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  1. I am working on this round ripple and ran out of the variegated color as seen in the picture. I need to break up the beige but I don't know what color I want to add into it. I was thinking about the ranch red color from red heart but I am not sure....any input will be gratefully appreciated.
  2. I really love the colors you used! Lovely afghan!
  3. I love ripples!! I have made a few round ripples....I have tried making a regular ripple afghan but when I get to the ends I get frustrated because the ends do not look even .... but your afghan is gorgeous!
  4. Again....a beautiful bag, MaryJo!!! Every month is amazing Thank you for taking the time to make such totes
  5. I just love the colors you chose!!!! Its lovely
  6. Still knitting the basic dishcloth...I should post pictures here soon....just been awful busy with life.....but holding on by needles and yarn (and a hook )
  7. Love the colors and it looks soo cuddly and warm....what a darling "hug"
  8. I remember when I received one of these bags a few years back and sad to say I lost it in my move back from Canada to the States when my husband past away. I loved that bag and it was made in my favorite color green. This blue is really pretty too. I regret being away from here because I had been diagnosed with PTSD/Anxiety and just recently starting coming back around to crochet. Glad to see you are continuing the bags and it brought a smile to my face. Thank you
  9. Totally agree with you about the song!!! Your bag is amazing and I am excited to say that my good friend is going to help me line my bag so I can finish it to proudly share here
  10. That is really cute!!!! Love it!
  11. I used to live in both Huachuca City and Sierra Vista and the highlight of my life was going up to Tucson to shop. When I used to live in SV there used to be a Michaels....hmm strange. I am envious that you are travelling to my old home town.....gl and I hope you find something fun to do while your husband is in meetings
  12. I bet your sister was definitely happy with this....it is a treasured "heirloom".....sooo pretty
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