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  1. I love this one...thanks for the pattern!
  2. That's so pretty! Thanks for another gorgeous pattern!
  3. Thanks for this one...especially the Christmas version! I love it
  4. I love that square! Thanks so much
  5. Fantastic...Mammy and the red petticoat is my favorite!!
  6. It's cute...it looks like a cheeseburger to me
  7. Adorable hats...Thanks so much for the pattern
  8. Regina it's fantastic as usual!! I love the skelly fish
  9. Cristal she's gorgeous!! Raggedy dolls have always been my fave!!!
  10. This is the link http://www.knittingdailytv.com/programs/1600/1605-3.asp Congrats Drew!!
  11. It's too cute...what a great little purse! Good job!
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