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  1. I BET they were a hit--an understatement. It was the grey I wasn't getting--cameras play such tricks.Thanks! Thanks tonyal reneeb--just beautiful,,they are impossible to put down,arent they. mizmo-- Tablecover--very clever!! Love it and the spidey--he will love that for many years. Good job everyone!!!
  2. Very nice,Tonyal !!! What's the 3rd color on the batman RR? They're gonna them.
  3. Here's my latest RR,,for my nieces first baby girl :yesThanks for being so clever.
  4. ManfaMae--sorry that happened !! I did one awhile back and kept wondering why it was going crazy. Turned out I wasn't paying attention and was only doing 2dc-2sc-2dc rows:hook had to frog it way back -- :Dlots of color changes,too. What a mess I use AggieMays pattern,, it's the greatest!!! Make sure to get pictures!!
  5. Oh :lol Bet the mommy feels about the same,, that seemed quick-time flies. Nothin' cuter than a litter of golden puppies. of course I remember you and will be thinking good thoughts for the surgery. For me the worst part is just the waiting for the day to get here. hugs,nancy
  6. Everyones RR's are so beautiful Cynthia- love both your ripples!! Good luck with the hip surgery this week, I'll be thinking of you. how are the puppies doing?
  7. :clapWell,, how much fun are you having!!! I WANT ONE!!! Birthin' trumps now,doesn't it!!! What's the final count?? To cute.
  8. Micky --that is a VERY HANDSOME RR,,good job Aelita --Very nice- Was that the pattern with the rose in the center?? Your godson is beyond adorable--gotta love the bright face of our furture!!! Cynthia --Did you get a start on your wavy ripple yet?? Can't wait to see it.
  9. Shellybrook, that's is so pretty! Champygirl-Thanks so much,,that's a simple shell stitch. Aelita,,, thanks,, and you're right about the team color-I had nothin' really lol. The other team choice was black and orange (is that the giants then?) but his wife got the look on her face so he wisely chose these colors.... We hope the babies are coming home this weekend. It's been a long scary 2 months. I was wrong with the 3lbs,, they're almost 6lbs now,, Natcat your pinks are beautiful!!! Who's the lucky person that gets this? Crab Feed for us tonight,,, Lyon's Club
  10. :crochetingMy goodness,everyone !!! :yayWhat GREAT RR's Here's what I've been up to for premie triplets,, clicky,,I hope Daddy insisted on the red and gold for his "Big Boy" I think it's for SF Giants, NATCAT!! Thanks for lookin'
  11. :cheerWOW Dayzie!!! You've been Busy!! I can't decide which one I the most, Good
  12. Wow,Honey,, that is a treasure,, I agree with Irikel,, I've never seen one that big. It would be fun to guess HOW MUCH YARN? Or how many trips Back to the store for more yarn, charmingly_wicked-- Pretty color choices,, Gonna keep and eye out for your progress.
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