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  1. That afghan definitely earned its name!!! It totally is EXQUISITE!!!! Nice work! Its beautiful...congrats on the new neice.
  2. Kristie your little turtle is just darling!!!! Thanks for sharing!
  3. That is so delightful! Love the outfit! Great job and thanks for sharing your pattern!
  4. Hey Hey! I am back and here is my absolute first round ripple! I crocheted it for a dear sister in my congregation who is expecting her second child. I haven't washed and blocked it yet but that is what I am doing this weekend.
  5. First, I love the colors!!! Second, I about DIED when I read that you are in Sierra Vista!!!!!! That is my home!!!!!! WOW! Amazing! So, how is the weather? Hotter and hotter by the second yet? Lets talk, girl!!
  6. Ok, as promised I have a picture of my RR baby afghan http://i15.photobucket.com/albums/a399/crochetk/melannie002-1.jpg still a work in progress though....
  7. ARRRRGHHH!!!! I tried and I tried not to do this but I am! My boss asked me to make an afghan for her nephew and so I broke down and chose to do a round ripple! But all I have been doing is frogging and frogging!!! But I am so determined to do this....so I have joined this CAL too
  8. A donkey named Eeyore is his friend...and Kanga and little Roo...there's Rabbit and Piglet, then there's Owl....but most of all there's Winnie the Pooh... lol My dd loves the move Heffalump and of course the classic: The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh. We do have the heffalump movie but I can't find the adventures of winnie the pooh. My favorite out of the whole bunch is T-I double GRRR....the wonderful thing about tiggers is tiggers a wonderful thing, their heads are made out of rubba, their tails are made outa springs....their bouncy, flouncy, trouncy sprouncy fun fun fun fun fun, the
  9. My WIPs are as follows: Heirloom Tabletopper for dh bedside table(I have a pic of it but having difficulty getting it to work) Squares for the Blue Squares Too Swap MAM Afghan and writing out the pattern for it
  10. I must admit all the UFO's I have: Before signing up with C'ville, I was working on a Rose Bower Bedspread motifs, then it turned into doilies, then now I am working on a Mile A Minute Afghan PLUS on the other exchanges I belong to I have to do a dishtowel topper, and for august anything in pastels.....holy moo! Now I want to start on fridgies. Somebody (other than my husband) stop me...... Melannie
  11. Stephanie: All I can say is WOW. I have never seen an afghan like that....but that is amazing. That is done in squares?? Cool. What was the pattern again? Melannie
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