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  1. OMG I just love him will have to try this one soon.....What a great job you have done
  2. congrats Jimbo you well deserve it
  3. ahhh my favorite color love this one MaryJo...I was born on feb 17 but my moms due date was the 14th she said if I would have been born on the 14th she would have named me Valentina lol glad I was born on the 17th
  4. OMG that is beautiful just lovely MaryJo:manyheart
  5. Thanks everyone I just love her patterns visit her website at http://www.justcrochet.com
  6. I had the pleasure of testing this outfit for Heather of justcrochet.com what a great pattern very easy to follow..... There are booties that go with this set, however my camera is on the fritz right now and I had taken this photo awhile ago.
  7. Wow havent seen you in a real long time glad to see your back Cute pattern and thanks for sharing
  8. that is just too cute thanks for sharing
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