lucky to live in an area that does not have extreme weather events. So sorry for the people without power and water. I love electricity. We get our 2nd vaccination today. I keep checking my email to see if it has been cancelled but so far we are still good to go. Our medicare supplement is through Kaiser and it could not have been easier to get our appointments. I'm grateful for how organized they are in giving the vaccine. Wishing those of you looking for appointments much
  5. Our rain has returned and the snow is working on melting. It was really beautiful while it lasted. I can feel that way since we don't need to go anywhere and don't have to drive in it. Take care everyone! Stay warm and well!
  6. We are currently getting snow here in the Seattle area. It doesn't happen very often that we get snow when the temps are under freezing. It's 27 out now and I just measured the snow in our yard at 9 inches. It won't last long though as the rain is supposed to return on Monday. Happy Valentine's Day tomorrow.
  7. Our state announced on Monday they were opening up vaccinations to everyone 65 and older. We were able to go online Tuesday night fairly late and get appointments for the first shot January 30, That appointment was paired with one for the 2nd shot on February 21st. so as long as they have the vaccine in stock it looks like we are good to go. Very exciting as I have not been in a store since March 5, 2020. I remember the date as we stopped at the store on our way home from my last radiation appointment. The next week was when everything shut down here. I got one haircut in September but h
  8. Welcome Back and Happy New Year!
  9. grayhoundgrandma, Mona, So sorry to read of your loss. Prayers, and loving thoughts to you and your family.
  10. The year is almost over. I don't usually stay up on New Year's Eve but may have to this year. Not necessarily to ring in the new year but to be absolutely certain 2020 leaves. Happy New Year to everyone! Patty
  11. Welcome! 20, that's a lot of afghans.
  12. Can't believe it's Christmas week. Hope everyone is finding some joy for the holidays.
  13. bgs, So wonderful of you to make all the fidget sleeves. They look like they will be really helpful for many.
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