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    I work a job where I have LOTS of time to crochet.. In 2013 I have started to branch out into different projects & I even made my first baby blanket..
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    Reading and Crochet
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    3-4 Years
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    K.I.S.S. Projects as well as things I can do in a vehicle or on the go
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  1. Super cute idea perfect way to use up scrap yarn as well
  2. That's a super cute cute idea... We have a stuffed mushroom that we had for the cat that we crocheted who seem to make it's way to my mom's dog that visits I tend prefer to make toys for pets that way you can leave out the Bell or the squeaky part as well and best of all they don't cost like 10 bucks
  3. Thanks Mary Jo & Apak Here is a pic of bird & nest she seem 😊
  4. UPDATE: The good news is the crazy bird is using it!!!!!!!!!!!! it added some nesting material to it and it's good to go so a very happy little bird family should be on the way soon :O)
  5. Just started this Beach Keen Shawl and it looks really good. I like how the shells stack and yet still give that open airy feel for summer by using a treble crochet. I used Red Heart Super Saver ombre in Fuscia...
  6. My mom has a wild bird who must be new to nest making well long story short she needs a nest for her eggs lol but the bird gave up even with help from another bird....so here is where my crochet skills come in play.... I made it 3 inches high and 5 around.... I forgot to share the pattern here it is in case someone else has some lonely little birds that need a nest or a little crazy one that can't figure out how to make it http://www.bevscountrycottage.com/nest.html
  7. Your Welcome...& yes trying to find or figure out the answer's can be trying LOL
  8. Due to not just being crochet I would leave that out but use the word crafts for example......... Crafter's Closet Reason: for Knitter's/Crocheter/jewelry makers it doesn't just lock it into one type of craft in case you wish to add more things in different area vs just crochet.. (Jewelry---Homemade soaps/key-chains/ water bottles/ etc I hope this makes sense) Crafter's Paradise sounds good to add to another word play on your list...... But LOL Hooker Paradise well you will get lots of Questionable People popping in and out that is for sure...:O)
  9. I made some preemie dresses for a baby that was 4-5 lbs ( Measurements 5.5 inches wide and 8 inches long ) When I was able to see pictures of the dress on the baby they were short..... The mother had put pants on the baby...so more like a top it barley covered the diaper....but she loved the dresses :O) so win win but next time I will make longer...http://danettesangels.tripod.com/patterns/pattern_bubble_suit.html Angel wing dresses I make 14.5 inches long so to make sure covers diaper http://www.bevscountrycottage.com/angel-wings-pinafore.html A newborn onesie measures 13 inches from shoulder to crotch .... A newborn full size long onesie from top to crotch is 13 inches where the feet would reach the bottom feet area 17 inches.... Baby bibs I have done for both preemies (I did these for triplets) using a G hook and for newborn to 6 months using an H hook have gone over very well as quick gifts.....http://www.bevscountrycottage.com/bevs-round-bib.html
  10. What I did was went to the store LOL with a tape measure and measured every size in the baby section to get the right sizes...as well buy at the thrift stores baby clothes in various sizes to pattern up against :O) that works too... Dress sizes from shoulder to knee Newborn--->14.5 0-3 months----> 15 inches 3-6 months----> 16-17 inches 6-9 months-----> 17 inches 9-12 months----> 18.0 inches 18 months----> 20 inches 24 month--->22 inches I also use these website as she has various sizing charts https://pattern-paradise.com/2013/10/05/crochet-patterns-baby-measurements-sizes/
  11. DD who is 26 just got her license so car shopping in the near future (she didn't want to drive but has been taking UBER for over a year at $200 + a month but we needed her to with her to drive for working opposite my work schedule (I work 3-11 AM and she worked 1130-8 PM or 1230-9 PM and to keep my parents from having to pick up up a few nights a week was not good either. ....) I will also be car shopping as well as mine is on it's last leg LOL $5,000 in repairs plus tires car is only worth $1,000 blue book...... Bump (aka) who is looking for squares??? Thanks 45 pages is too many to look Thur to get the info thanks.....
  12. Those are super cute Mary Jo
  13. Still working on various projects..Yes tired hands are an often complain we all have with crocheting & Knitting I recently on a whim bought a new boye hook I only bought one size H for a project I am working on at Walmart for $3.25 however I loved it so much ( no sore hands/ or wrist) I went back and bought 2 more in an G and I.....I am 4 days in and ZERO hand soreness....
  14. everyone....I love these bags been using them 24/7
  15. Still busy crochet away....having yarn stretching vs hook size issues coming along as I create a pattern