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    I work a job where I have LOTS of time to crochet.. In 2013 I have started to branch out into different projects & I even made my first baby blanket..
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    Reading and Crochet
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    3-4 Years
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    K.I.S.S. Projects as well as things I can do in a vehicle or on the go
  1. Apak- Those Mice are great I really like those super cute for kids..... Mary Jo--I lost my mojo as well....maybe it was the not being able to chat and share? The summer heat is already getting here in the Phx starting into the 100*F and I am already getting more tired during the early evenings from being out in this at work....I did however last week hit the EYE DR for new glasses can't wait for them to get here as the included new sunglasses :O) HIPPIE!!!! I however have a few things on the hook right now... A ripple I have to finish-@ home project getting to big for work Another Adult Halter top- working on at work Project that started off as a joke (just messing around) I am making for myself that got carried away into being heavily modified LOL that I am working on at home
  2. Missed the ville!! And all my online friends
  3. Amazing
  4. I know exactly what you mean Real Deal I am the same way...Yesterday needed to dig around and find my freezer Bags for in the car since I live in Arizona just leftover food can get bad before you get home in the summer it's already in the 100's
  5. From Arizona.....Feel free to ask questions over in the General Crochet Help section
  6. Welcome to the Crochetville!!!
  7. I agree both Joann's and Hobby Lobby Carry these lite up crochet hooks and if you go more then once to the store you can use 40% off coupons each time to save $$ as well to get your set over a few shopping trips I agree Sizes G-J or even up to K....I have wanted to try them since I do alot of crochet in a work van and light is limited @ times Bad...so maybe some extra light would help even next the tv....I have the same issue at home too lol with bad living room lighting...
  8. Thanks Guys....& Pink Glitter I worked really hard looking in my stash for some yarn that would not be to girly when I came out with some purple/blue mix my daughter shook her head and some the green tones mix I had she said that was better LOL..... But you know your addicted to crocheting and can see many uses when stop and think oh a bag to keep stuff up out of the way in the van @ work but it's worse when your cleaning other company van's you don't drive (other then to the repair shop or to the car wash) and start to plan bags for those ones too :O) I just shook my head & thought really going over board now
  9. That is super Cute !!!
  10. Cute pouch to carry a phone and Debit card in for summer outtings
  11. I have two different types of baby blankets on my hooks...But stopped to create this bag for work to hold trash bags....
  12. This simple Market Tote Bag holds trash bags in my Van at work the only mods I made were to leave off the straps and do 6 rows of sc at the top to make snug/stronger ...I am sure my male coworkers just shake their heads but will use it..The crews I deal with think it's great since it's really for them any way!!
  13. Cute New Tote Bag Mary Jo..... I have been busy making mini bags to hold electronic stuff in well as a gag gift for a co-worker so this is a cross post but will share a picture here as well...
  14. I needed a quick draw string bag ( button free) (4 inches) to carry my electronic junk for work in (car charger-usb charger). I started off making one and ended up with 4 little bags lol but all my stuff is in these little mini bags.... 2 bag have (car charger-usb charger) one for my personal car and one for work van 1 bag has wall charger and usb charger for use @ office 1 bag has my 2 pairs of head phone in them This cute little bag will is also perfect for my dd to put change in her purse. I just made it smaller between 2- 3 inches tall/high....
  15. I was trying to find a holder to keep a co workers lighter in as he is always asking me (a no-smoker) for a cigarette lighter because he can't find his this will be perfect because I am putting a clip on it to hook to his keys LOL.... In the future I could make some for keeping chapstick in as well as quick last minute Xmas gifts.....