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~*~ Be My Valentine ~*~


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That purse is so cute:c9



The bag you made with the heart & mouse inside is just adorable:hug :yes


Thanks so much. I can't wait to hear what my friends have to say about them!

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Is it ever too late :P

I'm done making the heart coasters for my daughter's class. I'll give one of the mini bags to her teacher as thanks for all she does.


My friends received their secret mouse packages and absolutely loved them. I got excited happy thanks from them.


All I've got left now is to make one last mouse for my daughter, as well as her heart pillow which is about 3/4 done.

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I have a few things to post. First is a 12 inch square I did for a sampler afghan I'm doing in burgandy. Hopefully you can see the raised hearts. This is the pattern http://www.heartmadeblessings.org/patterns/cableheart.asp




Next is a little heart I did and made into a magnet for the fridge. I included it in a box for a swap partner's February box. I can't put my finger on the pattern but it was very easy and turned out cute.




And the third a little hat I am going to donate to the cancer center at the hospital where I work. The pattern came from the Head Huggers website

http://www.headhuggers.org/patterns/cpatt05.htm The yarn is RH Candy Print. I wasn't sure what I would do with it when I bought it but I couldn't pass it up!




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:cheer SuzyQT,,what a sweet hat and heart fridgie!!

:clap Really like the heart granny,,very classy looking

:yes Good job!!


Lavelle26 Cute projects you have planned!!

:hook Get busy,just a few days left!!;)



skydramini I'm glad your friends liked their secret mouse packages.

They were sure cute.

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Hi everybody,

I was wondering how the valentine/heart projects were coming around?

I am making my DD a tote (messenger style) to take some coloring books and her cd player in when we are out. The crochet is almost done, but I still need to design and put together the lining (sewn) for all of her little stuff.

I am making it in bright red, red heart ww, and will make some little hearts to put on it. I am also making it with a very long adjustable strap, and still need to quite figure that one out. I have a little bit of pink fun fur I am trying to sneak in, also.

Can't wait to see how everyone is coming along.

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Donedonedonedonedonedone!! I am done!

Here's what I made :



Crochetme.com heart pillow and KristieMN mouse for my daughter.

(I'm not done stuffing it!)



Secret-keeper mouse packages for 3 friends and a bear one for my boyfriend. Loved by all.



And about 20 heart coasters for my daughter's class :)


I loved this 1st CAL experience. Thanks for the support!

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I crocheted up a heart doily last night, I still have to weave in ends and do some light blocking but it looks pretty cute. I think I am going to give this to my girlfriend instead of the heart sachet. (I have neither toulle or potpourri - plus, she adores doilies.) I need to get that bookmark done today. I also found a pattern for two mini heart pillows for Barbie in my new book I recieved yesterday so I think I will whip those up today for Chloe. :) I will try to get some pictures up later.

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i`m toooooo busy i just remembered that tomorrow is valantine and didn`t finish my fiance`s present ughhh

i actully gonna start it now wow

heart shape pillow

tea pot caoster (i don`t know if i can felt it)

book mark

and small wallet or tiny bag for his coins (we love collecting coins you have sents or so and we have fils new info )

thats all i should finish it oh myyy

see you later

i`ll make sure to post picture when all of this is done :)

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Congratulations to all of you. You have made some very pretty things for Valentines Day. I found a special pattern and wanted to share the pattern link with you all.




Sorry, but the link didn't work!

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parisjem--we can't see the link:(


Lavelle26 --will be happy to see what you've done


Mell2nsluvsCrochet---great bookmark


Skydramini--you are awsome!!

:clap A heart for the whole class,,how sweet is that

:heart the pillow!!

Are you about tired of making hearts??


Come join us on the scarf CAL


We're having a blast:hook

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