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Poncho -HELP ME NAME IT-----NAME PICKED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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I made this today and I haven't yet came up with a name for it.

Any ideas? (click on to enlarge)



One name was suggested to me so far-----Pink Blossoms, and put some more tiny flowers scattered about on it to gussy it up some more. What do you think?



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Thanks you all. I am going to wait one more week and see what other names come in. I think I have already got my answer though. You guys have been a really big help. :hug


P.S. It was suppose to be this: :rofl Have to laugh because you will never guess what it was suppose to be. Check it out: http://emeraldmooncreations.tripod.com/id15.html The very first one at the top, the 4/5 in yellow :rofl


When I got finished, it looked more like a sexy cute thingie for a young woman :rofl.


There is one name standing out the most, be it for an adult, or be it for a child. Thanks all, I do appreciate all the great names to choice from.

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Hey I made it too following Emeraldmoon's pattern for my daughter!! same pink color! I asked her if can add some flowers she said no! I also decreased at the neck end to cover her neck too:) trying desperately to get my camera to upload! I was supposed to have gotten my new camera but I guess i will have to wait a little longer for that!




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