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    I work a job where I have LOTS of time to crochet.. In 2013 I have started to branch out into different projects & I even made my first baby blanket..
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    Reading and Crochet
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    3-4 Years
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    K.I.S.S. Projects as well as things I can do in a vehicle or on the go
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  1. Jayashiangel

    To Encourage Everyone in Making Gifts for 2018

    That dress is super cute... I'm currently working on Dish scrubbies in a few washcloths just simple projects to finish up for the holiday.... I have a few other projects I have to do but they're not crochet related they're other craft related...
  2. Jayashiangel

    CROCHET POMS?!!!?!!’ HELP!!

    A couple weeks back I came across this video on YouTube maybe it'll help you it sure can't hurt 🙂 🙂 however I have not had a chance to try it just yet https://youtu.be/tCyTc3BVBVo
  3. Jayashiangel

    Live-size doll for Christmas

    Wow awesome job....
  4. Jayashiangel

    Ballerina Purse

    I was looking for a quick simple project . However I really didn't want to do blankets /scarves/hats or any of the normal crap that we always seem to do to use up scraps...... plus I wanted something simple that I can give away when I came across this idea.... little cradle purses but yet again I couldn't get it just right the shaping and that was driving me crazy as well so off I went to search for another pattern and I found just the right one!!! Ballerina Purse Before anyone wants to know where I got the small Doll's.???. Dollar Tree!!! PS 4 give me the pictures are a little bit large...
  5. Jayashiangel

    Irish Crochet Sugar Skull

    Looks very good!!!! Great Job!!!!
  6. Jayashiangel

    Waist Bag w/ Straps

    I bought this bag $1.99 on sale however I did not like the purse strap and I wanted to use this bag around my waist for when I go walking kind of like a fanny pack. So I went to the store bought some cotton yarn $1.79. And then dug around in my supply closet for the clips so for under $5 I made a bag for myself that I liked....😜 The middle has a pocket and then two outside pockets and then I thought I could add key rings loops along the straps if I decided to add my water bottle carrier that I made as well as to be able to hook my keys onto for when I go walking.....
  7. Jayashiangel

    Halloween Beanies

    Super cute for kids
  8. Jayashiangel

    Straps & Keychain & Cord Detanglers

    I designed these straps several months back when I made one for myself for my lunch box to dangle at work in the back of the van off a cargo net... This keeps other people from piling their luggage on top of my lunch box.... I made this set for my fiance back east to use for various things.... while camping or in the car to keep things up off the floor or to keep them from moving around tha car.... I also made a keychain to match as well as some cord detanglers all with a color scheme just a quick little gift....
  9. Jayashiangel

    8.5" doll for charity

    Mary Jo I'm always surprised to see your doll clothes that you make to give as gifts to charity along with those dolls... I know there is no way I could crochet something that small LOL.
  10. Jayashiangel

    Itty Bitty Kitty

    Super cute...
  11. Jayashiangel

    Crocheting - Yes am addicted!!!😉

    Welcome!!!! From Phx....Glad to have a Boi around the boards now....Can't wait to see some of your work.....🌈😏
  12. Jayashiangel

    August Table 2018 Gone with the Wind

    Wow... those dresses are phenomenal....I wouldn't have made it back then either with those clothes....
  13. Jayashiangel

    September 2018 Table

    That story about the gym teacher wad cute.....
  14. Jayashiangel

    Gnome Family

    Wow those are great!!!! And you don't read or speak German it's amazing....
  15. Jayashiangel

    Cast Iron Handle Cover

    Looks great!!! If only I had some cast iron skillets LOL....