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    I work a job where I have LOTS of time to crochet.. In 2013 I have started to branch out into different projects & I even made my first baby blanket..
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    Reading and Crochet
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    Boye Ergonomic
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    K.I.S.S. Projects as well as things I can do in a vehicle or on the go
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    3-4 Years

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  1. Working on Xmas projects.. Current goal to use yarn from home only no yarn shopping.... Now my budget for added accessories for example chapstick--hard plastic silverware is under $40... Step 1-see what things I had first that I previously had made that is stored in like the 60 boxes in my house that I could use / giveaway for Christmas gifts... Step 2 ---Started working on *Scrubbies & a few washcloths *Utensil pouches * Hand sanitizer holders * Chapstick holderholders Humane society ** Blankets for their cages
  2. I know that you normally do dolls that you can make clothes for however I happen to see an advertisement for cabbage patch dolls on sale at Costco a set of three for under $20.. as well as a set of three Care Bears.. in case you're looking to mix it up with something a little different
  3. Reni--that's why we need a notebook with all our planned projects LOL
  4. Just whip this up for myself nothing fancy... To hold my silverware and when I go to work it'll clip-on my bag.. Cost $0.. used house stash supplies...
  5. I make these all the time for myself. However one of the girls at work saw them and commented on it I made her two... And she just placed an order for additional ones to give as Christmas gifts.. so I've been busy working on those...
  6. Made another instant pot cover for a 3 quart for my mother...
  7. Hi everyone not sure if this is the right spot...for sharing this... Let me start off with telling you regularly price it was $39.99 it was out of my budget range but I thought gee this would be a perfect yarn bag.... Oh well I'll just keep dealing with my 12 x12 bag I have...Imagine my surprise when I looked up above where sometimes they put prices they were $10 a bag... 😲 Wow!!!! A few minutes later an employee came by with one of those hand scanners and I made absolutely sure that the price was really $10.. Two of the bag colors where 10 each but the dark blue one of these was reg
  8. Whipped up a hooded shawl for my daughter for this winter....
  9. I whipped up these two purses for my daughter for her B-day.. one for use at work and one everyday use.....
  10. Lion Brand Mandala Ombre "Happy" I also split/cut yarn when it transitioned from pink to red so I didn't have the colors together in the layout scheme.....
  11. I needed a larger bag for work so I created this... I attempted to add a liner... However that didn't seem to work very well so my daughter bought me a purse insert liner. ($25) they do have some that are cheaper anywhere from $10 and up... Purse---has options for straps two on each side which are removable... And one on each end to allow it for a different option... I would say it takes under two balls of yarn...$5.99 from Walmart... As I did not keep track of how much yarn I used I'm also making a matching wallet/key chain strap/and cell phone case.... I've been stopped by sev
  12. I've had limited time to crochet...but I've already started working on a few things just for winter to give away to others... It's not going very fast but I guess fast is not the plan the gift giving part I guess will be... I'm currently making scoodie's... my plan is only to use what's in the house but yet somehow I ended up buying two skeins of yarn to complete project 😂 6.99 each
  13. Love those sets.. can you share the pattern are you using for the sweaters...
  14. Great Job as always....
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