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    26 year old mother to baby Chloe.
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    crocheting, knitting, scrapbooking, beading, cross stitching, stamping, writing, reading, cooking
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    baby clothes, doilies, tablecloths
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  1. Thank you FGM for the wonderful Care Bear pattern book. I can't wait to make these for Chloe. You were so kind and thoughtful to think of me and I sure did enjoy getting a suprise in the mail. Thank you so much. :day
  2. Kathy, you so deserve that. Your doilies are simply amazing and you are a very talented lady. Congratulations to you. I have one of your books that I am drooling over and waiting for my schedule to open up so I can crochet some of your gorgeous work. Thank you for sharing your love of thread with the world Kathy.
  3. I do a little bit of both. If I am designing a pattern, then no. Everything must be quiet and I must be devoted. If its a simple pattern that I have done before or is fairly easy, I don't have to look. If its a more complicated pattern that is repeated over and over, then I can start the stitch by looking and then I can finish it by looking up. Of couse, this method slows me down and so I rarely watch tv while crocheting. If I have to, I can do it, but I would rather just crochet.
  4. Well, the bad news is that some lovely yarn made it in the mail today. 5 skeins of it. That makes negative 10 for me. The good news is I worked on a sweater today and used up 4 skeins so a positive 8. That leaves me with a grand total for the day of negative 2. Not bad...not bad considering how bad it could have been. I can get it all back tomorrow.
  5. Finished 3 more skeins yesterday. Plus 6 for me. Have plans to finish 4 ore today so we will see. GOtta finish as much as I can because I have an order coming in soon.
  6. Ahhhh schucks!! I was just coming on to add another two points to my score for just finishing up another skein. Oh well...I will settle for the bronze and add these two points on for next weeks score. (that is alright, isn't it???)
  7. Cute dress. I love Anne. What a clever idea. Thanks for sharing this.
  8. I finished almost a full skein today so that's one point. I also used a odd ball so that's another point. Plus 2 for me.
  9. Oh Yeah. I would love to know something like that.
  10. Very cute. I love those colors. I think babies need to wear brighter colors like this. Its so cute.
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