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  1. I love this one...thanks for the pattern!
  2. Thanks for this one...especially the Christmas version! I love it
  3. Thanks so much Kristie...the pattern is awesome!!!
  4. Darski...I love it you really did a cute pattern I definately have to make this outfit for a doll of mine (since I am a mail carrier) so much for the pattern I'll post a picture after I get it done!
  5. Darski that is the cutest outfit...I just love it. Are you making career outfits now??? I'd love to see a mail carrier...hint hint
  6. I have to say I prefer the knit dishclothes, they use up much less cotton, aren't as thick and hold up just as well if not better with repeated washings...I make quite a few a year and send them to my FIL and SIL every year at Christmas time...they love them!!
  7. Mine pop every once in a while, but I don't have it every time. I have more of a problem with my shoulder if I don't have my elbow supported while I crochet, anyone have that problem??
  8. OH, Congratulations, I love your snood I'm so happy to hear about all of the wonderful patterns that are making it to the calendar......I'm so looking forward to getting this years and of course next years too
  9. I love the look of your snood, I have short hair but when mine was long I wore a snood that didn't look anything as good as yours. I may grow my hair just so I can make and wear this!! It's really classy looking
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