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    I work a job where I have LOTS of time to crochet.. In 2013 I have started to branch out into different projects & I even made my first baby blanket..
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    Reading and Crochet
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    K.I.S.S. Projects as well as things I can do in a vehicle or on the go
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    3-4 Years

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  1. Whipped up a hooded shawl for my daughter for this winter....
  2. I whipped up these two purses for my daughter for her B-day.. one for use at work and one everyday use.....
  3. Lion Brand Mandala Ombre "Happy" I also split/cut yarn when it transitioned from pink to red so I didn't have the colors together in the layout scheme.....
  4. I needed a larger bag for work so I created this... I attempted to add a liner... However that didn't seem to work very well so my daughter bought me a purse insert liner. ($25) they do have some that are cheaper anywhere from $10 and up... Purse---has options for straps two on each side which are removable... And one on each end to allow it for a different option... I would say it takes under two balls of yarn...$5.99 from Walmart... As I did not keep track of how much yarn I used I'm also making a matching wallet/key chain strap/and cell phone case.... I've been stopped by sev
  5. I've had limited time to crochet...but I've already started working on a few things just for winter to give away to others... It's not going very fast but I guess fast is not the plan the gift giving part I guess will be... I'm currently making scoodie's... my plan is only to use what's in the house but yet somehow I ended up buying two skeins of yarn to complete project 😂 6.99 each
  6. Love those sets.. can you share the pattern are you using for the sweaters...
  7. Great Job as always....
  8. I hate it when you have a plan to only use what you have in the house for a crochet project... You find the perfect pattern after spending three days looking... it was a shawl pattern. You make sure you have enough yarn... it asked for a bulky yarn size 5 so you figured just add some extra rows since your using size 4 instead.... You get to the end of the 24 row and figure you'll just have to add a few more but the more you look at it it might fit a 2 year old where did you go wrong?? I know we've all asked ourselves this a question a million times... So I keep adding yar
  9. I came across this idea on YouTube another crocheter Jayda in stiches... I saw these coasters and knew I had to have a whole bunch of these and I can see gifts in the future... I made two sets last night one for me and one for my daughter for her car.... Best way to use up scraps I'm sure.... Basically you just make a circle that measures 6 cm....
  10. Due to the job I have now I have to constantly pack up my laptop and stuff everything in the bag and go .. I needed some way to keep my keyboard from getting smashed up as well as getting anything on it .. So out came my crochet Hooks and a ball of yarn...This is what I came up with....
  11. Thanks Granny Square & Reni.... I will give that idea a try..... I have lots of baby blanket sitting waiting to be weaved in...😒
  12. I started crocheting when I noticed I was having carpal tunnel issues... and for a very very long time it helped but recently the carpal tunnel is getting worse but my biggest concern is I cannot hold a threadng needle... So I can't weave all my ends in any tips or tricks you guys got out there?? As I don't want to crochet over the strings cuz I'm afraid they'll come out.... Thanks Everyone in Advance....
  13. I prefer the look of pink one...
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