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    I work a job where I have LOTS of time to crochet.. In 2013 I have started to branch out into different projects & I even made my first baby blanket..
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    Reading and Crochet
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    3-4 Years
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    K.I.S.S. Projects as well as things I can do in a vehicle or on the go
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  1. Still working on various projects..Yes tired hands are an often complain we all have with crocheting & Knitting I recently on a whim bought a new boye hook I only bought one size H for a project I am working on at Walmart for $3.25 however I loved it so much ( no sore hands/ or wrist) I went back and bought 2 more in an G and I.....I am 4 days in and ZERO hand soreness....
  2. everyone....I love these bags been using them 24/7
  3. Still busy crochet away....having yarn stretching vs hook size issues coming along as I create a pattern
  4. from AZ & you got it right....but there is no right or wrong here....pull up a hook & enjoy
  5. from AZ
  6. Welcome can't wait to see some of your work posted
  7. WOW Great Jobs Mary Jo and Jesse on those blankets.... P.S. Venting Moment you have been warned..!!! I have been working a few projects in what I am calling this years "No Xmas Gifts" every year my brother & his family (wife and one child who is 11) want gifts (expect) but tend to lack in giving (didn't put 5 mins into the gift aka popcorn tin or make up no-one wears) or wait until a week before say we are doing gifts this year because we are broke (is Xmas not 365 days from the last one and you could have put $5 a week or even $1 a week away to buy or make gifts?) enough about my family issues... So this year I decided to pick charity type projects to gift items to vs Xmas for my family this year...So I have been working those projects but since Xmas day.... I have completed 2 baby blankets/1 type of bag/ in the process of completing the accessories for the bag
  8. Super Cute Idea--- I have one of those carts my mom gave them to me for putting all my office supplies in them that area cart
  9. Super cute
  10. I have a few green mesh bags that I bought at dollar tree a few years back to keep my yarn projects in however I really hated the mesh texture so I asked my mom the other day if she hate some scrap fabric and would she make me a few bags a little bit bigger...She gave me 3 to test and all I needed to do was grab my ribbon box & feed some ribbon threw them adding a draw string closure ...on one I testing a button vs draw string to just slide it closed... Iam so happy for as I tend to work on various projects at work some in office (where I have more table space for say a blanket) & sometimes I am in a van on the go & I need smaller projects (keep them clean) The first pic was the old mesh bag.....
  11. everyone
  12. Wow Mary Jo I am yet again amazed by your work....
  13. Welcome, and remember to practice patence....and enjoy creating new things
  14. I really love these little milk bottles from at local dairy however I am usually trying to carrier this plus other breakfast items from my car to my work van & lets say I have almost or have dropped this glass bottle many times... So it was time for a carrier for Safety plus less mess if it doesn't break... So out came a little ball of cotton yarn & my trusty hook and here is what I made it works perfectly.....
  15. Super Cute Doll Mary Jo..... I had caught the Flu the wed before Xmas so I am just getting around to posting my last bit of Xmas Stuff that I made man this Flu stuff was a royal pain here in Phoenix Lots of people are very sick (my parents & me)... For My Mom I made Lots of various size Hot Pads (10) & Wash clothes (10-12) using scrap cotton..Here is a small sample nothing major...