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  1. OMG I just love him will have to try this one soon.....What a great job you have done
  2. congrats Jimbo you well deserve it
  3. Sounds like a great Idea Im in on this one too
  4. Oh my goodness I love this one too.....One of my all time fav movies with Gene Kelly... Great job
  5. What a great outfit just love it...You out do yourself everytime Darski
  6. what happened was you have to sign up then it worked for me
  7. dont know whats wrong but its not working for me I choose a photo from the browse button clicked on center, choose blocks then clicked create and then it said choose and upload a photo.....But I did that Oh well.... NEVER MIND I GOT IT LOL
  8. I also have this pattern and still want to start it lol....just have to pick the colors I want to use and go yarn shopping
  9. Oh I just love this one Darski thanks so much for sharing:hug
  10. Oh My Goodness... That is just too cute:manyheart
  11. I just purchased this today and I cant wait to get her to make your beautiful outfits for her.....
  12. I just love this one... I use to march in parades in my home town when I was young and my first uniform was in green and white like this one for a St. Pattys Day Parade:manyheart
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