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  1. I haven't touched it yet. I'll be printing this thread when I do. I started something else to work up my courage ;P
  2. ...especially when they are tiny and 5' high.
  3. Nurses wear them because puke and blood wash off easily, and they find them more comfortable than sneakers. I typically do gardening in my bare feet (love the feeling of wet earth in my toes) but that also makes sense. I still hate Uggs, probably because they're worn by so many that they stopped being original. I don't begrudge anyone their likes.
  4. The sleeve isn't made in the round. Your tips help, thanks. It wasn't supposed to be close fitting at all - at worse if it's too small in my taste when finished, I have a small friend with an orange fetish.
  5. Has anybody made this? The assembly is confusing to me; first sweater and of course I had to pick one with inserts. It says sew shoulder seams, sew sleeve seams and ease sleeve into armhole. There isn't a graphic and I'm wondering if anyone made it and just happened to take pictures of the assembly process. I know: longshot. Also, I'm a bit miffed that the sizes are much smaller than anticipated. I'm right on gauge but the medium is much smaller than it should be.
  6. Uggs and Crocs are the bane of my shoe fetish. Unless you're a child (uggs) or a nurse (crocs) there's no need for those.
  7. I'm glad you liked everything. I had a lot of doubt about my package after I received yours.
  8. I received my package from amberslipstitch today and I have to say omgwowwowwow. I've been totally spoiled. Case in point : 1 corset belt in brown w/ beads 1 dainty lace belt w/ beads 1 newsboy cap (stolen by munchkin) 1 mini fat bottom purse in blue w/ seashells 1 lacy beaded pendant with a fantastic clasp 3 rocks for my collection 1 vanilla candle 1 postcard from Missouri 1 letter from my partnah I have been much overspoiled and feel like she sent me a much better package than I sent her.
  9. Why would anyone try to discourage you from it? Personally, that would make me want to do it even more. I have that pattern printed, and might join you in making it.
  10. I told my father about the beautiful comments received in this thread. He's excited about it. He's on vacation in Boston for a couple of weeks with my mom, and while he's away I'll be looking at setting up a website for him to list his products on (his other woodturning items since this is the one and only hook right now). For those who asked : he's self-taught, and works with the wood rather than patterns. The hook is wonderful; I was toying with it and the grasp is just great, as is the groove. The weight too, unlike the one bamboo hook I have it's just the right heavy (I find bamboo to be uncomfortably light, and some metal to be uncomfortably heavy).
  11. My father started woodturning recently and he's made me a gorgeous satin-ruban wooden hook. It's his first hook (he normally makes other things but finally caved to my harassment!) and I'm to test it and comment on it and he'll see if there is demand for them (other than from me). Check it out in the (bad) picture!!
  12. I did NOT expect so many pm's on this and I really feel blushy and the like. I feel like a traitor though because I've decided to follow the public advice rather than send it to a 'viller as I'd planned. I'm sorry to those that wanted it but I do appreciate your wanting it, and your suggestions. Some of your pm's totally touched me. Thanks, really, for liking it enough to want it
  13. I mostly finished this tonight after having given up on it for some time. It looks really great but is much bigger than anticipated, and thus can't be the wedding gift I hoped for my friend who, while she does wear a large, has really narrow shoulders and will look odd on her wedding day wearing this over her dress. SO! (Yes, eventually I get to the point...) I want to give it to someone who wants it for themself or someone else. Please PM me if you're interested, and I will mail it out as soon as the ends are weaved and the buttons sewn on. I tried to go through the roak lists but I'm not that patient!
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